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Stages all set for Donegal International Rally

It had its advantages, because I could control how much dive I had under brakes; we just changed the eccentrics on the wishbones. So that was a potential advantage. This made it spin up more unpredictably, but made it change direction faster and helped it turn in better. It was bullet-proof.

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It had plenty of power everywhere and I could rev the date off it! That was one of the things I helped with. It only used to rev to about 11,rpm.

I went about a second and a half a lap quicker straight away with the extra horsepower. Eventually we put the rev range up to 12,rpm. It had so many shortcomings in the handling department. Some tracks it was fine, and some tracks it was so bad I literally had to deal with it on the day and try not to keep the corner speed too high, because once it started chattering, it was like a frequency that would go through the bike.

It would start at the front and midway through the corner the back would be chattering as well!

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As soon as they introduced the slipper clutch the chattering diminished to a point where it was acceptable. It handled very badly. You could watch Jason McEwen and Andrew Stroud ride it here in NZ, and it was just because they rode the wheels off it that it did so well. It was so damn fast compared to everything else. Yeah, its forte was the motor really. Apart from the fact that it was a sexy looking bike! Nearing the end of its development, a second generation Britten was talked about.

Because the liner was only cast iron, with a set of brand new liners and pistons you only had 40 maybe 50 good laps before the power started deteriorating. Everything on the bike was made of steel — the exhaust system, the nuts and bolts. Using titanium could have made the V 8kg lighter.

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Ducati-powered special built by Mike Brosnan, with John Britten making the bodywork and swingarm. Speedway-based, air-cooled Denco V-twin engine powered a special built by John Britten featuring a monocoque-type frame, White Power suspension and Marvic wheels. Over at Daytona, Gary Goodfellow led the pack into the first corner in the annual Battle of the Twins race, out-accelerating factory-supported Ducatis. The two bikes went to the Daytona meeting with riders Goodfellow and Robert Holden finishing strongly in the top The true potential of this Britten design was still coming to fruition when its creator moved to the ultimate Britten design.

Williams was an assistant in Chapel Hill at the time, and as he explained, the staff was initially unimpressed by the lanky, 6-foot-4 high school junior [you can listen to the interview above]:. But all he did was shoot a lot of long jump shots. As Williams explains it, North Carolina invited Jordan to its summer camp.

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At the time, the school was still optimistic that Jordan was good enough to play in Chapel Hill. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode.

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