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Former Hells Angels member shares story of hope, redemption in new book

Bailey has been performing on Texas stages since he was a kid, growing up on the north side of Houston, where he went to school at Greenwood Village Baptist Church. As his father began to enjoy greater success with his job, the family eventually moved to the Houston suburbs, where Bailey attended public school and was exposed to popular bands — particularly metal. He thought that music was of Satan, that it was just wrong. At the time, during the mids, Strait was still a few years away from national superstardom, but in Texas, he was already a hit.

Bailey went out and bought copies of a couple of records to familiarize himself with Strait, put them on his Walkman and found himself drawn to the country crooner. Encouraged by his parents and the sound of his own voice, he started singing along to accompanying tracks back home in Texas and started marketing himself as a teen singer around the Houston area, playing at local barbecues and opry houses. But when he turned 15, his world shattered.

Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison

Being in public schools where marijuana and alcohol were prevalent, I fell right into that, not knowing the depths of my problems with that stuff. The culmination of his death and me struggling with substance abuse sent everything down into a spiral. He wound up dropping out of high school, posting up around town, watching the world pass him by when the theater director from his old high school ran into him one day.

He was sitting on the trunk of his car with his girlfriend at a neighborhood park when the educator made a suggestion. He continued to drink and use during that time, but maintained well enough to get into the theater department at Sam Houston State University upon graduation, where he continued to sing and act. We got married, and I ended up going to work for Union Pacific Railroad for several years.

We try to get them on a therapeutic dose, make them as comfortable as we can , and then slowly wean their doses down.

Prisoner Of Hope A Story Of Recovery Redemption

Right now in our neonatal intensive care unit we have eleven babies. Three of these infants were born thru a drug dependent mom and are now in withdrawals.

Usually the babied are with us two to four weeks, depending how they do with the weaning protocol. So, I guess my question for you is, how do I help?

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Where do I start? Can you give me any pointers?

The Hope & Redemption Prison Tour - Excessive Sentencing

What types of things have you been successful with? Do I try and start big after I have everything lined up and gon over, or do just fly more by the seat of my pants and see what happens?

Former Hells Angels member shares story of hope, redemption in new book

I do think we need to hear from a frank and truthful person what he or she did to get sober, how long it takes on an average to stay clean and what if anything that people said or did helped or hurt them. I do want to help. Can you point me in the right direction? Your email address will not be published.