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Helpful Comment? L2: Beginner. Our community has rated this post as helpful. If you agree, why not thank Woden? This has been a very fun series to read, and the author is still going strong. There are 15 books in the first arc, and I believe he has said 15 in both the second and third arcs as well. Keep in mind of course that these are written in an episode style, so each book isn't quite the length of your average paperback. La Longue Carabine. I always try to pick up books like this on the off chance that they put out an audiobook later for a reduced price for those who own the kindle.

Probably won't work that way but what the heck? Nothing to lose. And who knows, maybe I'll actually get into reading one of these days. Probably not. Page 1 of 1. Character development gets richer as well building on previous stories. More of the same. Entertaining enough to continue the series. Jan 22, Jostein Leira rated it liked it. Easy read, and entertaining. I won a copy on Goodreads Firstreads.

This is the MP3 version of the third installment of the Frontiers Saga. It is about seven hours long. This is the continuing voyage of the Aurora. As the crew of the Aurora start to become accustomed to their new surroundings, they start to make decisions about what they want their role to be in dealing with the new people they have met.

They have to decide if they will take sides in the revolution that is going on or if they will just try to return home. Liste I won a copy on Goodreads Firstreads. Listeming to this story made me feel like I was listening to one of the old radio dramas even though it did not have a full cast of actors reading it. The narrator, Jeffrey Kafer, was very good. He altered his voice for different characters which helped to bring them to life even more.

The story reminded of the early episodes of Star Trek Voyager. Both stories feature a crew on a new ship that has been transported thousands of light years from Earth. They have to deal with getting home, finding supplies, and new, often dangerous, worlds.

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This is my first exposure to the Frontiers Saga. I did not feel that lost by missing the previous episodes. Naturally it would have filled in background if I had listened to the earlier episodes, but the story gave enough backstory that new listeners could easily keep up with what was happening in this episode. My biggest complaint was the media. Personally I do not have that much access to MP3 players, so I was more or less trapped in one spot while listening.

And this was a long story, very long. It is very intimidating to think of listening to all of the volumes I think there is 7 volumes already if they are all about 7 hours long. I have trouble listening to a story only. I have to try and find something for my eyes and hands to do while listening. I know a lot of people have Ipods and things were they could walk, exercise, or something like that but like I said my MP3 options cut out most of those options.

I have only been able to find this series available as MP3 or as ebooks which I also don't have--I am a print dinosaur. I did like this story and would recommend it to sci-fi fans as long as they are comfortable with either MP3 or ebook versions. I received a free copy of this audio book through the First Reads program. I have not read or listened to the first two books in the series, thus my review may be influenced by a lack of knowledge that would come from the first two entries in the series.

I did feel that I was missing quite a bit of information from the first two in the series, but I was still able to enjoy this. I saw someone had compared the series to Star Trek Voyager, which I can understand. I don't know if I would ha N. I don't know if I would have picked up any of the series if not for First Reads, let alone the audio version, but I am glad that I did.

I have now gone back and listened to the first one and didn't realize how much I was missing, but you don't need the missing information. It just adds a lot more context. I will be listening to the second one in the next few days and may update this accordingly. This was well worth the time I spent listening. It was quite enjoyable and well-performed. My chief complaint is that it was sometimes jarring when there would be a scene change outside of chapter changes.

Not being a listener of audio books, it may just be that I am not used to the transitions. In book form, I would imagine that there would be an extra bit of white space, but there wasn't an appropriate pause. I am unsure what to mention about the plot itself without divulging spoilers, but I will say that this was enough that I want to check out the rest of the series.

Worth the time! UPDATE: Considering that I subscribed to Audible because of this book so that I could listen to the first two in the series and I'm looking forward every month to my credit to get the next, I think that that should say something. Start with the first one if you can, but the series is worth it.

I'm not sure if I would try to start any later than this one or the next one in the series, though. The crew of the Aurora, with the help of a few locals, has just fought off an attack on their ship. As episode 3 picks up, Captain Nathan Scott is ordering his crew to move the ship a safe distance away from the Haven system using the experimental prototype fold system, which is their only means of faster-than-light travel now, so that the situation can be evaluated.

Once the ship is moved, Nathan goes down to the cargo hold to meet with the workers who were caught up in the attack on the ship. The Aurora was in the process of taking on materials and supplies when the attack came, and the local workers who were bringing in the supplies are now stuck on the ship. Captain Scott has to explain the situation to them, and in the process he tells them all about the experimental prototype space fold system the ship is carrying. How stupid was that? Then he reveals to them that he and his crew and his ship are all from Earth!

This coming just hours after Nathan himself learned that anything coming from Earth is going to have a pretty high price on its head in this part of the universe. Okay, I understand that author Ryk Brown is trying to show us that Nathan goes with his gut and that his instincts usually turn out to be good, but this is going a little too far.

Read the full review at Audiobook-Heaven The writing over the first three volumes continues to get better, but there are still a few instances where you jump perspectives from character to character with for no apparent reason in the middle of a long sequence that is mainly from the perspective of another character. Also, pacing in this one was a bit off. It seemed like a whole chapter was devoted on how to maneuver a shuttle and the Aurora into a hid 3. It seemed like a whole chapter was devoted on how to maneuver a shuttle and the Aurora into a hidden base within a hollowed out asteroid.

As for the plot, it picks up right where book 2 left off, which continues the serialized feeling Ryk Brown is gunning for. In this volume, the Aurora needs repairs from their escape at Haven. Convinced by Tug and Jalea that there are several ways that the Aurora crew and the people of this universe can help each other out including a possible free energy device to help power the jump drive , Captain Nathan Scott agrees to help out his two alien passengers. He is directed to go to Corinair, where a secret base built within a mined out asteroid can be used by the Aurora to conduct repairs.

Of course, the plan is not full proof, and when one of the new allies decides to bring about the fulfillment of Corinari prophecy to get the world to rebel against the Ta'Akar, things get messy. Again, overall a good book, and at some point I will move on to book 4. The series is quick, light fare and scratches the space opera itch.

Jun 21, Mike J rated it liked it. I'll trust you to decide for yourself whether to invest the time after having read book one. But, since I'm calling it quits after this edition in the series, I thought it warranted at least a note. Ryk Brown is consistent. Each episode is compelling and moves along at a good clip. Each book also ends in such a way as to leave you turning the page looking for the rest of the story. Since three books are already out with the fourth coming soon , it's not too painful.

These books aren't classics That said, I just can't go on after this one I find myself disliking the characters more and more with each book. Rather than showing growth as the series goes on, from the experiences growing under their belts and the time to deepen relationships, they seem to be growing more insecure and more unlikable.

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This is certainly the case with our captain. The series premise is an inexperienced, unqualified, crew on an untested ship in uncharted territory But, after three books, I want to be able to root for them. I want to see them grow. I want to see them become something more. And that just didn't happen for me. So, solid series, but I'm bowing out at this point. Sep 27, Don Viecelli rated it really liked it.

After the battle, Nathan needs to find a safe place to make repairs on his ship. He also needs to explain to his new crew members that he is actually from Earth. It is quite a shock to the local people in this galaxy that Earth, home of their ancestors, is real and not a myth as remembered in the Legend of Origins on Corinair.

I give this book four stars because I found the story to be better than Episode 2 and the battle scene at the end is exciting. I bought the next two books to read and review. Feb 13, Trevor Parker rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , science-fiction.

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Such fast, easy reading. What can I say? This is like candy to me while I am reading some heavier non-fiction books. Nov 27, Nick Grayson rated it liked it. It's an easy to understand story, nothing new here just good old fashion ships in space. I read them in a row cause they are quite smaller then what I'm used too and at first very addictive reading the only detraction came from the fact that the characters couldn't a very entertaining science fiction book the action mostly follows nathan cross a young guy with good instincts if not always following protocol.

I read them in a row cause they are quite smaller then what I'm used too and at first very addictive reading the only detraction came from the fact that the characters couldn't possibly handle all that happens to them from the start to where I've finished reading "Freedom's Dawn" it became stressful even reading too put that much turmoil and "shit happens" into the face of the reader became too much for even me.

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The Legend of Corinair

Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Episode 3 A captain coming into his own… A handful of refugees stranded on board… A possible traitor in their midst… A voyage into the territory of the very enemy that pursues them… Sometimes legends become realities in unexpected ways.

It seems that fate has the crew of the Aurora firmly in its clutches. Episode 4, "Freedom's Dawn" is available now. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Original Title. The Frontiers Saga Part 1 3. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Legend of Corinair , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Legend of Corinair. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Well color me a military sci-fi geek girl!

No sleeping here! Imagine flying ahead of yourself, stopping, and then watching yourself fly toward you! So in book three, Brown is offering to me at least a new twist on sci-fi, rather than just copying, err…imitating, other sci-fi series as the first two books seemed to do. Book three does further explore another common sci-fi theme — that of religion as a faith-based belief, as a political tool, and as something non-science. The story has interesting parts because of this theme, and sets up book four to be a major part of the ongoing story.

The characters are still cardboardy, but less so, and with so many characters and so much action, the author seems to be doing a better job with individual character development, and the narrator really does a terrific job distinguishing the voices and giving a personality to each voice. New character Josh is a hotshot teen who, like Nathan, is an intuitive pilot. Tug, who we now know is the former leader of the rebels, is a strong, wise and mature leader. For the women, Jessica is still far and away my favorite!

Cameron, the XO, remains a rule-following calm voice of reason. The doctor and the tactical officer former science officer are also women without break-out roles of their own so far. His women are brainy and accomplished, but followers. And yes, though there is no romance or diversions, this space opera is growing on me.

Still, all said, this was a fun book to listen to! Jul 22, Robert rated it it was ok Shelves: regrettable-reads. Oy vey, where to begin? Okay, so the saga continues and That said, yeesh, where to begin?

Free Ep.#3 - 'the Legend Of Corinair': The Frontiers Saga

Okay, the things that bug the hell out of me - absolutely NO military discipline on the Aurora. None, nada, zip! The crew is pretty much composed entirely of "fresh out of the academy" types who were hand picked for their assignments by the captain, can you honestly tell me that no one other than acting Commander T Oy vey, where to begin? The crew is pretty much composed entirely of "fresh out of the academy" types who were hand picked for their assignments by the captain, can you honestly tell me that no one other than acting Commander Taylor has a sense of military decorum and protocol left?

I know what you're gonna say and what I think the author would say "These guys are stranded ly away from home struggling to survive, the last thing on their minds is protocol In a military organization like the Fleet, protocol saves lives. The longer the crew keeps calling the acting captain "Nathan" instead of "Captain", the more bodies they're gonna pile up. Sound extreme? Well it's not - they can't afford to think of him as "their friend, Nathan" when the sh! Next, Captain Scott I'll call him that even if no one else on his ship will has the survival instincts of a lemming!

He's got every qualified person warning him against trusting Jalea and letting her run free, but he continues to fight them on it. How does she repay that favor? She tips off the enemy to force a confrontation in hopes of making Nathan, damn, I mean Captain Scott use the Aurora to fight the eeeevil empire.

Oh, and the millions if not billions of innocent dead Corinairians on the planet?

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I mean, Captain Scott's hands as much as they are hers. What else The Aurora is a ship that's outclassed, out gunned, out matched and out manned by almost anything it meets and instead of letting it get patched up at their super secret base and THEN calling in the cavalry, she tips off her hand to the bad guys and bets her wad on Captain Scott thought I was gonna call him Nathan again, didn't ya? What would she have done if he said "Hell no!

We'll get slaughtered and then there's no one to help out Earth! Guess Nathan Aw whatever, I guess our intrepid Captain isn't the only moron who goes with his gut on that tub. Anyway, long story short, the episodic format that Ryk Brown chose to write in is interesting but I think it's ultimately self defeating because his first book was so tight, and every one since then has gotten weaker in both plot premise and characterization.

I'd rather see him produce two slightly longer books each year that are better polished and better thought out than keep seeing these books roll out every couple of months. That said, I'm still going to read the next book but I'm not sure if I'll make it past that one the way things are going. View 1 comment. Apr 14, Per Gunnar rated it really liked it Shelves: 2-military , 1-science-fiction. What you just read is the three-hour series premiere. New episodes will be published every few months, and as long as I continue to have an audience, I will continue to write them.

These books are short stories in a longer story arc. Just like a TV series generally is short episodes but can be really fun to watch these books are not the most in-depth ones around but they are really fun to read. This one, Legend of Corinair, is no exception to that. My only gripe is that the ship got shot up again.

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Given that they now seem to have a few new allies I hope they get around to do those repairs and upgrades that are sorely overdue. Also, like a TV-series, at some point the same story arc gets old, no matter how good it was at the start. Hopefully with an upgraded Aurora, some buddies and guns blazing, but then I am a sucker for cheap effects.

View 2 comments. May 16, D. Dutcher rated it it was ok Shelves: yard-sale-sf , science-fiction. Amazon recommended this to me, but it's the third book of a series. So this review reflects coming into it blind, without knowledge of the past two books. To be honest, it's hard to give my usual capsule synopsis. Earth was devastated by a bio-digital plague, but has started to recover thanks to a Data Ark which has saved the memory of lost technology. Now they are testing a prototype ship that uses a jump drive which has far more range and precision than any other known.

That ship through an acc Amazon recommended this to me, but it's the third book of a series. That ship through an accident warps far out of Earth's orbit and gets caught up in a the fight against the Ta'Akar, a despotic alien race. This book is about the ship's efforts to get to a save haven in a secret base in the planet Corinair. I get this is the third book, but he has done an incredibly poor job of bringing new readers up to speed. As I wrote the synopsis, I realized that I don't even know the name of the prototype ship.

The book starts by introducing a ton of characters, and most of the book seems to be bridging between a past episode and a future one more than standing alone on its merits. Even then the bridging is suspect: Nathan is captain of the ship, but very little space is given to him reflecting on taking command or giving context to why.

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It's just assumed, which isn't good. The world and characterization itself isn't too hot either. Nathan simply doesn't sound or feel like a military man or a person in the chain of command to take control of a starship over a dead captain. There may be reasons in the prior books, but in this there really isn't even a reflection scene to give any context. Just him looking at the old captain's bars and remembering how everyone wouldn't believe an ensign like him would be in charge would have done enough. The rest of the cast are just types: the comic relief shuttle pilots, the resistance leaders, the traitor, the russian engineer, the hardass second in command, etc.

Pacing is pretty bad, because of the large cast, all of the new introductions, and the feeling that this is bridging between what feels to have been a harsh battle in book 2, and an embrace of the resistance in book 4. The world itself is meh. It's fitting other reviewers wrote about how the author planned to make it similar to a TV series, because it really feels like a TV science fiction world.

Ryk Brown Frontiers 14 The Weak and the Innocent Audiobook