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take the weight off (one's) legs

Annie is a New York-based product copywriter who works exclusively with startups and small businesses. Have a question? Hacker Noon is how hackers start their afternoons.

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If you enjoyed this story, we recommend reading our latest tech stories and trending tech stories. Sign in. Get started. Lifting the weight off your shoulders: 6 natural ways to relieve stress. Annie Maguire in HackerNoon. Get the stuff you need to support your routine When it comes to building your stress-relief routine, your mind is going to try and think of all sorts of ways to get out of doing it. Here are some of the things that helped me: Getting a new yoga mat — I found this really colorful mat that I love looking at while practicing yoga.

Find someone to talk to If your mind is stressed out, it can easily manifest itself in your body starting with your neck, jaw and shoulders ever woken up with a sore jaw? Here are some of my favorite non-work related things I do to relieve stress: Doing a quick stretch or yoga routine on my mat at home or going to a 1-hour class Picking up flowers and arranging them in vases Watering my plants Running an errand Watching an episode of a show I enjoy Taking an hour to read or lay down Sitting down in a sunny spot inside or outside Write something non-work related like this article!

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Meet up with a friend for coffee, lunch or a happy hour Cooking for myself or others or looking at recipe books Laying down with my eyes closed for 15 minutes. Be mindful This sounds so easy, but being super aware of your body and stress levels is the first step toward reducing stress. Are you even breathing? The Pioneer 9 has been slightly updated since. The Pioneer 9 is made from Cordura nylon with a water-resistant finish. North St. Plenty of room for cargo. Photo by Matt Miller. The Pioneer has enough room for a spare tube, tool kit, patch kit, and all the basics.

To free up even more space in the pack, North St. The Fuel Pouch sits at the front of the top tube, pushed up against the steerer tube. It comes with three velcro straps.

I lost 5 stone 3 pounds

One wraps around the steerer tube, and the other two wrap around the top tube. A 29er tube stuffed in the top tube bag with room to spare. My main concern with a setup like this is that the bags might bounce around, but the straps help quite a bit.

The Inside Lane: Weight Off My Shoulders

The handlebar strap kit pulls and hoists the Pioneer tight near the handlebars with minimal sag, and the top tube bag snugged up to the frontward corners of the cockpit. The underside of the Top Tube bag.

Straps can be placed anywhere along the bottom to enhance fit. The handlebar straps can be cinched down pretty tight, but they still tend to roll down and drop the Pioneer a little lower toward the head badge. Naturally, I tried to run through it. So, with all this newfound free time on my hands, I needed to find a way to fill the voids not running left in my day.

I bought a gym membership.

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I cross-trained like a madman. I read massively.

Get Off My Back About My Weight!

And I barely ate anything. Steve, the subject of The Thin Men , sounded a lot like me. His thinking and behaviors were eerily similar to my own. Could eating really be my problem? A few weeks later I was catching up with a friend on the phone. She blasted me for my purchase and called a spade a spade.

The next night I called her back and apologized for my rude behavior. We talked for almost two hours an eternity for me on the phone and I immediately felt much better, but I also knew that I had a long road ahead of me.

  1. DIRTY: Dirty Cops, Dirty Lawyers, Dirty Deeds.
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  3. It takes a heavy weight off my back, beams Chaves after Giro stage win;
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  5. I was able to start running again in February after my Achilles injury had fully healed. I started eating more, and more often. I stopped counting calories.