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Chrome On the Control button top right of browser , select Settings from dropdown. Under the header JavaScript select the following radio button: Allow all sites to run JavaScript recommended. We found 48 results. Werner Herzog : We found 48 results. Filter Sort. Sorted By: Top Matches. Filtered By:. Grid List. Order By: Top Matches. In stock online Available in stores. It is ever tempting to try to fathom his restless spirit and his determination to challenge fate. Pre-order online Not yet available in stores. Out of stock online Not available in stores. In stock online Not available in stores.

A rhyming tale about the friendship between filmmakers Werner Herzog and Errol Morris--and a bet they made in real life.

  • Good-Night (Buenas Noches) - Illustrated by Arthur Rackham.
  • Reichsstädte im Alten Reich (German Edition).
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  • Kobo ebook. Available for download Not available in stores. Herzog by Ebert by Roger Ebert. Roger Ebert was the most influential film critic in the United States, the first to win a Pulitzer Prize. For almost fifty years, he wrote with plainspoken eloquence about the films he loved for the Chicago Sun-Times , his vast cinematic knowledge matched by a….

    Paperback French. Auteurs du premier livre…. Werner Herzog: Interviews by Eric Ames. Ships within weeks Available in stores.

    The enigma of Werner H

    This edition of Herzog on Herzog presents a completely new set of interviews in which Werner Herzog discusses his career from its very beginnings to his most recent productions. Herzog was once hailed by Francois Truffaut as the most important director alive. Paper over Board. Over the course of his career, legendary director Werner Herzog b.

    Dressed in black, his pageboy stirring in the wind, Treadwell walks into the frame and introduces the grizzlies as Ed and Rowdy. I must hold my own if I am going to stay within this land. For once there is weakness, they will exploit it, they will take me out, they will decapitate me, they will chop me into bits and pieces. I'm dead. But so far, I persevere, persevere. It is a typical Treadwell recitation - sincere, grandiose and intensely worrisome - a bit of bravura that ends with the self-designated "kind warrior" blowing a kiss and signing off like Kojak: "Love you, Rowdy.

    There is something surreal at least to a committed urbanite about anyone who would talk to these animals, especially a guy whose blond, bland good looks made him seem like an aging surfer, a kind of Spicoli of the backwoods. But as Mr.

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    Herzog points out in his online manifesto, "facts sometimes have a strange and bizarre power that makes their inherent truth seem unbelievable. Despite some early bumps, Treadwell started off as an average sort. After an injury put an end to an athletic scholarship, he moved to where else?


    Southern California. There he did the usual bumming around, but his life soured and, according to his book, "Among Grizzlies," written with Jewel Palovak, he suffered a near-fatal drug overdose. Scared straight, he gradually reinvented himself, and by the early 's was summering in Katmai, home to about 2, grizzlies. Herzog lays out this history in voice-over, illustrating Treadwell's ups and downs through the spectacular videos the amateur naturalist shot and interviews with the dead man's family and friends.

    The filmmaker also taps the medical examiner who performed the autopsies on Treadwell and Huguenard, Dr.

    Werner Herzog - Biography - IMDb

    Franc G. Fallico, a character around whom an entire reality show could be built. View all New York Times newsletters. Fallico pops up a couple of times in "Grizzly Man," but the most potent use of his testimony occurs when he expounds at length in an autopsy room, a scene that illustrates Mr. Herzog's sense of drama beautifully. Sporting a blue smock and a fixed gaze, Dr. Fallico recounts his version of the attack, a description based on his examination of the bodies and the six-minute audio record found on one of Treadwell's video cameras.

    The lens cap was on the camera. The account is graphic, gruesome and thoroughly riveting, partly because morbid tales always tug at the imagination, but also because Dr.

    On Death Row S02 E03: Blaine Milam - Werner Herzog

    Fallico turns out to be an incredible storyteller. For Mr. Herzog, it's clear that the truth of this story isn't located just in the facts that the doctor strings together with florid gestures and pregnant pauses, but in a performance that is as artful as it is true.

    Walking Himself into Intoxication

    Treadwell's adventures among his beloved grizzlies were also a kind of performance, built on lies and truth and played out on the stage of celebrity. Even though his choices were dangerous and finally fatal, he traveled a familiar American path shaped by boundless optimism and an almost religious belief in the self. He lived among grizzlies because he believed that he could. Given this, the cheap shots that followed his death, including the appalling snarkiness that crept into newspaper headlines "Grizzly bear that killed pair attacked at lunchtime" , are revelatory.

    For some, Treadwell's death confirmed that animal activists and environmentalists are dangerous wackos; for others, though, his unhappy end may have suggested something equally disturbing: sometimes a smile and American goodwill aren't enough. Some are kind; others less so. Each testifier seems to capture some authentic quality of Treadwell, who from the evidence of his videos and Mr. At some point that foolishness mushroomed into a welter of delusions about his power to survive the wilderness in which he so recklessly tried to find himself.

    His death, as inevitable as it was preventable, could mean that he may have been more lost than found.