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Ludus tonalis, cycle of 25 pieces for piano. Lustige Sinfonietta, for small orchestra, Op. Madrigals 12 for chorus. Mathis der Maler Mathias the Painter , opera in 7 scenes. Mathis der Maler, symphony from opera. Minimax Repertoire for Military Orchestra 'Minimax'" , parody for string quartet.

Movement and fragment, for solo violin unfinished sonata. Neues vom Tage News of the Day , comic opera in 3 acts. Neues vom Tage, overture from the opera with concert ending. Overture to Stage Work. Nobilissima visione, ballet suite for orchestra. Nobilissima visione, dance legend in 6 scenes.


Das Nusch-Nuschi, ballet opera for marionettes in 1 act, Op. Organ Concerto. Philharmonic Concerto: Variations for Orchestra, theme and 6 variations for orchestra. Piano Concerto. Piano Concerto for the Left Hand, Op. Piano Music I, 3 etudes, Op. Piano Music II, 13 short pieces, Op. Piano Sonata No. Piano Sonata, Op. Lost, except: Stretta of the final movement, preserved in a reconstruction by Bernhard Billeter.

Pieces 8 for flute. Pieces 2 for organ. Pittsburgh Symphony, for orchestra. Occasional Music. Rag Time, for orchestra or piano 4 hands , Op. Rondo for 3 guitars. Sabinchen, radio play. Sancta Susanna, opera in 1 act, Op. Sine musica nulla disciplina, canon in 3 parts. Sinfonietta, for orchestra in E major.

Preserved in a reconstruction by Oskar Sala. Sonata for 10 instruments fragment. Sonata for 2 pianos.

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Sonata for 4 horns. Sonata for solo cello, Op. Sonata for harp. Sonata for organ No. Sonata for piano, 4 hands.

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Sonata for solo viola, Op. Sonata for solo violin in G minor, Op. Sonata for solo violin, Op. Sonata for solo viola. Sonata s. Art Song.

Wir Bauen eine Stadt (Hindemith, Paul)

Songs 5 on Old Texts, for chorus. Songs 7 on Old Texts, for chorus, Op. String Quartet No. String Quartet. Suite "", for piano, Op. Suite of French Dances, arranged for small orchestra. Symphonia Serena, for orchestra. Symphonic Dances, for orchestra. Symphony in B flat major, for concert band.

Symphony in E flat major, for orchestra. Theme with Four Variations. Der Tod: Er erschreckte uns, unser Retter, for chorus. Trio for strings No. Trio for recorders. Variations for piano. Violin Concerto. Waltzes 8 for piano, 4 hands, Op. Wir bauen eine Stadt Let's Build a City , "music for use" in the form of a play for children.

Trinity Guildhall Piano 2009-2011 Grade 2 No.7 Hindemith Lied (Song) from Let's Build a Town

Wir bauen eine Stadt, suite for piano arranged from the play. He taught —37 composition at the Berlin Hochschule, but during the Nazi regime his compositions were banned because of their dissonance and modernity.

In he was commissioned by the Turkish government to reorganize that country's musical education. Later he taught at Yale Univ. Hindemith's early compositions are highly contrapuntal and often atonal. Later works display a return to tonality that has often been termed neoclassical. Other operas include Cardillac and Neues vom Tage [news of the day] Many of Hindemith's works might be classed as Gebrauchsmusik [utility music], written for specific performance by amateur school groups or chamber music organizations. His aim was to establish closer contact between composer and public. Included in this group are the children's opera Wir bauen eine Stadt [we are building a city] and numerous sonatas and chamber works.

Other important works are the Ludus Tonalis for piano; the song cycle Das Marienleben , set to poems by Rilke; the viola concerto Der Schwanendreher , based on medieval German folk songs; the ballet Nobilissima Visione ; and the setting for chorus and orchestra of Walt Whitman's When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd His writings include Traditional Harmony 2 vol.

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Bibliography See studies by I. Kemp and G. Skelton Excerpts from the book. Leningrad, Glebov, I. Levaia, T. Moscow, Strobel, H. Paul Hindemith , 3rd ed. Mainz, Briner, A. Paul Hindemith. Mentioned in? Foss, Lukas fugue Hanau opera theory.

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  5. References in periodicals archive? One such local legend is as follows: The Ostrava elite were preparing for the night-time arrival of Paul Hindemith , who later on declared himself to be an "Ostrauer Stammgast" Ostrava regular , at the U Rady restaurant. Opera and Ostrava: connections and visions, from the industrial past to the postindustrial present. Knowing about Paul Hindemith and Ernst Toch's forgotten experiments with phonographs is interesting, but I would have preferred that Katz use his considerable intellect to also tackle the changes in recording wrought by the Beatles' Sgt.

    Mark Katz. During this year's Aldburgh Festival we went to a performance, the first in Britain, of a work from the s with words by Bertholt Brecht and music by Paul Hindemith , called Let's Build a Town. Still a need for new new towns. Encounter with Grunewald. Piano player made music using one hand. Paul Hindemith chose Switzerland because it was close to Germany, but he moved to the United States during the war. Composers of the Nazi Era: Eight Portraits.