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JustFaith Ministries offers extended programs that provide opportunities for individuals to study and be formed by the justice tradition articulated by the Scriptures, the Church's historical witness, theological inquiry and Church social teaching. A week process that empowers participants to develop a passion and thirst for justice, and prepares them for the work of social ministry. Allows a group of eight to fifteen people to give sustained attention to a specific area of social concern or social ministry some with special emphasis on Catholic social teaching and culminating in a call to engaged action.

We all hunger for intimacy, with our Maker and our neighbor. EngagingSpirituality invites small groups of concerned Christians to look at the world together and enter deeply into the critical realties of our day as they break open their lives.

Just Faith: The intersection of faith and superheroes

Participants who fully engage the dialogue and actively listen throughout the process should expect to have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the topic. Each module ends with a call to action, ideally collective action by the group. The majority of the cost of each program is provided by generous donations from past program participants. We are also sustained by the support of our partner organizations and grants. JustFaith Ministries relies on these partners to make sure all programs are affordable for churches, organizations, and individuals who want to participate in our mission.

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Skip to content Programs JustMatters Modules JustMatters JustMatters Modules are designed to allow small groups to explore critical current issues within the context of the Gospels and the life and example of Jesus. How do we understand and address major issues of our day? JustMatters modules keep us engaged, form new and powerful communities around current social justice issues, call each person to new engagement on critical issues in the national and local community, and create new relationships and friendships within the church.

JustMatters Modules Available for Exploring Migration: A Faith Journey Migration is a complex issue that is reshaping the cultural, economic and political landscape of the planet. Hunger for Change Every day million people experience hunger.

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Church of Second Chances Church of Second Chances shares the stories of incarcerated people and exposes injustices in the judicial system through the lens of faith. Available until June 30, Program Overview Groups are co-facilitated by two participants, using materials provided upon registration.

Participation JustFaith Ministries recommends that a group be approximately eight to fifteen people.

History and Mission | JustFaith Ministries

Resources Participants deepen their understanding through in-depth reading and viewing DVDs and online materials. JustFaith transforms people. Those people transform the world. All sessions include dialogue, active listening and relationship-building. To broaden perspectives, opening and closing retreats frame this transformational journey.


In addition, the program includes immersions where participants visit local organizations and connect with those living and working on the margins. Recommended group size is 8 to 12 people.

Although groups are welcome to partciptate in all 3 phases, they may be done independent from one another. Buncombe Street United Methodist Church. To broaden perspectives, the program includes immersions where participants visit local organizations and connect with those living and working on the margins. Hunger for Change : Explores food insecurity in the US and abroad. The Sultan and the Saint : Cultivates mutual understanding of Christian and Muslim faith traditions by engaging members of each tradition in courageous conversations.

Cultivating Nonviolence, Harvesting Peace , invites small groups of Christian people to explore peace, nonviolence and their roots in the radical, life-changing teachings of Jesus Christ. Exploring Migration: A Faith Journey , encourages partciptants to formulate a personal response to the 21st-century reality of migration inspired by their Christian beliefs.