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Measles cases have spiked as a growing number of anti-vaxxers, opting out of immunizations for their kids, threaten decades of progress toward eliminating the disease. The United States needs to safeguard the democratic process against foreign interference. It should ensure both the technical integrity of the voting system and that voters are not subjected to foreign influence operations that violate campaign laws.

This year, there is much to celebrate—particularly in the realm of politics. Peace negotiators often overlook a proven strategy to reduce conflict and advance stability: include women. James Gorman discusses his approach to setting a global strategy for Morgan Stanley and the importance of effective leadership and clear communication when running a large multinational company. Ritchey WCS C stem, Roue avant 26x1.

A personal story of the development of U. For centuries the seat of world power was Egypt. There were great dynasties in China. None of these empires, however, will rise again. Only Rome will recover its greatness. As she controlled the ancient world, so will she be the headquarters for the new world order, the dream of the United Nations.

The United States has been the dominant industrial and military world force for the last 50 years. That dominance, however, is waning and is doomed. The prophecies are clear: The Roman Empire will be revived, with Antichrist s seat in Western Europe and the world religion s headquarters in Rome, as we shall see. So the Bible has said for the past years in the New Testament and for centuries more in the Old. The United States is not mentioned. An Empire Divided The two legs in the image foretold the division of the fourth empire, the Roman, into East and West, and so it occurred.

That division between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy remains to this day and is at the root of the current bloodshed in the Croatia-Sarajevo-Bosnia-Herzegovina region of Yugoslavia, as we shall document. Politically the Roman Empire was several times revived in the West-for example, in A. The Eastern and Western kingdoms, however, were never united again.

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The full Roman Empire passed away altogether as a political entity, but religiously it grew larger, to extend around the entire world. Today the Roman Catholic Church has some million members worldwide. Eastern Orthodoxy has something less than half as many. The breach between it and Roman Catholicism will be healed under Antichrist. Protestants of various denominations comprise the remainder of what has become known as Christendom, a total of about 1. According to Revelation , "All that dwell upon the earth shall worship him [the beast, or Antichrist]. It will involve emperor worship, as in the days of the Caesars, with the death penalty for those who refuse to comply Revelation , This revival of Rome s religion will undoubtedly be a blend of Christianity and paganism, as occurred under Constantine and continued thereafter.

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That perverted and paganized form of Christianity eventually became known as Roman Catholicism. Claiming to be infallible and unchangeable semper eadem, "always the same" , the Roman Catholic Church stands poised today to become the vehicle for the final ecumenical union of all religions. The Importance of Prophecy The ten toes on King Nebuchadnezzar s image represented ten future kings, concerning whom Daniel declares in the most straightforward and unmistakable language: "And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed.

That one verse of Scripture told Christ s disciples and John the Baptist and the rabbis as well that it was not the time for Christ to take His father David s throne. The reason was obvious: Ten kings were not ruling the Roman Empire at that time. Failure to understand this prophecy caused those in Christ s day to become disillusioned when He didn t immediately set up His earthly kingdom.

Here again we see the importance of an accurate understanding of prophecy. In his vision, Nebuchadnezzar saw a "stone. The interpretation is clear: The true church will not gradually take over the world, but God s kingdom will be established suddenly by a cataclysmic intervention from heaven. That interpretation is confirmed by other Scriptures, notably 2 Thessalonians , which clearly says that Christ will destroy Antichrist at His "coming": "Then shall that wicked [one] be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit [breath] of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.

Only then will Christ return, in the midst of Armageddon with the believers He has previously raptured to heaven-Zechariah ; Jude 14 to rescue Israel from the armies of Antichrist which are about to destroy her, to execute judgment upon the earth, and to establish His messianic kingdom by ruling the world from David s throne in Jerusalem. See Zechariah History Written in Advance Some time after Nebuchadnezzar had his dream, Daniel was given a vision of his own as the next stage in the unfolding revelation from God concerning Antichrist s coming world kingdom.

In it Daniel saw the same four world empires once again, this time depicted as ferocious beasts. The fourth beast, representing the Roman Empire, had ten horns, which signified, like the ten toes on the image, ten kings or regional rulers who would arise in the future Daniel Daniel s vision included remarkable details concerning the Medo-Persian and Grecian empires, so astonishingly accurate that skeptics have sought desperately but without success to show that the book of Daniel was written after the fact.

Otherwise it would have to be admitted that valid prophecies had been made. Of course, the Bible is filled with valid prophecies given centuries before their fulfillment. Unquestionably, the prophecies we mentioned briefly in the previous chapter concerning Israel and the Messiah were all written many centuries before their remarkable fulfillment. As for Daniel, he clearly foretold the division of Alexander the Great s Grecian empire into four parts Daniel ; The next 16 verses give amazing details of the wars of Ptolemy the Grecian general who took possession of Egypt after Alexander s death and the wars of his successors against the Seleucids of Syria.

That prophecy climaxed with details concerning Seleucid ruler Antiochus Epiphanes Daniel , a type or foreshadowing of Antichrist. It is this history, declared in advance, that the critics have desperately tried to prove was written after it already occurred. That the book of Daniel was in fact written during the Babylonian captivity, long before these events took place, has been thoroughly authenticated. Moreover, Daniel specifies the very day the Messiah would ride into Jerusalem on the colt of an ass and be hailed as the promised One. Even the most skeptical critics must acknowledge that Daniel was written long before that event.

Between the writing of the Old and New Testaments there were four centuries of silence before God spoke again through His prophets.

And not until we come to Revelation do we see Daniel s fourth beast again, this time without any reference to the other three, which will be seen no more. Furthermore, from this point onward the fourth beast is seen only in its future revived form. Enter the Dragon As the prophecy unfolds, Daniel s fourth beast appears to John as "a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads" Revelation This is Satan, for a few verses later we are shown a future "war in heaven: [Archangel] Michael and his angels fought against the dragon.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world" verses 7, 9. The interpretation is clear: The revived fourth world empire under Antichrist will be so utterly evil that it is seen as Satan himself.

What horror lies ahead for this world after Christ has taken His own to His Father s house in the rapture! The same "fourth beast" is seen again in chapter rising "up out of the sea," as all four beasts did in Daniel Here again it has the telltale "seven heads and ten horns," but now with "ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. Remember, the beasts representing these three previous world empires were described as like a leopard, a lion, and a bear Daniel In Revelation 13, the fourth beast clearly depicts both the revived Roman Empire and Antichrist, whom "all that dwell upon the earth shall worship" verse 8.

In this remarkable vision of the future, the world also "worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast" verse 4. So Satan is again shown to be the power behind Antichrist and his kingdom: "The dragon [Satan] gave him [Antichrist] his power and his seat and great authority" verse 2. During His temptation in the wilderness, Christ was shown by Satan "all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them" Matthew The devil then offered it all to Christ, saying: "All these things will I give thee if thou wilt fall down and worship me" verse 9.

The love of the world and the lust for power ultimately lead to partnership with Satan and his worship. Of course, Christ refused Satan. Tragically, a persecution-weary church would fall for the same offer when it would later be made through Constantine. Christ did not dispute Satan s claim to ownership of the world: "For that is delivered unto me, and to whomsoever I will I give it" Luke As John reminds us, "The whole world lieth in [the hands of] wickedness [i.

It is Satan, permitted by God for His own purposes, who delivers to Antichrist the world which Christ refused. Coming World Religion An image will be made of the beast, and all who do not bow down and worship it, and through it the Antichrist as God, will be slain Revelation Such was the practice in the ancient Roman Empire. We are thus being told that the religion of Rome with its emperor worship will be revived as well.

Religion must, in fact, not only be involved in Antichrist s new world government, but it must be preeminent, for Satan, who controls both Antichrist and the revived Roman Empire, is "the god of this world" 2 Corinthians and desires its worship with a passion. The woman who rides the beast in chapter 17 undoubtedly represents that world religion, as we shall see. Religion was always the dominant element in ancient world empires, including the four depicted by Nebuchadnezzar s image and Daniel s four beasts.

Priests, soothsayers, and sorcerers were the closest advisers to rulers for thousands of years, and in most instances were the real power behind the throne, manipulating sovereigns by their "magic" and devious counsel. Science itself had its roots in occultism, beginning in astrology and alchemy. Materialism, skepticism, and atheism are of fairly recent origins and will be submerged in the tidal wave of renewed interest in "spirituality," which is already gathering momentum exactly as Jesus foretold for the last days Matthew ,5,11, Atheism is not Satan s major weapon in his campaign to deceive mankind into following him.

He himself is not an atheist, for his great ambition, "I will be like the Most High [i. Satan wants to be worshiped as God, but since he is a nonphysical being without a body of his own he will have to be satisfied in receiving this worship through the man who represents him, the Antichrist. As "the god of this world," Satan s weapon is false religions and the deceitful promises they present, which turn aside those who believe them from knowing God s truth.

The fact that religion will play a dominant role in the revived Roman Empire, as in ancient times, is clearly portrayed by the fact that the woman, who -represents the new world religion, has mounted the beast and is holding the reins. Satanic Resurrection? In the further unfolding of the revelation of the fourth beast, John saw "one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed, and all the world wondered after the beast" Revelation To many interpreters this vision means that the Antichrist himself will be killed and raised to life again.

Others believe that an Antichrist figure from the past, such as Hitler or Nero, will come back to life and rule the new world order. On the contrary, neither a past evil ruler nor the future Antichrist will come back from the grave because Satan does not have power to create life. This does not eliminate the possibility that the world may be deceived into believing that a resurrection has taken place. However, the language in Revelation does not encourage that idea.

That "one of his heads" received a deadly wound would not indicate that the entire beast was dead but rather that he was mortally wounded in one aspect of his being. Although the heads are said to represent kings, it could not be a literal king who was killed and raised to life for the reasons already given. The beast and its heads represent several things at once: kings, kingdoms, Satan, the Antichrist, and the revived Roman Empire.

The latter has within it the elements of death and apparent resurrection. The Roman Empire did indeed "die," though not completely, inasmuch as the fragments remained along with the perpetual hope of ultimate resurrection. When that "resurrection" does take place under Antichrist it will be as though an empire-not a person-came back from the dead. That God intends to establish His own kingdom on earth and that the revived Roman Empire stands in its way and must be destroyed for God s kingdom to appear is clear as well.

This was shown at the very beginning of this progressive revelation in the stone smashing the image and filling the earth. It is equally clear that Antichrist is Satan s counterfeit of Christ and that the revived Roman Empire is a counterfeit of the kingdom of God on earth. The First and Future Antichrist The prefix "anti" comes from the Greek language and has two meanings: 1 opposed to, and 2 in the place of or a substitute for.

He will indeed oppose Christ, but in the most diabolically clever way it could be done: by pretending to be Christ and thus perverting "Christianity" from within. Indeed, Antichrist will "sit in the temple of God showing himself that he is God" 2 Thessalonians If Antichrist pretends to be Christ and is worshiped by the world Revelation , then his followers are of course "Christians. Thus the great apostasy precedes the revelation of Antichrist 2 Thessalonians Part of the apostasy is the ecumenical movement, which is literally setting the stage for a union between all religions and even influences evangelicals as well.

An Antichrist "Christianity" must be created which embraces all religions and which all religions will embrace-precisely what is occurring today with astonishing speed. We have documented this development in other books, such as Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist, and will have much more to say about it later.

The Latin equivalent of the Greek "anti" is "vicarius," from which comes "vicar. Although the Roman Catholic popes have called themselves vicar of Christ for centuries, they were not the first to do so, but inherited that title from Constantine see below. His future counterpart, the coming world ruler over the revived Roman Empire, will be the Antichrist.

As already noted, in the ancient Roman Empire the Emperor was worshiped as God. As such he was the leader of the pagan priesthood and of the official, state-sponsored pagan religion of the empire. An image was made to the Caesars, before which the citizens were required to bow in worship. Those who refused to acknowledge the emperor as God were killed. And so it will be when the Roman Empire is revived under Antichrist.

This fact is clearly presented in the extensive vision Christ gave to John: And he. Since the church was now a recognized religious body in the empire, Constantine, as emperor, had to be acknowledged as its de facto head. As such, he convened the first ecumenical council, the Council of Nicea, in A. While heading the Christian church, Constantine continued to head the pagan priesthood, to officiate at pagan celebrations, and to endow pagan temples even after he began to build Christian churches. He meant that he was "another Christ" acting in the place of Christ.

When translated into Greek, however, as we have seen, Vicarius Christi literally means Antichrist. Constantine was the prototype of the Antichrist prophesied in Scripture and who is yet to come. In the Middle Ages, the bishops of Rome began to claim that they were the sole representatives of Christ upon earth. Demanding that the entire church worldwide must be subject to their rule, they forbade any other bishops to be called "papa" or pope and took to themselves the three titles of Constantine-Pontifex Maximus, Vicar of Christ, and Bishop of Bishops-which they retain to this day.

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As the popes claims to absolute power over kingdoms, people, and property were realized, great corruption entered the Roman Catholic Church. The Reformers and their creeds were unanimous in identifying each pope as the Antichrist. Scripture, however, does not support that claim.

The Antichrist is a unique individual without predecessors or successors. He will be the new "Constantine," the ruler of the revived worldwide Roman Empire. A Staggering New Insight The final revelation of the fourth beast comes in the vision which God gave John as recorded in Revelation This time, in a staggering new insight, a woman sits astride this horrible creature! That this is the same beast which Daniel saw and which is presented to us in chapters 12 and 13 of Revelation is quite clear, for it has the now-familiar "seven heads and ten horns" verse 3.

One other identifying feature is recorded: The beast is "full of names of blasphemy," an obvious elaboration upon what was seen in chapter 13, "and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. The woman riding it rather than the beast itself is now the focus of attention. The description of the beast is brief, only sufficient to let us know that it is the same one we have seen before. No further insights into the nature or meaning of this horrible creature are given. A new figure has taken center stage, and two entire chapters of Revelation, 17 and 18, are devoted to detailed discussion of the woman-far more space than has been given to the beast itself in all its prior appearances.

John has never indicated in any of the three times he has seen the frightening creature that he was shocked or even amazed by it. But now, at last, he expresses great astonishment-not for the beast, however, but for the woman on its back. It is the sight of her that staggers John. How did this woman mount such a fearsome creature? Why should it allow her to sit on its back, holding the reins and controlling it? Obviously, she will play a key role in the revival of the Roman Empire, the reign of Antichrist, and future world events leading to Christ s second coming.

What will that role be? When will it be revealed? Who is this woman? To answer such questions and more is the purpose of this book. The state of the world. That Babylon, an ancient city whose ruins have been covered by the desert sands for at least years, should be mentioned so prominently in prophecies pertaining to the last days does indeed seem an enigma. It is popularly taught that the woman represents ancient Babylon revived. The fact that Iraq s sadistic ruler, Saddam Hussein, began its reconstruction some years ago is therefore seen as contributing to the fulfillment of this vision.

Ancient Babylon, however, even if it again becomes an inhabited and functioning city, could not possibly be the Babylon to which the writing on the woman s forehead refers. Saddam s rebuilt Babylon simply doesn t meet the criteria John sets forth. Those criteria, which we will be examining in detail, establish the woman s identity-and, as we shall see, she is not ancient Babylon. Saddam imagines himself to be a modern Nebuchadnezzar, perhaps even the reincarnation of that emperor of ancient Babylon.

What Saddam admires most about Nebuchadnezzar is that he destroyed Jerusalem and killed or carried away captive Israel s inhabitants into Babylon, leaving the land of Israel desolate. As the new Nebuchadnezzar, he dreams of wreaking the same destruction upon today s Israelis, whom he sees as his chief enemies. Of course, Babylon itself was then conquered by the Medes and Persians. For that depredation Saddam views Iran the successor of ancient Persia as his other great enemy and fought an eight-year war against her.

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Saddam has proudly imprinted his name on every brick being used in the reconstruction of ancient Babylon. As much hated as feared by his own people, one day Saddam will be deposed, as eventually happens to all tyrants. It would not be surprising if the Iraqis, in order to erase the last vestige of Saddam s loathsome memory, thereafter bulldozed the proud structures he has erected at the site of ancient Babylon. Whether that happens or not, there is no way that this city, rebuilt after lying in ruins for more than years, could be mistaken for the Babylon which is the major subject of Revelation chapters 17 and The Babel Connection There is, of course, a connection to ancient Babylon.

The name on the woman s forehead establishes that fact.

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What could that name mean in the world of the "last days" just prior to the second coming of Christ? Obviously it must refer to a dominant feature common to all four world empires-a major element of the first empire, Babylon, which is still dominant in the fourth empire, Rome. A paramount feature common to all was the unity between throne and altar, between prince and priest. The pagan priests-astrologers, magicians, sorcerers, soothsayers-were the emperor s close advisers and often the hidden influence controlling the empire. Thus a principle characteristic of this woman, who is both a city and a spiritual entity, will be her adulterous relationships with secular governments.

The unity of church and state persisted from the days of Babylon until beyond the ascendancy of Rome, the fourth world empire in Daniel s vision. As we have seen, Roman emperors, like other ancient rulers, headed the pagan priesthood and were worshiped as gods. Inasmuch as religion was the dominant factor in every empire, we do well to take a closer look at the religion of Babylon. Tower to Heaven Nebuchadnezzar s Babylon was built around the ruins of the Tower of Babel, which was erected shortly after the flood by the descendants of Noah under the leadership of Nimrod Genesis ; Micah Its original purpose was clearly stated by its builders: "Let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth" Genesis The tower was clearly a religious enterprise, the means of reaching heaven.

Babel thus represents the unity of state and church, involving the entire world in the attempt to elevate man to God s level. That this would be accomplished through a tower built by human genius and energy obviously represents man s religion of self-effort. Inasmuch as the entire world was united in this effort, we have the first example of world government and world religion joined as one.

As man began in this unity, so he must end in it as well; such is the clear message on the woman s forehead. The tower was the obsession of the city s inhabitants, the purpose of life that both united and enslaved. Thus religion dominated the partnership of church and state.

That such will be the case in the new world order of Antichrist, at least for a time, is clearly depicted by the fact that the woman rides the beast. Babel s tower stood in stark contrast to the way of salvation which God had consistently declared from Abel onward. The rebellion of Adam and Eve in the Garden had separated man from God by sin. No reconciliation to God and no entrance into heaven was possible apart from the full payment of sin s penalty.

For man, a finite creature, payment of the infinite penalty demanded by God s infinite justice was impossible. One day, in mercy and grace, God Himself would come as a sinless, perfect man to die for the sins of the world in payment of the full penalty demanded by His own justice. He would be "the Lamb of God" John ,36 , the only acceptable sacrifice. In anticipation of the coming Messiah, animals were to be sacrificed as types of that Holy One who would "put away sin by the sacrifice of himself" Hebrews The only interim approach to God that He approved had been stated clearly Exodus Animal sacrifices were to be offered upon an altar of earth.

If the ground was too rocky to scrape sufficient earth together, the altar could be made of stones heaped up, but not carved or fashioned in any way by tools. Nor was it to be elevated so that one approached the altar by steps. No human effort could play any part in man s salvation. It must be a gift from God, unmerited and unearned. Human pride, however, has always resisted God s grace. We see the clear violation of God s Word continuing today in the ornate cathedrals and gilded, elevated altars of both Protestants and Catholics as well as in the rituals and good works which man foolishly imagines will help to make him acceptable to God.

It all began with Babel. A Pattern Followed by Rome The city and tower of Babel set the pattern of the unholy alliance between civil government and a religion of self-effort and ritual which continued for thousands of years and was exemplified both in pagan Rome and in "Christian" Rome following Constantine s "conversion.

Brownson, highly regarded nineteenth-century Catholic journalist, expressed Catholicism s position in the Brownson Quarterly journal: No civil government, be it a monarchy, an aristocracy, a democracy. Subsequent popes did all in their power to help John s successor, Henry III, overturn the Magna Carta, impoverishing the country with papal taxes salaries to the numerous imported Italian priests were three times the crown s annual revenue. Nevertheless, the barons finally prevailed.

His outrageous encyclical, Mirari vos, of August 15, which was later confirmed by Pope Pius IX in his Syllabus Errorum , condemned freedom of conscience as "an insane folly" and freedom of the press as "a pestiferous error, which cannot be sufficiently detested. One eminent historian of the nineteenth century, commenting upon the Vatican s denunciation of the Bavarian and Austrian constitutions, paraphrased its attitude thus:.

Our absolutist system, supported by the Inquisition, the strictest censorship, the suppression of all literature, the privileged exemption of the clergy, and arbitrary power of bishops, cannot endure any other than absolutist governments. In Catholic countries the popes hatred of freedom and their partnership with oppressive regimes which they often succeeded in manipulating to their own ends is a matter of historical record. Whatever her true motives, history bears full witness to the fact that whenever she has been able to do so, the Roman Catholic Church has suppressed and openly condemned such basic human rights as freedom of the press, speech, religion, and even conscience.

Prior to the revolution led by Benito Juarez in , Roman Catholicism had dominated the lives of the Mexican people and controlled the government for years. It was the state religion and no other was allowed. As one author has stated after an exhaustive investigation of the records: The oppression by Spain and the oppression by the Church of Rome were so intermeshed as to be indistinguishable by the people. The [Roman Catholic] hierarchy supported the Spanish regime and excommunicated, through its New World Inquisition, anyone resisting the power of the state.

The government in turn enforced Church laws and, as the "secular arm," functioned as disciplinarian and even as executioner for the Church. Pope Pius IX was outraged and wrote indignantly to Maximilian demanding that "the Catholic religion must, above all things, continue to be the glory and the mainstay of the Mexican nation, to the exclusion of every other dissenting worship," that "instruction, whether public or private, should be directed and watched over by the [Roman Catholic] ecclesiastical authority," and that the Church must not be "subject to the arbitrary rule of the civil government.

The Roman clergy were like little gods lording it over the natives, who became their servants. The revolutions in Latin American countries have been in large measure created by the contrast between the poverty of the people and the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church and the evil dictatorships it supported. Liberation Theology was spawned in Latin America by radical Catholic priests and nuns whose aroused consciences could no longer justify the oppression of the masses by both Church and state. Scores of other examples could be given but must be deferred until later. The point is that the roots of the unholy alliance between church and state, with the church in dominance, go back to Babel.

Nimrod founded the first world empire; church and state were one. Such is the ideal empire which Roman Catholicism has always striven with all its might to establish and maintain whenever possible. While the state has some rights, she has them only in virtue and by permission of the superior authority.

Catholics were forbidden to oppose Mussolini and were urged to support him. The Church virtually put the Fascist dictator in office as it would Hitler a few years later. In exchange, Mussolini in the Concordat with the Vatican made Roman Catholicism once again the official state religion, and any criticism of it was made a penal offense.

The Church was granted other favors, including a vast sum in cash and bonds. Roots of a Modern Delusion Satan s promise to Eve that she could become one of the gods became the foundation of pagan religion worldwide.

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To achieve that goal man would have to assert himself and labor mightily. Thus was born the religion of self-effort. In fact, works instead of grace has always been and still is religion, of which Roman Catholicism is a prime example. The rising Tower of Babel seemed to give credence to the grandiose delusion that man could reach heaven by his own efforts. Nimrod was very likely the first emperor to be deified, and thus was a forerunner of Antichrist. Babel and the city of Babylon later constructed around her ruins was the cradle of the belief in a "higher destiny" for all mankind.

Later that dream would be limited to special races, such as the Aryans, a claim which Hitler s Nazism would pursue to the destruction of 6 million Jews. Echoing the serpent s lie, Hitler would say, "Man is becoming God. We need free men who feel and know that God is in themselves.

Hitler s theory of the "purity of blood," which he sought to maintain through extermination of the Jews unopposed by the Vatican , had its roots in ancient occultism involving a mythical Nordic Garden of Eden in the far North known as Hyperborea. There an Aryan race of god-men had allegedly been spawned by gods visiting earth. Nietzsche, whose writings heavily influenced Hitler, began his key work, Anti-Christ, with the sentence, "Let us see ourselves for what we are. We are Hyperboreans [gods] all. Pulitzer-Prize-winning historian Peter Viereck finds the roots of the Nazi dream of a master race of god-men ruling the world not only in Hegel and Nietzsche but in Wagner and a host of romantic writers who all echoed the serpent s lie to Eve.

The following excerpt is from the conclusion of Viereck s remarkable book Meta-Politics: The Roots of the Nazi Mind-an ending which the original publisher refused to include as being too extreme, but which hindsight now reveals was amazingly accurate: Mein Kampf was a best-seller long before the German people, voting uncoerced in the free Reichstag election of September , increased the Nazi seats from 12 to and made them the biggest party in Germany. By then, Hitler had said in Mein Kampf to pick a typical threat at random : "If at the start [of World War I] we had held under poison twelve or fifteen thousand of these Hebrew.

The timely elimination of 12, bums. These few must have included some of the cheering public and also some influential dignitaries with access to press, radio, and other means of warning the public. Some day the same Germans, now cheering Hitler s strut into Paris, will say. Surely Mein Kampf must also have been known to many of the 30 million Roman Catholics in Germany as well as to the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church both there and in Rome.

Yet the Church hierarchy praised Hitler, sometimes in the most extravagant terms. Bishop Berning published a book stressing the link between Catholicism and patriotism and sent a copy to Hitler "as a token of my devotion. Catholic young men were ordered "to raise their right arm in salute, and to display the swastika flag. The Catholic Youth organization, Neudeutsche Jugend. Addressing a gathering of Catholic youth in the Cathedral of Trier, Bishop Bornewasser declared, "With raised heads and firm step we have entered the new Reich and we are prepared to serve it with all the might of our body and soul.

Replying to the criticism from outraged American Catholics, Steinmann declared that "German Catholics did indeed regard the government of Adolph Hitler as the God-given authority and that someday the world would "gratefully acknowledge that Germany. He returned in to spend years researching official files.

Pius XI in called the Chancellor of the German Reich [Hitler] the first statesman who, together with the Pope, had clearly recognized the Bolshevik danger. Of these, 44,,, or January 3, [stating that] "the German bishops consider it their duty to support the head of the German Reich by all those means which the Church has at its disposal. We must mobilize all the spiritual and moral forces of the Church in order to strengthen confidence in the Fuehrer. Yet Catholic leaders like most Protestant clergy in Germany continued to heap praise upon their fellow Catholic.

Two books on Reich and Kirche, published with ecclesiastical permission, called "deepening the understanding [of] the great work of German renewal to which the Fuehrer has summoned us" the "biggest spiritual task of contemporary German Catholicism. A few voices were raised in public protest. One belonged to a priest, a Fr. Muckermann, who dared to express his amazement and consternation that.

On the other hand, it is not an enigma at all if one accepts the testimony of Scripture. We find the answer in Babel-a tower which has never ceased to be under construction. Only the location and outward form change from time to time, but the perverted ambition, impossible dream that it is, remains steadfast. The end result-the judgment of God that will come upon mankind-is foretold clearly in biblical prophecy.

Make no mistake: We are hastening to that day. As a result she will taste God s judgment before the rest of the world knows its full and awesome power as well. In his important analysis in , Viereck warned that Nazism was a religion that had infected Germany s youth. It was pagan worship of nature, yet its claim to be "Christian" deceived millions as is happening in the United States today by the same means.

That perversion surfaced in the twisted thinking of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, who admired Christ "as one of a long line of Aryan heroes, ranging from Wotan and Siegfried to Wagner and Hitler. Ley, head of the Nazi Labor Front: "Our faith. Vierech called Nazism a "new paganism. John s vision of the woman on the beast makes that fact abundantly clear.

Religion of Self-Effort God confounded the language of Babel s builders into numerous tongues so they couldn t understand one another and thus were scattered. But the proud religion of self-effort leading to deification of a master race persisted, evidenced by the ruins of similar towers, called ziggurats, found throughout that area of the world.

None of the towers, however, attained great height with that day s primitive technology. Heaven was still beyond man s reach. So the ziggurats became occultic altars of every perversion. On their pinnacles astrology began, with the worship of heavenly bodies believed to have mystical power to control the destinies of men. These are thematic elements shared across the Nordic noir sub-genre. Read our interview with the author here. Not yet translated. The back-to-back deaths of a retired teacher in his home and the suicide of one his students immediately raise red flags for the local police force that the cases are somehow related.

Erlendur and his team are introduced, and the book reveals his failed marriage and his troubled relationship with daughter, Eva Lind. She has drug problems. Hopefully Vintage will translate it soon! It is then discovered that the victim was a drug addict. But who killed the woman and why did they lay her naked corpse at the flower-strewn grave of one of the founding fathers of modern Iceland? They later learn the child in the picture died of a rare genetic disease and that her mother committed suicide. Was it a revenge killing? The forensic evidence they gather eventually leads to a high tech lab, the eponymous jar city filled with specimens, and a tense showdown with the killer.

You can watch the trailer below. Buy now on Amazon. In , Silence of the Grave became the second Erlendur novel to appear in English.

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As the detective struggles to save his drug addict daughter Eva Lind from herself, a body is found in a shallow grave in an old Reykjavik town that is being dug up to make way for suburbs. The body is found to be quite old, but the hills that once formed the area have many stories to tell — of love, domestic violence, and murder.

Indridason masterfully weaves past and present and more than a few surprises all the way to the end, as we discover the identity of the body, killer and witness. This one is a favourite with many Indridason fans. He is dressed as Santa Claus, and his trousers are down around his ankles as though he was dispatched in the middle of a sexual act, possibly with a prostitute. Once the chuckles subside and Erlendur is brought in to investigate, we learn more about the victim.

In his youth, he was a promising soprano with the voice of an angel whose fate turned on a dime and resulted in tragedy. This case is one of the most poignant stories found in Scandinavian crime fiction. A skeleton is found in a lake which is slowly draining after tectonic movements beneath the island.

A hole in the skull points to murder, and what is most interesting is that the body was weighted down by a Cold War-era spy device. When a young boy of Thai descent is found murdered, racism is suspected. A woman is found hanged in her own summer cottage. His disastrous attempt to reconcile with his ex-wife, the intrusions of his children, and the death of his old boss Marion overwhelm Erlendur. And yet, as so often happens in crime fiction, these distractions fuel his impetus to solve two old missing persons cases that seem related.

With Erlendur away on mysterious personal business, his female colleague Detective Elinborg plays the central role in Outrage. The storytelling style is markedly different, focussing on Elinborg and her thought processes, and we discover just what an excellent a detective she is. Her passion for cooking, her home life and relationship with her husband and children are also explored, to the point where they play a role in how the case is solved.

For instance, the smell of tandoori food and another unknown odor at the crime scene are clues in the investigation.

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Off duty, he goes to warn off a blackmailer for a friend of a friend but walks in on a violent scene. The blackmailer lies battered on the floor, and Oli himself gets a smack on the head. When the woman dies in hospital Oli has to duck the queries of his colleagues as to why he was there at all. Solving this case and staying out of hot water is his aim, while on the side a Reykjavik vagrant is trying to leave messages for him about an old paedophilia case.

Read our review here. He showers at the local swimming pool and meditates on his memories and emotions. Contemplative and almost dreamlike in parts, Strange Shores is different in tone and narrative to the previous novels in the series. Released in English in , it is the most powerful book in the series. Due for translation by Harvill Secker.