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Switch to new thesaurus. To reestablish friendship between: conciliate , make up , reconcile. We attended a reunion of former pupils of our school. The family was finally reunited after the war; The children were reunited with their parents.

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Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Pierre saw that there was a conspiracy against him and that they wanted to reunite him with his wife, and in the mood he then was, this was not even unpleasant to him.

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View in context. No spider ever took more pains to repair the shattered meshes of his web, than did Waldemar Fitzurse to reunite and combine the scattered members of Prince John's cabal.

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She has said nothing about it, Arnold; but she has not yielded one inch in her resolution to reunite herself to Miss Silvester. Removed from Spinoza by less than a generation is the philosopher Leibnitz, who after deepening and intensifying the opposition between mind and matter, reunites them by his preconcerted harmony compare again Phaedrus. But that was never a consideration. What better place for them to be than in the hall of fame? Mother Elaine attended Meredith, but has been a lifelong Wolfpack fan.

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She was a tennis pro in Germany for a while, but returned to help her parents with the family farm about 10 years ago. She gave the jerseys to her father for safe keeping not long after she graduated.

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After a recent trip to see the Walk of Fame and History while watching a game at the renovated Reynolds, Leslie and her dad remembered the jerseys and thought they might make a nice addition. Jim Lewis called Wolfpack Club executive director Bobby Purcell offering to donate them back to the school. From , the Norm Sloan-coached Wolfpack compiled a record, going in and in In both those historic games, they wore the white uniforms the Lewis family has now given back to the university.

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Somhappy that the jerseys will be on display. Thanks to Leslie and her foresight.

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  • Happy to be related to this family. What a great story! Was it more than serendipity that Leslie saved the jerseys from the trash? For old timers like me it is fun to remember that team. Thank you Leslie!