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Happy July 4, SoCal! Tell us No matter the size or style, every engagement ring tells a story of its own. It starts with an idea. There's a lot to consider when purchasing your forever diamond. Have you been eyeing a watch, money clip, or pocket knife? Now's the time to An engagement ring worthy of a forever kind of love. And how do we build trust? Through transparency! Who else caught the twinkle of a redesign?

A bit of traditional for the comfort and a bit of flair for the fashion. All your jewelry dreams are coming true during our Summer Savings! We are proud to present you with bold combinations of colored gemstones in hi Let's hear a little love for this art deco ring! From concept to creation!

A day in the life of Jacob the Jeweler, the man behind the world's wildest jewels and watches

One of our resolutions was to stop waiting until the last minute to find Venture out of your comfort zone and stack on style with your favorite Bujuka Expensive-looking chairs were gathered around a table so black and thoroughly shined I could see my reflection in it; lines etched into the table follow the "sacred geometry of the universe," and a framed picture of a globe with the same pattern hung at one end of the room.

It was a lot.

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Like those watches, the room and store are inarguably decadent. This, I learned, is the point. The Notorious B. And his appeal trickled into the world of fashion. In June , Arabo was arrested on charges of money laundering, and eventually went to jail in June after he admitted he lied to investigators and entered a plea deal.

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He was released from prison in March Only diamonds are rated higher at Legend tells us that rubies were revered as a mystical gem representing love, health and wisdom. It was a long-held belief that wearing a ruby brought good fortune to its owner. The value of a ruby increases based on its color, cut, clarity and carat weight. While Burma has earned the reputation of producing the finest rubies, the coveted red gems have also been mined in Thailand, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Namibia, Japan and Scotland.

In the U. Welcome to Music Friday when we bring you great throwback songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the title or lyrics. Cash Box Top Recorded nearly five decades ago, this song has stood the test of time.

Jacob Arabo

Glen Campbell recorded it as a medley in , and it got new life when Sean MacGuire covered it in But neither of those outpaced the original, which is still heard regularly on soft rock and easy listening stations. Many critics consider it a rock classic.

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What about that brand new ring? Eventually, overfishing in the waters off southern China made it impossible for natural pearl farmers to earn a living. In the s, Hong Kong pearl farmers made a valiant, but unsuccessful, attempt to compete with their powerful Japanese counterparts in the cultured pearl trade. Radio-frequency identification RFID chips are commonly used to track and identify objects, from automobiles to livestock.

More recently, miniaturized RFID chips had been affixed to live ants in order to study their behavior. Yan found that tiny RFID chips could be inserted into the bead that serves as the nucleus of a cultured pearl. The benefits, Yan explained, are twofold. Now, farmers can get a definitive answer with a simple swipe of a smartphone-based RFID reader.


Second, the RFID chip is a surefire way to confirm the origin of a cultured pearl, reducing the risk of misidentification or fraud. The rafts typically hold baskets of nucleated oysters that are regularly pulled from the water to be cleaned of barnacles and other parasites. There is plenty of unused raft capacity, but many young entrepreneurs are hesitant to join the fishing trade, according to Yan.

This past March, a small group of local pearl farmers inspired by Yan showed off their first harvest of Akoya cultured pearls. Based on that success, Yan is hoping that others will be convinced that cultured pearl production in Hong Kong can be viable and profitable. What they found was truly unexpected.