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There is no cost to use Perusall beyond the cost of purchasing the book. He earned the nom de guerre Wingate of the Sudan.

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His father died when he was a year old, and the family, in straitened circumstances, moved to Jersey , where he was educated at St James's Collegiate School. He took part in the operations on the Sudan frontier in , including the engagement at Toski and in the further operations in , being present at the capture of Tokar.

His principal work was in the intelligence branch, [6] of which he became assistant adjutant-general in and director in A master of Arabic , his knowledge of the country, the examination of prisoners, refugees and others from the Sudan, and the study of documents captured from the Dervishes enabled him to publish in Mahdiism and the Egyptian Sudan , an authoritative account of the rise of the Muhammad Ahmad and of subsequent events in the Sudan up to that date.

In he was governor of Suakin.

Britain Keeps Watch In Sudan

He was promoted to brevet lieutenant colonel on 18 November Largely through his assistance, Fathers Ohrwalder and Rossignoli, and two nuns escaped from Omdurman in Wingate also made the arrangements which led to the escape of Slatin Pasha in As director of military intelligence he served in the campaigns of — which resulted in the reconquest of the Sudan, including the engagement at Firket , the battles of the Atbara and Omdurman and the expedition to Fashoda. He was again Mentioned in Despatches for this work.

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On 8 September , he was promoted to the regimental rank of major. In , at the request of the British government, Wingate undertook a special mission to Somaliland to report on the military situation in connection with the proposed evacuation of the interior of the protectorate.

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He was promoted general in November From to he was also commander of military operations in the Hedjaz. He was not a successful administrator in the very different political climate in that country, and was made a scapegoat for the riots incited by Saad Zaghlul and his party that spread across Egypt.

Angry at his treatment, Wingate refused to actually resign, even after he was officially replaced by Lord Allenby , and threatened to embarrass the British Government. He was refused a peerage or another appointment, although he was created a baronet in the King's Birthday Honours, [13] gazetted as a Baronet , of Dunbar, in the County of Haddington, and of Port Sudan. For many years he was the senior general of the British Army. Wingate was succeeded in his baronetcy by his son Sir Ronald.

Wingate is commemorated in the scientific name of a species of lizard, Trachylepis wingati , [20] which is endemic to Ethiopia and Sudan. In he received the Order of the Medjidieh 4th Class.