Guide Voyage au centre de mon être avec les pierres et le Yi-King (French Edition)

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Inspired by folk art, mythology, nature and female figures, she works predominately in the mediums of illustration, design and moving image. His work currently explores processes and connections between analogue and digital materials. Createur de disruptive-digital-studio et plus recemment du projet Octopus, Laurent est consultant et artiste 3d dans les domaines de l'integration AR et VR.

Nick was born in London in and works at Sadlers Wells theatre. He has worked as a dancer and theatre technician. He works on a freelance basis creating original music, designing sounds, building installations and sound engineering performances. Renaud is a Swiss born and London based independent choreographer. A former dance artists with the Gothenburg ballet and Rambert, he is a founder-member of New Movement Collective and has recently been appointed artistic co-director of Newcastle based dance company Fertile Ground.

Ghislaine is the Lead Coach for Dansathon in London. From a dance background, Ghislaine is a pioneer of digital performance, specialising in body responsive technologies and immersion experiences. Working with real-time interactive technologies he designed augmented performances with dancers and choreographers.

He is passionate about sharing knowledge and making technical tools more accessible. With an education in Theatre: Design for Performance, she has worked in the theatre, film, animation and 3D printing industries, in a variety of creative roles. Now she is looking into the world of tech to devise and develop innovative ways to bring immersive and interactive experiences to audiences. She has worked with surgeons developping a set for cardiology training, developed a 3d printed wheelchair, and now partner with computer scientists visualising heart data.

Using footages from reality allows place to be seen as the extension of us, as an active organism to be explored. Ivan is an artistically inclined physicist and haptic engineer with confused identity. Co-founder of an electronics startup Valkyrie Industries. Previously, he has an 8 years scientific research experience in electronics and nanotechnology.

In free time he is a science teacher, infotainment organiser and musician. She has a keen interest in combining performance with technology, experimenting with projections, film, movement, interactive elements, and installations. Neo Bokang Joy graduated from the University of the Arts London, the main focus of her work is experimental, innovative and sustainable design.

Samon graduated from the Rambert School in Dr Shama Rahman is a creative scientist, technologist, performer and futurist. She has an interdisciplinary PhD exploring complex brain activity underlying creative cognition. Her album is the world's first recorded with wearable tech.

Labaree, Mary Schauffler

Claudia is half Peruvian and half Danish and is a professional choreographer and dance teacher. She grew up in Denmark but her Peruvian side inspired her to pursue the art of dance. Nicki has been working in Stage Management for 20 years and has worked across many genres including plays, dance and musical theatre.

Jon Rowe is an artist and software developer who has been creating pioneering synthetic realities for 20 years. Working first with film and projection he hacked together a primitive mixed reality headset in the s and has since been creating virtual worlds for many high profile clients. Toutes les villes.

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Florent Trioux Organiser London. Jasmine Wilson Coach-Mentor London.

Marianne Feder Coach-Mentor Lyon. Yann Crespel Coach-Mentor Lyon.

Traduction de Proverbes Chinois (Expressions et Chengyu)

Benjamin Kuperberg Coach-Mentor Lyon. Xavier Gresse Dancer Lyon. Sophie Caron Facilitator London. Claire Rousier Coach-Mentor Lyon. Sarah Fdili Alaoui Jury Lyon. Bhavani Esapathi Jury London. Jane Ayaduray Jury London. Wayne McGregor Jury London. Gilles Albarez Jury Lyon. Lyn Gardner Jury London. Jean-Marc Ceccarelli Jury Lyon. Laurent Vinauger Jury Lyon. Florence Okoye Jury London. Alistair Spalding Jury London. Adrien de Blanzy Jury Lyon.

Dominique Hervieu Jury Lyon. Chris Bishop Developer London. Cyril Raymond Developer Lyon. Emmanuel Roux Developer Lyon. Fano Ramparany Developer Lyon. Joumana Mourad Facilitator London. Lara Buffard Facilitator London. Christophe Monnet Organiser Lyon. Dorine Dzyczko Organiser Lyon. Anouk Audart Technician Lyon. Arnaud Courcelle Technician Lyon. Mathieu Rietzler Organiser Lyon. Maxime Fleuriot Organiser Lyon. Pierre Amoudruz Organiser Lyon. Stephanie Clarke Facilitator London.

Gemma Peramiquel Choreographer London. Jia-Xuan Hon Organiser London. Sarah Lacombe Organiser London. Abdou N'Gom Choreographer Lyon.

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Amy Cartwright Choreographer London. Fabien Prioville Choreographer Lyon. Gwendaline Bacchini Choreographer Lyon. Junyi Hou Choreographer London. Kwame Asafo-Adjei Choreographer London.

Michael Cros Choreographer Lyon. Ling Tan Coach-Mentor London. Beatrice Maggipinto Communicant London. Carole Raphanel Communicant Lyon. Chantal Guevara Communicant London. Dominique Ashby Communicant London.

Comment tirer le Yi King

Dan Baines Dancer London. Evangelia Kolyra Dancer London. Ingrid Estarque Dancer Lyon. Morgane Lenzi Dancer Lyon.

Yi King: Le Livre des Transformations Œuvres Completes Tome 1 (French Edition)

Murielle Werthauer Dancer London. Diane Wiltshire Designer London. Sarah Levinksy Facilitator London. Oscar Levy. George W. Described by Francis Gribble. Performed During the Years William T. Together with extracts from the comtemporary magazine in which it appeared English as Illustrator Woven with the Ship: A Novel of Together with certain other veracious tales of various sorts English as Illustrator Leyendecker, J. See: H. L'Homond, C. Copyright Office en. Office English as Author U. Copyright Renewals - English as Author U.

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