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Taunted about this absorption by his classmates, Davenport nevertheless kept drawing. He didn't, however, begin to take his talent seriously until he entered middle school. Years later, Davenport was reacquainted with Barnes' artwork. Things happened the way they were supposed to," he says. As the artist begins to talk about our "divine right" to produce and enjoy art, one can't help but begin to feel his passion.

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You create what you feel. You know when it's right.

It's personal. The first time Davenport recognized that he'd done a good job was in , during Vicksburg's annual Riverfest. There was a contest for local artists to design a T-shirt, and he won.

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He says he didn't think he would have a chance at winning, but he tried anyway. Not only did he win, but he was the youngest person ever to have won. That day was the day he knew he was an artist. The next step was to develop his skills. After he became dissatisfied with drawing cartoons, he directed his attention to fine arts at Hinds Community College and became determined to learn to paint. Davenport says that while at Hinds, he set his mind to "learn everything beyond drawing about art, because I wanted to be versatile. It goes without saying that he encountered a diverse and enigmatic group of people after transferring from a community college to a university.

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  8. But aside from the vicissitudes of academia, he explains that he learned not only lots about people but also himself while at the university. The unforgettable lesson: "You're in charge of your own destiny. You can't rely on anyone else. Davenport says that the art climate in the metro area is rich, but more should be done to reach out to those who are trying to produce. Some are looked over because of what college they attended. Many believe it's already come, but it hasn't," Davenport says.

    To ensure the boom comes, Davenport is committed to keep producing and be at every event that gives artists an opportunity to showcase and promote art. How can a non-artist contribute? Support events that go on throughout the city. People who don't create are the biggest supporters. Davenport also reports to Powell Middle School each day to teach eager students about visual art. He also gets to play catch-up. Rowe offers a sweeping and sympathetic study of her subject and written in a godly strain which honours, and would not doubt please, Master Hildersham himself.

    One task of a biographer is to create a likeness a subject's contemporaries could recognize. Ashby de la Zouch Castle. Ring bound paperback, 44 pages plus illustrations and plans.

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    When the Standard Soap Factory ceased production at the end of , it brought to an end over years of soap manufacture in Ashby. This book preserves as much of the factory's history as possible, through photographs and personal reminiscences. Ashby de la Zouch. Seventeenth century life in a small market town. Christopher Moxon looks at the effect of national events on ordinary townspeople.

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    How did the town's economy cope with all the vicissitudes of this tumultuous century? What was the lasting impact of Ashby's Puritan ministers? What do we know of the housing conditions and the social structure of the town? How were Ashby children educated? Who maintained law and order and what were the town's by-laws? How did the personality of the lord of the manor affect the town?

    Pudding Bag Productions, During the Second World War, harvest camps were held at Ashby Grammar School so that children could give desperately needed help to local farmers during the harvest. This book is a transcript of a log book kept by teachers at Ashby Girls Grammar School during the camps of , 43 and 44, plus commentary and background information about harvest camps nationally. The log in particular is a real gem, giving details of the work and the social activities and delightfully illustrated by one of the teachers with simple pencil drawings.

    This is the fourth, revised edition of a booklet first published in It tells the story of Ashby's attempt to become a Spa Town from onwards. The Bath Grounds have been an important recreation space for townspeople and visitors right up until the present day. Ashby-de-la-Zouch: The Spa Town. It looks at the various buildings constructed to provide lodgings for visitors to the Baths and also shows the model of the Baths in Ashby Museum.

    Local historian, Kenneth Hillier, talks to Mary about this fascinating aspect of the town's history. This is a DVD. Lest We Forget - Ashby.

    A minor car problem became a test of character for me.

    Lest We Forget - Diseworth. Lest We Forget - Ibstock. Lest We Forget - Moira. This beautifully illustrated book presents the findings of the authors' work on the traditional houses of the parish in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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    I was lucky to inherit a collection of family photographs from her, which dates back to the s, of both the Davenports and Mammatts. Trained for a career at sea, instead he joined the Army in , serving with the 9th Battalion of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment. He was killed, leading a counter-attack against the Germans at Polygon Wood during the Battle of Passchendaele. His bravery earned him a posthumous Victoria Cross. The book is well illustrated. The system operated between and After closure all the trams were disposed of.

    A chance discovery by members of Gresley Model Railway Club resulted in them acquiring the body of Car 14 which they did a lot of restoration work on.