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July jumble jumbled jumbo jump jumper jumper cable jump rope jump-start jumpsuit jumpy Jun. McCoy M. Smart Wheels toys. How is FAO Schwarz different from a typical specialty toy store? The big difference is the experience of shopping at FAO Schwarz. From a twoand-a-half-story clocktower and a giant rocket ship to toy soldiers that greet you at the door and, of course, the dance-on piano, a variety of exclusive, customized product-driven experiences make FAO a very unique toy store. Knowing that kids are so well informed today, our challenge is to continue to bring innovation, combined with imagination, through our products and stores.

We aim to provide experiences that continue to engage, excite, and create new memories for the next generations of FAO customers. Many retailers stepped up their offerings for the holiday season. Will consumers have as many options for holiday shopping this year? With so many ways to shop, retailers focused on personalized shopping experiences for customers this past holiday season.

Consumer expectations continue to rise, so I think we will continue to see retailers and manufacturers working hard to anticipate these rising expectations.

Product description

VTech prides itself on working closely with our retail partners to deliver great product and product experiences that seek to excite and delight our consumers. The U. With so much market share suddenly up for grabs for both manufacturers and our retail partners, it allowed us to work even more closely with them. We are fortunate that we can call on our continuous stream of innovative products, speed to market, and new product experiences to deliver very tailored and winning programs that will attract consumers to their stores and our VTech and LeapFrog brands.

How do changes in school curriculums affect the way you develop educational products? Our VTech and LeapFrog products are designed to serve as a complement to the early skills children are learning at home, such as vocabulary, letters, numbers, colors, and more. We will continue to develop our educational toys to reinforce school curriculums in an exciting and engaging way to make it fun and create a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Another brick-and-mortar store is opening at LaGuardia Airport.

Do you have any plans to expand to more retail locations? Do you have plans for further acquisitions at some point in the future? Our objective continues to be to acquire brands or product lines that extend or complement our existing product portfolio. The key to any acquisition is to ensure we can add value in order to create long-term, sustainable growth. Aligning with Audax Private Equity is going to give us many more opportunities to continue our growth. With the infusion of capital and resources, PlayMonster can thrive and grow both organically and through synergistic acquisitions.

With their support, we can now explore expanding existing categories, such as Automoblox vehicles, and complementing existing brands, such as My Fairy Garden activities, along with some of our most popular brands and lines. We also now have the means to add new categories and brands through acquisitions to expand our already impressive portfolio of games and toys for kids and adults alike.

Were these initiatives successful? What are your plans to expand in ? We also work closely to partner with our sellers to deliver our breadth of inventory. What were some of the most popular toy categories on eBay last year? For example, from March through September, more than , L. The momentum also continued in the back half of the year, from July to November, when we saw a 70 percent increase in searches for L. How do trends in consumer expectations affect toy sales? Spending in video games increased 24 percent in the third quarter.

How does this affect the toy industry? The video game and toy industries were always closely related. If you think back over the years, there were a number of character toys created that were licensed from video games, and video games that were built around existing character franchises, such as Disney. This past holiday season, for example, there were a number of licensed products based on the wildly successful video game Fortnite. The titles that are driving an increase in sales provides a resource for character and toy development for licensors that can act and manufacture quickly.

What is one of the biggest challenges specialty toy retailers face, and how is Wonder Works addressing it? Staying relevant is one of the important challenges specialty toy retailers are facing in This involves expanding product categories, whether it is crossing the line into items mainly found in the mass market or adding certain adult gift categories for the moms and dads who are shopping in our stores already.

These players are fully committed to the games they are playing, and spend countless hours honing their skill set, exploring endless opportunities of customization, participating in storytelling, and diving into multi-player interaction. Players are thrilled to have product dedicated to their favorite characters and in-game experience. Was the concept successful? What are your plans to expand this year? Wonder Works also worked with Fat Brain Toys to assist in developing a couple of experiential shopping opportunities for customers, including a play table with display and play bins and a free-standing, three-sided unit that turns the merchandise three times faster.

In , Wonder Works looks forward to taking toy brands to the next level. Wonder Works will feature a unique, designated section for a well-known brand. Much time and effort has been placed into this project, and it is expected to be a revolutionary experiential and shopping experience much needed in specialty retail shops.

Do toys from mass market manufacturers have a place at specialty retail? After the initial craze when L. By offering these mass products to their customers, specialty stores are introduced to a customer base that may never have entered their stores otherwise.

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It is a win-win for all. Some of the hottest toys this year were based on multiplatform games and YouTube content. Do you expect this trend to continue in ? This trend will undoubtedly become more dominant in and beyond. Content consumption has completely changed; kids of all ages are engaged in new ways. Jazwares signed on as master toy licensee for several properties in , including Feisty Pets and Angry Birds.

What are the differences in creating proprietary product lines versus licensed products? The process between a licensed product and proprietary toy launch is very different. With more than 20 years in the industry, Jazwares prides itself as an expert on bringing licensed properties to life. We are very focused on the authentic translation of the brand while providing the best customer experience, innovation, and on-shelf longevity.

This is a special talent and speaks to who we are as a company. One of the biggest challenges toy manufacturers face in the industry is the mass production of counterfeit toys and other toy companies that knock off the hottest toys on the market.

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Longer term, this will hurt these copycat vendors as well as the retailers who support and buy knockoffs. Our legal team implemented a global anti-counterfeit program that vigorously pursues all types of counterfeit and knockoff cases and enforces our rights to the fullest. We will always protect our rights and our loyal fans who deserve to receive the best quality toys from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer, such as MGAE. As a leading company in the toy industry for creating innovative product, packaging, and marketing tactics in bold ways, we are growing faster than anyone else.

Unfortunately, L. Maintaining the quality and integrity of our brands is a top priority and essential for the brand and fans. In addition, these retailers are risk averse to bringing anything onto shelves because their space is so limited. So, I believe the toy business as a whole will be down again this year because of the lack of original innovations that are brought to market. Our staff continues to aggressively communicate the detrimental effects tariffs would have on the toy industry in meetings on Capitol Hill and to the administration.

Earlier this month, member companies were invited to join a Washington, D. Members added their voices on how tariffs can hurt the toy industry and will ultimately result in higher prices to consumers, impacting those who love to play—kids. The Toy Association also secured additional communications, public relations, and lobbying resources, which are being implemented.

In January, we released a white paper on intellectual property infringement and e-commerce in the toy space, and we will continue to work with the toy industry, e-commerce marketplaces, and lawmakers to rein in these abuses. In an age of limited retail shelf space, the Association will look to bring forward fresh thinking and diverse thought leaders to address this issue. Protecting and promoting both member companies and the broader toy community are the reasons we exist. We have many exciting happenings planned for this year, such as the Annual Business Conference this year in partnership with Target, continuing to strengthen Toy Fair New York and Toy Fair Dallas, and organizing a primary El Segundo, California, showroom location for members without business operations on the West Coast for April and September.

Elsewhere, a new multitiered membership offering enables specialty toy stores and individual toy buyers to participate as members in Toy Association activities; we will commission new research on evolving retail, industry studies, and consumer insights for members; and will continue to promote to families the value of childhood play. Last year at this time, we anticipated more large chain store closures. As we all know, that prediction became a sobering reality that continues to reverberate across the entire toy industry and at all levels in the distribution channel. It offers members of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association ASTRA unprecedented new opportunities, even as it raises concerns about competitive responses from well-resourced big-box retailers.

Added to the mix for is uncertainty about potential consequences from new tariff policies from the U. However, those ever-changing consumer expectations play to the strengths of ASTRA stores—more experience-driven purchases, a focus on social responsibility retailing, and a desire for shared culture. Successful ASTRA retailers always respond to a changing market by using their smaller size and entrepreneurial creativity as competitive advantages that make them nimble and adaptable.

ASTRA is known for members who generously share their best business tactics to help others. We will double down on our efforts to give our small business owners proven tactics for weathering the latest changes in Check out academy. ASTRA will have a presence at all of these and more—in some cases, fueled by formal partnership, and many offering in-person education and networking events.

Furthermore, the creation of proprietary product lines has a much faster timeline as you eliminate the time that is taken for licensor approval. From a retail perspective, it is easier to place well-known licensed brands than proprietary product lines in which you have to convince retail that you will make the investment spend and truly get behind what you are launching.

What business strategies worked in the past that will no longer work in ? They were always willing to work with new companies and entrepreneurs. In the past, smaller brands had a place to live at retail. Innovating a play experience to constantly meet the changing needs of kids around the world is a major undertaking and something we always have in focus. Will consumers have as many options for holiday shopping in ? We saw retailers increasing marketing and experiential brand event support in , which is exciting for us because the LEGO brand is rooted in the physical play experience.

When you put LEGO bricks in the hands of kids and shoppers, there is an instant reminder of the power of personally relevant creative play and its longer-term value as an investment for the playroom. While it can be tough to activate in stores during the critical Q4 shopping season, we hope to see a continued commitment to take the shopper experience over the top. We believe retailers that grew toy sales last year will maintain or even increase support for expanded toy offerings to achieve growth.

Basic Fun! In addition, the business is now shifting more and more away from FOB direct from China and toward domestic sales. Do you anticipate the trend toward mergers and acquisitions will continue in the year ahead? Yes, for sure. We are now headed into a very volatile period in our economy between the ups and downs of the stock market after 10 years of unprecedented growth, the threat of tariff impositions, and the uncertainty with regard to the investigations relating to the president. I expect a lot of action this year in the industry. What are your predictions for the state of toy retail in ?

Think about how you shop at a grocery store. You go in for eggs and milk, and come out with chips and soda as well. You went in for a few gifts and came out with a basket because the selection was so enticing. Consumers shop online for what they want, and at big box you have clothes, food, and home goods to select from, as well as toys. As long as they are in a position to pay their bills, it would be great! Which strategies worked at retail this past holiday and which did not? In the end, all retail gained a bit, which either made up for a weak toy year or helped growth year over year.

However, the toy manufacturer lost big time! Many of us thought that we could capture back 50 percent or more of the lost volume, and most got 20 percent at best. Finding ways to integrate these new channels with popular and innovative play patterns will be hugely important for successful toy lines going forward. Bonkers Toys will be very selective about the brands and channels with which we partner.

How do you integrate pop culture licenses into your products? From authentic movie vehicles to inspired-by executions, Jada delivers fan-favorite franchises across pop culture. Hollywood Rides allows us to keep things fresh and exciting by giving consumers a nostalgic blast from the past or delivering modern iconic vehicles that have graced the big screen. Having this in our library led to us working with major entertainment properties, which laid the perfect foundation for us to grow Hollywood Rides.

As we began to search for a greater challenge in pushing this brand, we came up with something truly special. One of the most innovative avenues that Hollywood Rides allowed us to go down is the creation of inspired-by vehicles. For example, our DC Comics Bombshells line takes the most popular super heroines in a s-era pinup style and pairs them with a sweet classic ride in a livery that we think would perfectly compliment them as characters. To date, these are some of the most innovative and well-designed castings in our library. Another example that has brought us fantastic acclaim is our Marvel inspired-by executions.

We paired fan-favorite characters, such as Deadpool, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Black Panther, with an existing vehicle that we redesigned to match them. What does it take to deliver products quickly without losing the quality?

English Vocabulary Word List - Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled From 3 Small ESL Dictionaries

In this digital age, it is critical to be nimble and have an incredibly fast time to market. Trends come and go very quickly, and kids expect to see products from their favorite digital stars while they are still popular. Having the right team in place to ensure quality while expediting time to market is essential.

How did Bonkers Toys keep up with demand and manage retailer inventory? It was no easy feat to sign the deal, design an entire product line, and ship product on time to meet retailer set dates in less than six months. We worked very closely with all of our retail partners to ship as much product as possible to the right stores at the right times. To what do you attribute the success? We also included popular current themes, such as unicorns and emojis, into our designs. These activity sets allow kids to customize designs and engage in imaginative, creative play, as well as be socially interactive.

Kids also like the tactile feel of working with different materials and textures. All of these self-contained activity sets come with everything kids needs to create their own arts and crafts masterpiece, making them easy and fun to use. Kids can showcase their artistic expression with this traditional play aspect using arts and crafts. We expect these trends to continue through alongside new and recurring trends, such as friendship bracelets and loom bracelets. It certainly made the retail environment more challenging to navigate for sellers and consumers. We also worked with our great key retail partners to expand listings and promote items both at the store level and online, and found new, alternate retail channels.

Fortunately, we had a very good portfolio of items, including our Nickelodeon Slime and other arts and crafts items, such as our Bath Bomb Maker, that drove sales and increased revenue for us to have another good year. With that behind us, this year is an opportunity to look at how toys can have a bigger presence at grocery year-round with the right mix between trendy and timeless. If you look at what Party City does to maintain an assortment of the right toys for gifting, the same idea can easily apply on a smaller scale for grocery.

Display and assortment are key. Things that are both appealing to consumers and that are at great price points make sense from a retailer perspective profit potential. There is opportunity for toys in grocery, especially to capture impulse, party, and special occasion. On-trend displays of pocket money toys, especially small collectibles and blind packs, need to drive the impulse purchases.

Remember how quickly the fidget spinner craze came and went? Get in and get out. The freestanding cardboard pallet shippers arrived at retail last fall, offering shoppers. Following an initial round of mainstream press and enthusiasm on social media, the buzz quickly tapered off. Kroger was reportedly stuck with unsold merchandise in many of its locations, which led to deep clearance discounts after the Christmas holiday. Their bestsellers included simple classics, such as wooden alphabet stacking blocks, chunky vehicles, and premium plush.

Rolling into the new year, ALDI already started to offer baby toys as part of its Little Journey collection to expand upon the baby line that launched in Many were unsuccessful at finding the right mix of product assortment and quantity, but this year should see a correction. Grocers, toy manufacturers, and distributors should take this time to focus on building and renewing partnerships that will lead to more sales, more profits, and—most importantly—more happy shoppers and kids.

But remember: What works today may not work tomorrow. He is a media personality, commentator, director, actor, adventurer, raconteur, and overall pop culture and toy enthusiast. Little feet tap over the keys of a giant piano, lighting them up one by one in front of the giant window overlooking a buzzing courtyard below.

The grand opening was in November, three years after the famous toy store shut down its massive Fifth Avenue location. The new store spans three floors, and is bursting with 12foot toy soldiers, a foot rocket ship, and oversized teddy bears galore. FAO Schwarz made its comeback with a vision to act as a destination for families to make memories, rather than just a place to. This is where they grew up. There are great toys from all over the world; there are great demonstrators; there are characters throughout.

Our most popular plush toys are Patrick and Penelope, our big plush dogs. Niggli says. Once a prospective parent adoption form is completed, kids can select the doll of their choosing. A gigantic toy train holds bins full of gummy worms and jelly rings next to a spaceship containing capsules of Jolly Ranchers and Tootsie Pops. In addition, FAO Schwarz toys and holiday decor was our top-selling brand, with plush especially strong along with highly demonstrable items that all make up the magic of FAO.

The store offers a selection of products online at faoschwarz. As the brand expands its wonderland, a new generation of kids from New York to China can grow up with the giant plush and glittering cars of FAO Schwarz. More often than not, they usually wrap those names in a statement about how the kids found them when watching a YouTube video.

Of course, we all saw the headlines and heard the hype about how the YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview racked up nearly 30 billion plays, and turned the youngster— who will turn 9 years old this year—and his family into millionaires many times over. Some newly minted licensing deals are shifting some of the focus from helping to market existing brands into marketing brands of their. These deals and ever-blurring lines between entertainment and marketing, and are expected to come under more scrutiny in the months and years ahead, particularly as YouTube and other platforms continue to replace traditional TV and start being held to similar advertising standards.

First, Variety reported that the Federal Communications Commission was looking at the regulations that dealt with balancing advertising and educational programming—which had seen no substantial updates since —in order to ease those regulations on traditional broadcasters.

Second, those who watched the digital space grow and replace more traditional TV, a drastic shift since the CTA was first passed 30 years ago, cited it as a growing concern on how toys were being marketed to kids. Joe and Masters of the Universe. When companies partner with influencers of any kind, they need to consider many factors aside from sheer numbers, such as views and follower count. The over-the-top OTT market is heavily developing this year, in which many familiar creators are starting to syndicate their content beyond YouTube, or create original content for specific outlets, such as Roku, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.

Companies even clean up and repackage content, which the aforementioned pocket. OTT is giving everyone a new place to play, but these new platforms should be approached cautiously to look out for the greater good of all parties—something that YouTube perhaps evolved past too quickly. Toy brands and influencer agencies need to be certain that the creators with whom they partner are acting responsibly, not just because of the threat of fines or FTC censure, but because it is the right thing to do for children and families. Be entertaining.

Be educational. Be storytellers. Use the product as the catalyst—or even as a MacGuffin—to do something more or a bit different than everyone else. Aside from the occasional mention of a Distroller clinic, there was never any mention of where to buy these Neonate Babies, nor were they ever distinctly referred to as being toys. For Distroller and its dolls mostly known in Mexico , the buzz began growing organically, creating demand for a product sold largely at a few experiential retail locations on the West Coast.

The company pulled back on traditional TV ad spend in favor of quality content for new platforms. It was risky, but we succeeded and led and never looked back. It brings kids and adults together with a mix of content from STEMbased educational fare to action sports, stop-motion video, and real-life automotive events produced in collaboration with Race Service and Donut Media.

As we move through Toy Fair season and start looking toward summer and the holidays on the horizon, now is the perfect time to pull back and do a little digital housekeeping. Companies should make sure that the content put out there into the world is presented with purpose and integrity when it comes to toys and games. Think about pretend play and dress up, arts and crafts, building, and board games: These play patterns are classics because they appeal to a basic way kids want to play. From wooden blocks to LEGO Duplo, preschool-aged kids have enjoyed the process of stacking and building for hundreds of years.

The same goes for drawing, painting, sculpting, and creating. Madame Alexander launched in , and continues to create dolls with which kids can express their nurturing natures. GUND, a major player in the plush category since , knows kids will always enjoy collecting and cuddling plush animals. So, the question is this: How do you create a product that capitalizes on one of these timeless play patterns but still stands out in a crowded category?

How do you break through the clutter? First, you have to do your research. Spend some time in the stores and online and look carefully at your competition. Take note of everything, from features and benefits to piece count and age grade. Some trends will emerge—things each product offers in order to appeal to that specific play pattern. You should also find some anomalies—things. When I work with clients to come up with product names, tag lines, and packaging copy for products in classic categories, I ask for this research first.

Understanding the competitive set is critical to understanding three things: A: What does your product have to do in order to compete in the category? B: What are others are doing to be unique in the category? C: Given A and B, what does your product do that feels original and special? All three encourage creativity, inspire imagination, and promote self-expression. Model Magic is unique in that it dries hard, leaving the sculptor with a permanent work of art. On the flip side, Play Doh is not meant to dry out, but it does if not stored properly, rendering it unusable.

So, what does Playfoam do to differentiate itself from these two major players? Then, Playfoam takes things one step further by hiding collectible characters inside pods of Playfoam and marketing them as Playfoam Pals. Never dries out? Adorable surprise character inside?

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That feels really different. With hundreds of basic kick scooters on the market, how do you make yours stand. Most of them claim a smooth ride. Most are adjustable and grow with kids. Many fold for easy transport and storage. Adding a special feature, such as the spark bar on the Razor Spark Scooter that leaves behind glittering sparks as kids ride, is definitely one way. Maybe someone will make a scooter that blows bubbles next. We previously touched on plush.

What can you do to differentiate one stuffed dog from another? Ask Scruff-a-Luvs! Against all traditional marketing sense, these lonely, messy animals start out as a matted ball of fur. Kids get to hand wash, dry, and brush them out. You get the idea. Then, shout that twist from the rooftops! Learn more at linkedin. The self-sealing party balloons take the time and hassle out of blowing up and tying party balloons.

The balloons are also reusable, and the stems are recyclable. The Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume features the iconic Wonder Woman dress, a fabric tiara, a lasso rope, and two gauntlets. The set includes a red-and-white dress and a matching bow headpiece. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Ritzy Rollerz vehicles each have their personality and features.

The spa set features lights, sounds, a stage, a tub, and more. The play set also comes with an exclusive Tori TaDa Unicorn and 30 charms, which kids can use to accessorize their Ritzy Rollerz. Adorbs is a collectible dress-up line featuring different styles of dresses that kids ages 3 and up can easily take on and off.

The dresses come in collectible packaging that doubles as storage. Little Kids Inc. Unlike other bubble machines, the motorized machine blows bubbles up rather than out. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the assortment comes in three bright colors and includes a container of bubble solution. Fubbles Musical Bubble Unicorn is a bubble machine that can light up, blow bubbles, and play music. The stylized unicorn comes in three colors and includes bubble solution for kids ages 3 and up. Sunny Day Nail Polish Bubbles is a salon-inspired bubble machine designed for kids ages 3 and up.

Each nail polish bottle-shaped bubble container features Sunny Day graphics and glitter, and includes premium bubble solution and a bubble wand. Each kit comes in three styles inspired by Sunny, Rox, and Doodle. Kids can activate the lights and blow streams of bubbles into the air using the machine that resembles a blow dryer.

Bubbles features a sculpted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character topper and includes premium bubble solution and a wand. Bottles are available in Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello styles. Coco is a robotic monkey that responds to touch and sound. She can swing on her jungle gym, ride her bike, and play the bongos. It will be available this fall for kids ages 8 and up. They can also combine the set with the rest of the Playmobil Pet Hotel theme sold separately. Kids can use the Monster Park app to bring the dinosaur to life using augmented reality technology to recreate the prehistoric era and what the dinosaur looked like.

The collectible includes a dinosaur, a dinosaur tooth that provides access to the app, the Dinosaur Creative Studio to create a dinosaur, a dinosaur stencil to capture the skin pattern, a plaster block and tools, a base, a supporting holder, a pin to hold it in place, and a name card. Kids can play with animations and games using the body model in the app while they complete assignments to learn about anatomy and functions of the human body. Kids can suit up with the active accessories and special features of Hero Armor..

The set also includes a hero navigating light, a listening device, and a voice changer for spies in training. Other items include special pens, motion detectors, and recorders. Myla also comes with a microphone that prompts her to sing. She moves her eyes and head to express emotion for an interactive experience. VTech expands its Kidi line of electronics with updates LeapBuilders to cameras and smart devices, along with new products inABC Smart House cluding high-tech walkie talkies for kids, a writing journal, and KidiStar Dance, which encourages self-expression through a variety of interactive dance and motion games.

New additions to the Go! Smart Wheels line have new features, such as moveable tracks and updated vehicles. The new Revved Up Stunt Spiral features stunts, including a degree loop and jump ramp, and easily connects to the new Revved Up Raceway with a double launcher, and more stunts, jumps, and obstacle courses. VTech builds on Go! Smart Wheels featuring Disney characters with an additional play set.

Toddlers can explore the new Treasure Seekers Pirate Ship to reveal an interactive play set inside. LeapFrog launches LeapBuilders, a new line of smart building blocks.

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The line is anchored by the LeapBuilders ABC Smart House, featuring more than 60 easy-to-hold pieces, including two play characters, 20 smart blocks, and an interactive electronic unit. LeapFrog introduces a new twist on handheld gaming. This new product will feature four-sided play, light-up controls, multiple games, digital pets, songs, and more for kids ages 4 to 7. It is expandable with additional downloadable games that include physical and digital collectible pets. This wireless, compact device is compatible with all books in the LeapStart library, offering audio and video features through a built-in LCD display.

With more advanced content for older kids, the video enhances learning through content that reinforces the activity lessons. New titles will be available in the growing LeapStart library. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the sleeping bag features a furry outside and a soft, faux-sherpa lining.

It rolls up into the top pocket to carry on the go. The watch will be available this fall. With a screen size of 1. It features complete gameplay; a full color, hi-res screen; authentic game sounds; a joystick; a steering Position; and two directional buttons in a backlit, arcade-style cabinet. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, each game measures 3. Mattel Collectible Pens are real working pens featuring Barbie and Hot Wheels themes, set to launch this summer. Hot Wheels pens feature three assorted dragster styles, with working wheels and a pop-open design. The pens are designed for kids ages 4 and up.

Standing at about 4 feet tall, each cabinet features a joystick, control buttons, and classic arcade games in full color and hi-resolution. All Arcade1Up Fight machines are designed for kids and adults ages 14 and up. Wall-cades and Counter-cades feature authentic gameplay and are designed to make use of empty space. Kids can hang Wall-cades on a wall or door, or place Counter-cades on a desk or table to display and play.

The 3. There are three versions of Godzilla available in the packs. All Godzilla products are designed for kids ages 3 and up. The play sets each include a 2. Each diorama set includes three 2. The accessory pieces are modular and are compatible with the play sets. Kids can collect new waves of Super Mario 2. All Super Mario products are designed for kids ages 3 and up and will be available this spring. The Buzz Lightyear Table Top Star Command Center Quiddich Playset features moveable targets, blaster buttons, a joystick with a trigger, and multiple light and sound effects.

Kids can pretend to be a Space Ranger hero with the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Set,, which includes a laser blaster featuring lights and sounds. All Toy Story 4 products are designed for kids ages 6 and up. Each set is sold separately. The set also features the Sorting Hat, banquet food, and other accessories. The play sets are designed for kids ages 4 and up and will be available in March. The puppy, kitten, and unicorn all light up, are sound activated, and make noises on command. The unicorn includes a necklace, and the puppy and kitten include pet bowls.

These products are designed for kids ages 4 and up. All WWE products are designed for kids ages 8 and up. Lunch Pets are plush that double as lunch storage that kids can take on the go. Each Lunch Pet features an insulated storage pouch and paws that snap together to create a handle.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the pets are machine washable and will be available this fall. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the line will be available this fall. Kids can make them dance, play games, or accessorize them with props through the in-app store. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the device snaps together in 15 minutes without the use of tools.

Once built, kids connect it to a computer and use a visual coding software to make the sensors and lights react to their movements. While they master their crafting, sewing, and design skills, kids can learn about electricity and how to make circuits. The kit includes templates for kids to cut out and sew together with the electro thread.

Each kit comes with two lights and all the components needed to construct a wireless hub that attaches to a bike wheel to power the lights.

Kids will learn about capacitors, wireless coils, and how electricity works. Adapted by Philip Grecian. Adapted by Joe Landry. The planet is inhabited by a sinister scientist, Dr. Get ready to zoom through the galaxy with popular classics from the s and s including Great Balls of Fire , The Monster Mash , Wipe Out , and more! Libretto by Bob Carlton. But in the middle of the party, something mysterious happens — all the adults suddenly vanish! Trapped in the backyard, the kids realize they must create a brand new society.

Eventually the kids learn a big lesson in responsibility, while Skyler and Charlie develop a greater respect for one another. Libretto by Denver Casado and Betina Hershey. Music by Denver Casado and Betina Hershey. Lyrics by Denver Casado and Betina Hershey. Word spread throughout the school and suddenly, hundreds of boys and girls show up to house — ready to party! Aspiring chorus girl Peggy Sawyer comes to the big city from Allentown, PA and soon lands her first big job in the ensemble of a glitzy new Broadway show.

But just before opening night, the leading lady breaks her ankle. Will Peggy be able to step in and become a star? This family-friendly comedy combines three different perspectives of the immortal legend into one hilarious trial! Our second journey to Nottingham this season questions whether Robin Hood is a lusty hero, a hopeless lover, or an evil criminal.

Upon his return from the Crusades, King Richard is forced to figure out what happened in his kingdom during his absence. Is the outlaw Robin Hood a hero, a lovelorn sap, or just plain silly? Told from the perspectives of Robin himself, Maid Marian, and the Sheriff of Nottingham, this hilarious tale combines three different stories into one — and with three different endings, it is up to the audience to decide which one is true.

By Will Averill. A young orphan Robin and his twin sister Hazel arrive with big hopes to open an archery shop, but immediately run into trouble. Robin quickly makes an enemy of the sheriff and eventually becomes a wanted man! Along with his legendary friends, Friar Tuck, Little John, Marian, and more, this team bands together to help return what is stolen from the poor and eventually bring the evil sheriff down.

Libretto by Brian D. Music by Eric Rockwell. Lyrics by Joanne Bogart. The Grand High Witch of all the world and her detestable followers have a plan to squish and squelch every single child in England. Can one young child and their elderly Grandmother save the day? Only if they can avoid being turned into mice! Adapted by David Wood. Experience a whole new world in a whole new way! Iago, Jafar, the Genie and more are here in Aladdin Jr. Libretto by Chad Beguelin.

The Class of greets you for this Off-Broadway sensation as you roam the hallways, classrooms and gymnasium of their senior prom! Download the video. Location: St. Peter's Auditorium. By Ken Davenport. While in Mr. Featuring many lovable characters and fun-filled songs, Junie B. Jones The Musical Jr. Libretto by Marcy Heisler. Music by Zina Goldrich.

Lyrics by Marcy Heisler. Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook! Someone stole Junie B. So when she finds a wonderful pen of many colours, she can keep it, right? Because finders keepers, losers weepers. Jones is not a crook… or is she? Miss Nelson Is Missing! But when she disappears, her replacement is the detention-loving, recess-canceling, homework-overloading substitute teacher Viola Swamp! Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher. Adapted by Allison Gregory. Banished by the ferocious tiger, Shere Khan, a human boy named Mowgli and his panther friend, Bagheera, are on the run in the deepest parts of the jungle.

A British family in old India is in jeopardy from marauding cobras in league with Shere Khan, the arrogant tiger. Only Rikki can save them, and he does so in the most surprising of ways! Adapted by Tim Kelly. But before she can get comfortable atop the high school food chain, Veronica falls in love with the dangerously handsome new kid J. Heathers The Musical High School Edition is a hilarious, heartfelt and homicidal new show based on the cult classic film. Pull up a chair and watch all the villains that you love to hate entertain you with laughs, frights and a few heartfelt moments.

Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. By John Cariani. Music by Julian Fleisher. My Fair Lady is that rare musical by which all others are measured. Libretto by Alan Jay Lerner. Music by Frederick Loewe. Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner.