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Click titles to view on Amazon. After she became a widow, Marilyn C. She was not yet comfortable referring to herself as widowed. That was one of the dilemmas she faced as a widow that seemed to be minor but was not. Another one was what should her new pair of shoes look like? Should she buy those orange patent leather wedges?

What was her purpose in life now that her husband of fifty years had died twenty years after receiving a life-giving liver transplant? Did she want another relationship? Did she want to live alone? How could she express her feelings of loneliness and confusion, and did she even want to? Her pain and loss were followed by new insights, new experiences and new interests, including playing bluegrass music and finding new friends, and fulfillment at being able to fashion the life she now wanted for herself.

Whether it is a matter of life and death—or just feels like life and death—these poems illustrate how to be fully in our circumstances with realness, and to see these circumstances as a catalyst for our deepest, most profound growth. Living in uncertain times, we must find our way—our own unique way—back to the wisdom of the heart. These poems give voice to the seemingly inexpressible feelings of uncertainty and gently guide us to a deeper place within our hearts. What does a man with an unusually large member, a schizophrenic and a transvestite have in common?

They are three of the twenty-one narrators of this sprawling portrayal of Americana during the past two decades. Told in the first-person, each chapter is a snapshot into the very different lives of the characters, represented by each of the Tarot archetypes identified by the twenty-one cards in the major arcana. The thread that binds them together is Santorini, a tarot card reader living in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago.

Follow him and his clients through the twenty odd years from the Monica Lewinsky scandal to the election of President Trump and all the events in between. At times hilarious, sometimes tragic, but always entertaining, The Seekers is an illuminating story reminding us that collectively we have the power to change our destiny. In the words of these men and women who served in World War II or were otherwise impacted by the war, God's Umbrella recounts the tragic, humorous and other memorable parts of their service during wartime. Humorous, you ask? Most of these veterans were in their late teens or early 20s when they volunteered or were drafted into service.

They played pranks, which created levity in lives that they perhaps could not otherwise have tolerated. Some of those interviewed teared up with memories or would not talk about the painful parts, but they shared their words with the local readers of the newspaper, where they were first published. Now, readers from other parts of the country and world will have an opportunity to read what 81 survivors of World War II told about their experiences. The photos, from their service days and when interviewed, provide a small sliver of history from the four counties of the southwesternmost corner of New Mexico.

This book recognizes the sacrifices veterans and their families have made in service to country to preserve our freedoms. May we never forget their selfless actions. Feathered Dreams: celebrating birds in poems, stories and images Janet M. Here, there, and everywhere we each experience a connection with Nature. In a style distinct yet accessible, she brings out the elegance in everyday language. Living with the Doors Wide Open reveals a life lived lyrically — sometimes painful, sometimes playful, often mystical, always passionate and authentic.

One poem finds profundity in the sad eyes of a woman running for President while another sees it in the timid tremor of a baby sparrow. Poetic lament of love and loss is sung in a forgiving voice. Via Trento No. There are good and sad adventures, failing loves, and rants from both sides of the glass. There is a list of places and jobs, but only one person is named.

To name more would require another book. The list dredges a complex life bordered by smiles, regrets, and impassioned phrases. Poems that evoke quizzical times in graphic detail. There is a walk-back to capture personal events in staccato relief. Maybe even horses on a merry-go-round. Fulton invites you to enter intimately into her life and shows the reader, with clear and lyrical imagery, how she finds meaning in each moment.

Her life is a microcosm of the suffering and transformation that everyone faces. Included in this artistic volume are several images of her paintings, each as rich and diverse as her poems. These paintings reflect the beauty of what the painter sees with her eyes as well as what she encounters in the unexpected nature of the spontaneous. It is through both language as well as through painting that she has come to find potent avenues toward an expression of her own truth.

Reflections: Soundings from the Deep Mark Fleisher In Reflections: Soundings from the Deep Mark Fleisher explores the depths of the human condition, employing his poetic voice and journalistic skills honed across five decades, often sprinkling his findings with wry humor. His skillfully crafted narratives weave no-nonsense poetic and prose tales; yet Fleisher will throw readers stream-of-consciousness curveballs whose interpretations reach across a wide expanse of thought. The Sourwood Tree by Jeanne Shannon Set in southwestern Virginia, "the heart of Appalachia," The Sourwood Tree tells the poignant story of Anna May Osborne, a young girl trapped by her stepfather's lust and violence, who eventually finds freedom and the love and fulfillment she yearns for.

Told in Anna May's voice, the narrative is lyrical, full of the music of Appalachian speech and Appalachian hymns. Prize-winning poet Jeanne Shannon brings to this story of hard times and hard-won emancipation her love of language and seasoned craft. These are the stories of a family rich in heritage, solid core values, deep faith, and great respect for one another.

A Tried Heart by Raymond C. Heart is his key, and experience has provided him doors to poetry. His test for poetry: If it moves the heart, write it. An observer, he is astute to granted and overlooked matters of heart—the simple things can be the most revealing. We are all tried hearts. There is likely something for every reader in this book. Find yourself in it. Experience life again, anew.

Anne Sexton Quotes (Author of The Complete Poems)

The Hazing of a Lumberjack by Daniel E. This captivating coming of age novel is set in mountainous ponderosa- pine treed Flagstaff, Arizona. The year is A sheltered young man named Derek Payne is dropped off by his stoical father at the college in Flagstaff to begin life away from home. He has very little experience regarding women, alcohol, drugs and relationships. His arrogant boastful classmates try to mold him to fit their image. He is transformed from a naive, self-centered novice to a man with depth and compassion.

Humor, misfortune and tragedy sculpt his metamorphosis. Dan Denipah is sent to Viet Nam and they continue to correspond. Their relationship is central to the novel. This is a trip down memory lane laden with the music, jargon and experiences of the times. With such daily seductions, it was inevitable that food would be my destiny.

Daughter of an Israeli father and an American mother, Alona Abbady Martinez was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela in a home that obsessed over food. My Culinary Compulsion presents a life deeply and deliciously lived, amid global, and gloriously homey cuisine, in all its sticky, luscious reality. Migrating Through Mortality Jeremy Taylor In this collection of poetry and photography, Jeremy Taylor shows us how the fear of death can be confronted directly both by the joy of living and by the realization death is only part of a greater journey.

He explores the unity of life and death, and the challenges that each of these provide. We live in a culture that sees death as the final enemy. Instead, these poems and images suggest, death is only part of a much larger and more mysterious process in which we all take part. We can transfigure death and deprive it of its dread by an appreciation of the life we live, in a world that far different from what we usually suppose. From fear, we can move to hope and full acceptance of a peaceful transition. The poems and images in Migrating Through Mortality all convey that in the midst of death, the spirit not only survives—it goes home.

For her those realities have always included not only the physical world but the parallel reality of the heart, mind, and soul with its own unique imprint. The author describes the complex relationship between mother and daughter in riveting poetry and lyric prose. The journey they travel is strewn with books, words, empty bottles, and a mother's struggle to care for herself and her daughter. During her research, Stuart uncovers secrets within her mother's life that she had not known before. In understanding her mother's troubled life, she begins to understand her own. It is the story of Griffin Siler, a bright, inquisitive and compassionate boy who is shaped by his early bout with Polio, his older abusive brother, and his work as a juvenile correctional officer.

He attends law school and becomes a mental health judge in Tucson. It is hard hearing sad cases daily, but then a different type of psych patient appears before him. The Workplace Zoo by Karin Stangl. The Workplace Zoo is a collection of poems about fictitious, relatable characters that everyone has encountered in the workplace. This book is descriptive, sometimes sarcastic, always sharply attuned to traits these fictitious characters possess. Keen observations address the zoo subjects—whether they be bosses, employees, or co-workers.

It is enjoyable to see how many characters you recognize in your own work environment. A Journey from love to Love by Azima Lila Forest is a collection of poems that takes the reader on a heartful journey that begins as the poet falls in love with someone who does not return her feelings, and ends three years later as she finds herself a lover of the Divine. Each poem is a step along the way, filled with deep feeling, often in a rhythm of two steps forward, one step back.

This collection is rich with echoes of the imagery and sound of the long and beautiful tradition of Sufi love poetry. In this, her second volume of meditative poetry, Maggi A. The Color Book by Annell Livingston. The Color Book is based on the idea of color, and how it plays in the visual arts and in poetry. Color does not exist in nature by itself, but always surrounded by other colors.

The book is illustrated with images of paintings by Annell, from the series, Fragments Geometry and Change. Annell insists she does not experience life as a whole, but in bits and fragments. Her compositions are based on geometry and the color is inspired by nature. She keeps in mind the universal meaning given to colors, to set the mood in a painting, and uses the names of colors to set the mood in her poetry. Words bring to mind mental images.

Change is also important in her work. Change is constant, nothing stays the same, everything is always changing. The weather changes, seasons change, the light of the day changes, night into day. The sun moves across the sky, the shadows on the wall are always changing. Thea , rounding the final bend of her life, is once again, as in Scripted is faced with a darker evil, than that which Charleston brought upon the forest.

This time around it is none other than the Son of Charleston, who knew not his father. This journey, spectacular and dangerous as the first, but threaded throughout with a more wizened Thea. Her steady guidance and wisdom roll lovingly as a piece of symphony from her lips.

Everyone is invited to the play. Secrets of the Blue Door by Pierre L. One volunteer worker secretly fights against church and state to resolve the abuse, while struggling with his own faith and personal tragedies. It all culminates in lawsuits and an emotional conclusion 40 years later. A heart wrenching memoir that speaks of courage as well as sends a message that everyone should read. This memoir by Trudie S.

Besides describing the actual events in the lives of this couple and their extended family, the narrative discusses aspects of the development of Metropolitan Community Church, outreach experiences in the Dominican Republic, and the interplay of other factors such as retreats and meditation. The author discusses here reasons for rejecting the extremely rigid definitions of sexual ethics promulgated by major Christian denominations in favor of a more honest interpretation of Love as taught by Jesus. Another Door Calls Elise Stuart. Rivers and mountains become her teachers on the journey as she begins to know this wild terrain more intimately.

The land becomes a mirror revealing itself to her, revealing her own inner landscape in startling silence and the language of poetry. The poems in Rabbit Sun, Lotus Moon present those uncommon moments when we recognize our world not only as a landscape or backdrop for our individual and collective experiences, but also as soulful nourishment if we pay attention. The Presence of Starlings Jean Bower. The Presence of Starlings is a collection of poems which essentially describes the search for identity.

In its small way, it is a search for the identity and nature of mankind as well as an investigation into the identity of the individual. Orchid of the Night J. Murders, assumed identities, a Yaqui medicine man a gay commune in the desert, eerie dreams, a gold bracelet, and Dracula vampira orchids await the reader of this novel.

A Consoling Poem: Death Is Nothing At All

Life gets hard at some point for each of us. Dip into this small book of short writings for some ideas of what to do when things feel bad or life seems out of kilter. These writings can also provide a starting point for conversations with friends. Has life thrown us a curve ball, something unexpected? Or is it a life transition that we all must face-- aging, illness, or death? This upbeat book can help us figure out how to think about it and how to do more than just survive, but to thrive in hard times.

Hair on Fire: poems by Pamela Williams Hair on Fire by Pamela Williams is a collection of her poems springing from a deep emotional well fueled by grief, delight, or just the mysteries of both visible and invisible worlds. The power of word is her gift to take us out of the busyness of life, to remind us of that safe quiet place within, and to celebrate what is uncovered there.

The collection is invitingly introduced by Tarot artist, teacher, and historian, Arnell Ando. Medina eagerly invites the reader into her relationship with the Black Madonna and its transformative nature. We travel through her dreams, intuition, and relationships; we reach spiritual peaks, then descend into verdant valleys of change. Her exquisite descriptions of Nature serve as an awakening to the harsh contrast of environmental degradation, and the clarity of her writing shines light on important social issues. Men and women who are yearning to connect to their deep intuitive and spiritual roots and who long to make a difference in the world will find both tools for change and inspiration in Ms.

The two wandering orphan sisters, Megan and Robyn, have been seized by the Slave Traders, and it is up to the third member of their odd little family, Gumbel, to save them. But as he journeys to Slyrrh, the vile town where the girls await being sold, Gumbel saves another victim of the Slave Traders, the giant bear, Beobuck.

The funny little man and the largest, most ferocious bear anyone has ever seen, become unlikely friends, especially when joined by an even more unlikely companion, the mouse, Moon Bug. After escaping from Slyrrh, they undertake a dangerous journey, but one that often is silly and fun, to understand and confront the dark changes happening in their world. This beautiful volume of teachings, poetry and sculpture conveys ancient and modern truths about living deeply satisfying lives. The four SAGE paths enable you to choose which approach is most needed in the moment: paths of spirituality, authenticity, gratitude and enjoyment.

Each path leads to transformational awareness of ways to enhance the strength of your own holistic nature. The task of holistic healing is a practice that leads to a wide and deep commitment to live fully in light of wisdom and compassion. The author offers her work as a blessing of her own journey and also to those who walk the path with her. Loss changes us. It can change us for the better, or the worse, but we cannot remain the way we were in the moments before the phone call or the knock on the door that announced the new shape of our world.

Michelle Anderson has written a beautiful testament to how the experience of loss and grieving that loss contribute to that change. We develop different priorities. We gain a new awareness, sensitivity, empathy. Eventually, we are able to recognize those changes and reach back to help others just beginning their own grief journey.

Intersections: Poems from the Crossroads by Mark Fleisher. Fleisher is at heart a narrative poet, leaning on his journalistic background to impart clear and powerful messages as he hammers home the futility, frustration, and hopelessness of war, especially the conflict in Vietnam where he served as an Air Force combat news reporter.

Readers will also enjoy the lyrical, image-filled style in the tender and sometimes wistful poems dealing with family and relationships. And although the poems in Intersections deal mostly with serious subjects, Fleisher keeps us off guard by successfully intertwining a handful of humorous works in a pleasing wry and whimsical style. As she stumbles through the West Texas landscape of magic, coyotes, aliens, and boys, Abigail finds herself in a huge scandal.

In the style of Carson McCullers, author Rachel Waterhouse, plods through a strange and southern coming-of-age world, giving the reader an inside-look on growing up. Cranberry Beads: poems by Karin Stangl. This book is her voice — bright, perceptive, vivid, and sometimes bittersweet. Striking imagery and keen observations address subjects that include departure of family and friends, survival paths, and destinations.

Members share a love of writing, reading and listening to poetry while striving to maintain a positive, supportive atmosphere to enhance their respective growth as poets. Writing styles and subject matter vary from landscapes of New Mexico, journeys of the soul, character sketches, to poems about muses, the color blue, and apples. Some poems are humorous. Others address personal or spiritual quests. Summoning by Jeanne Shannon A collection of poems and hybrid works that hover at the boundary between poetry and prose, and that range from the abstract and experimental to the concrete and accessible.

The poems in this collection are all fourteen lines, and they examine the landscape of southern Oklahoma and the terrain of literature and the humanities as the poet finds them to be.

Northern Compass by Isobel Cunningham. In Northern Compass , a debut collection of poetry by Isobel Cunningham, readers embark on a voyage. They visit Montreal, the Canadian island city poised in the mighty St. Lawrence River and San Miguel, the Mexican winter retreat of the author. Shining observations of everyday wonders and acute examinations of the mysteries of the human heart allow the reader to navigate the inner world of ecstasy, pain and gentle insight. These poems, lyrical or narrative, escort us to new destinations.

Socorro: The Heart of New Mexico is a collection of concise and keen observations of Socorro, New Mexico that are both factual and personal. Barbara R. DuBois, once again, doesn't pull any punches as she looks with unflinching but compassionate eyes at the city and rural area she has called home for more than 30 years. Accompanied by 30 photographs, her brief descriptions of infrastructure, history and organizations explored through personal anecdote provide an honest and kindhearted assessment for both visitor and resident alike.

Scota's Harp by Michele Buchanan. According to oral Celtic legend, a warrior princess named Scota came from Egypt and claimed Ireland for her son Ir. From Ireland, her descendants called the "Scotti," invaded more land and named it Scotland. Though this story is not widely accepted, the truth is found in their names, their language, and their courageous fight to keep their culture alive, and will be revealed the day the Stone of Scone breaks its silence. The poems are both lyrical and accessible and address common feelings with a slightly skewed perspective. In topics ranging from trout to travel, snow to stoneflies, acorns to wax lips, Beth Spencer transforms the ordinary view with fresh, and sometimes, startling imagery.

Enjoy a bedtime treat! Shreve Jr. This collection is about all levels of fatherhood — among fathers and sons and fathers and daughters; it is about the fatherhood and brotherhood of man; it speaks to the Father within us which is the transcendent Spirit, the source of redemptive love; it is about being stewards for the community and the environment. This book, a pictorial and written record of life in rural Oregon during the late s and early s, includes a brief history of immigration to the United States and the Oregon territories. In these pages, author, Toni Gilbert, crafts a living, breathing picture of her pioneering grandparents.

This book of poetry is beyond beautiful. It is a tale of a talented and supercharged older sister who fearlessly tackles the challenges that life has to offer. The book beckons the reader from the streets of Manhattan, the freeways of Los Angeles, the hills of Provence, the fall foliage of Upstate, New York and the sparkling island of North Haven, Maine.

It also takes us down the bleak corridors of hospitals and into nameless waiting rooms. In this nostalgic rendition of postwar Albuquerque in the Fifties and Sixties, seven authors bring their unique perspectives as they share memories of growing up in what could be described as a "Norman Rockwell" time in our country's history. This anthology features seven voices from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds who tell their stories of childhood. No two stories are the same.

One takes you to the candy counter at Fedway Department Store. Another talks about the debilitating disease of polio. Some stories hint at discrimination and cruelty, a reality during that time in history. One story deals with the devastation of the Bataan Death March from a child's point of view. One deals with the Fourth of July, not as a patriotic holiday, but as an adventure into the vast world of fireworks.

These stories will move you to laughter and to tears. More importantly, you will share the optimism of our writers and the nostalgia of the times as you are reminded of the taste of fresh apricot empanadas, the aroma of warm buttered tortillas, the sweet honey combined with puffy sopapillas, and the magic that was once childhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Regardless of age or cultural heritage, readers will recognize universal human themes… the conflicts in family life, the struggle for identity, and the limits of parental love. In poems and brief prose sketches she explores the people, the losses, the places, the events that have helped shape her life. Always anchored in the world of growing things, challenged and renewed by the garden she has tended for many years, Ann Rayburn shares with the reader, as she does with those personally close to her, a thoughtful exploration of what life demands of all of us: courage and patience.

I Begin: poetry and prayers of a woman's journey through loss and grief Ginny Gaskill. I Begin: poetry and prayers of a woman's journey through loss and grief is a meditation on life, love, loss, and incredible perseverance. It is through speaking her truth that Ginny Gaskill has survived—and thrived. She invites us to begin, and begin again, as we enter into that shared experience where life takes on new meaning through opening to all that love holds.

Coyote Points the Way Kathy Park Coyote Points the Way: Borderland Stories and Plays is a compilation of fiction, nonfiction and ten-minute plays that explore the borderlands, both literal and figurative, where individual resourcefulness, creativity, intuitive knowing and courage make all the difference.

Moments of Time Mark Fleisher. If using musical terms, Moments of Time by Mark Fleisher ranges through several octaves and timbres, and up and down the scale to define his inspirations and poetic voice. His observations range from uncomplicated subjects to romantic love to thoughts both personal and universal about war and conflict. Along the continuum are poems reflecting his sense of humor, often frivolous and whimsical. Moments of Time contacts the senses and stokes the emotions, but also entertains, encourages laughter, and revives nostalgic memories.

16 Heartbreaking Books To Get You Through Your Own Heartache

Writing in an approachable and accessible manner, Fleisher remembers his youth in the s and s of New York City, the horrific inhumanity of Vietnam and a major personal loss to finally find new life in an unfamiliar place across the continent. Limitlessness: a collection of poems Matthew P.

Limitlessness , a collection of poems by Matthew Crowley, explores self, nature and cosmos. Fearless, microscopically honest and authentic, Crowley invites us to journey with him into the boyhood magic of muddy puddles, through the dark night of personal searching, the terrors and joys of love, and the awe of grand landscapes, both inner and outer.

Selected from 18 years of inspired writing, Limitlessness delves into spiritual cosmology and relationship, both personal and ultimate, and demonstrates the poetic process of writing through revealed snapshots of the authors life experiences. The central thread that runs the length of these poems is the will and courage to love above all else. In it she tells and shows us what it is to be stuck, not able to move forward or backward. In the next moment, unstuck shows itself as redemption and putting one foot in front of the other and breathing.

From her thoughts and ruminations of loss and longing and playful celebration of ordinary moments in time, we are transformed by the human spirit that keeps on. These poems are funny and heartbreaking at the same time, displaying the mystical and everyday, the bodily experience and fully engaged brain attesting to our need to make things mean something. Written almost exclusively in the format of Shakespeare, many are read as if one in the sixteenth or seventeenth century had sat and penned sonnets of the Renaissance Period; thus, a feeling of that period may be felt.

Being blessed in knowing fabulous women throughout his life, Mr. Thompson has crafted these sonnets so that the reader can experience the deep love and admiration he has felt for these women. But the classic art of poetry cannot be overlooked when it comes to healing a broken heart. But it remains true: whether you are the one who ended it or are blindsided by it, there are always lessons to take from heartbreak.

Take a moment to sit down with folded arms at this fork in the road, to examine your feelings, to tune out all the noise until all that remains is your true and clearest voice. Hear its answer roll deep through your heart, then climb back up to your feet and follow its call — knowing finally, with certainty, you are taking the right path for you. It was not the knife you planted in my back that hurt, nor the hammer you used to shatter my heart. See link in my bio to get your copy of abooknameher, abooknamehim or tothewomenionceloved.

A post shared by s a b i n a l a u r a sabinalaurapoetry on Mar 9, at am PST. You know. A post shared by f. Someone has to get us at our worst. You will know the truth by the way it feels. Ignoring my intuition has brought me so much heartache. Though listening to my knowing may have been the hard choice at the time it is the only road I have ever traveled to peace. A post shared by R. Drake rmdrk on Mar 9, at pm PST. Be Grateful. Love Hard. I think you fall hard, you love hard, completely. You love without limits because you're brave enough to do so. You've been patient, haven't you?

You've tried your hardest to hold on but even so, you have a breaking point and sometimes you have to break before you realize that you are strong enough to set yourself free. At the point of rediscovering who you've always been. It's time to take that power that lives within and fight for yourself. It's time to once more pick yourself up from the fall that caused your heart so much pain. You have been saving yourself since the moment you first had your heart broken and tonight, you will do what you've always done.

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I truly hope you read this and use this as a reminder. I don't want you to remain unhappy. I just think you need to remember who you are and what you're capable of. And I believe that one day, if not now, that you will be able to walk away from anyone who refuses to love you properly. Keep these words and take these words with you, always.

A post shared by r. Sin r. On days when you need kindness the most, on days when you feel the need to be loved the most, on days when you want to be needed and wanted the most, to be accepted for who you are, the way you are, by this world and everything else in it.. START, start from giving it to you, that kindness, that love, that care and assurance.

But it is now when you will master this art self acceptance, of being there for self when rest of the world walks away, you will need no assurance, no validity, no reason to ever doubt your own value, your own existence. This is when you own you. This is when you realize you are enough. I need you to know that it gets better. I need you to know that the way you flay your heart open for the world is brave, that the way in which you refuse to be anything but soft, even when you feel like you may just break under the weight of feeling, is why you are needed here.

I need you to know that beautiful things are vanishing each day, and I am proud of you for fighting to ensure that your soul is not one of them.