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When expressed in bacteria, a mixture of recombinant Dol m 2 and its fragments was obtained. The fragments were apparently generated by proteolysis of a Met-Met bond at residue , as they were not observed for a Dol m 2 mutant with a Leu-Met bond. A common feature of hornet venom allergens is their sequence identity with other proteins in our environment.

We showed previously the sequence identity of Dol m 5 with a plant protein and a mammalian testis protein and of Dol m 1 with mammalian lipases. These findings are relevant to some patients' multiple sensitivity to hornet and bee stings. Invited review the coiled coil silk of bees, ants, and hornets. In this article, we review current knowledge about the silk produced by the larvae of bees, ants, and hornets [Apoidea and Vespoidea: Hymenoptera].

Different species use the silk either alone or in composites for a variety of purposes including mechanical reinforcement, thermal regulation, or humidification. Gene sequences from seven species are available, and each species possesses a copy of each of four related silk genes that encode proteins predicted to form coiled coils. The proteins are ordered at multiple length scales within the labial gland of the final larval instar before spinning.

The insects control the morphology of the silk during spinning to produce either fibers or sheets. The silk proteins are small and non repetitive and have been produced artificially at high levels by fermentation in E. The artificial silk proteins can be fabricated into materials with structural and mechanical properties similar to those of native silks.

Bee-hawking by the wasp, Vespa velutina, on the honeybees Apis cerana and A. The vespine wasps, Vespa velutina, specialise in hawking honeybee foragers returning to their nests. We studied their behaviour in China using native Apis cerana and introduced A. When the wasps are hawking, A. The former also utilises wing shimmering as a visual pattern disruption mechanism, which is not shown by A. The pace of wasp-hawking was highest in mid-summer but the frequency of hawking wasps was three times higher at A. The wasps were taking A.

The final hawking success rates of the wasps were about three times higher for A. The relative success of native A. Effects of childhood experience with nature on tolerance of urban residents toward hornets and wild boars in Japan. Urban biodiversity conservation often aims to promote the quality of life for urban residents by providing ecosystem services as well as habitats for diverse wildlife.

However, biodiversity inevitably brings some disadvantages, including problems and nuisances caused by wildlife. Although some studies have reported that enhancement of nature interaction among urban children promotes their affective attitude toward of favorable animals, its effect on tolerance toward problem-causing wildlife is unknown. In this study, we assessed the tolerance of 1, urban residents in Japan toward hornets and wild boar, and analyzed the effects of childhood experience with nature on tolerance using a structural equation model.

The model used sociodemographic factors and childhood nature experience as explanatory variables, affective attitude toward these animals as a mediator, and tolerance as a response variable. Tolerance was lower in females and elderly respondents. Childhood experience with nature had a greater influence on tolerance than did sociodemographic factors in the scenario where animals have not caused any problems; however, its effect was only indirect via promoting positive affective attitude toward wildlife when the animals have caused problems.

Our results suggest that increasing people's direct experience with nature is important to raise public tolerance, but its effect is limited to cases where wildlife does not cause any problems. To obtain wider support for conservation in urban areas, conservationists, working together with municipal officials, educators and the media, should provide relevant information on the ecological functions performed by problem-causing wildlife and strategies for avoiding the problems that wildlife can.

Hornet for Apollo 11 Recovery. President Richard Milhous Nixon center , is saluted by the honor guard of flight deck crewmen when he arrives aboard the U. Hornet , prime recovery ship for the Apollo 11 mission, to watch recovery operations and welcome the astronauts home. The recovery operation took place in the Pacific Ocean where Navy para-rescue men recovered the capsule housing the 3-man Apollo 11 crew.

The crew was airlifted to safety aboard the U. The Apollo 11 mission, the first manned lunar mission, launched from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida via the Saturn V launch vehicle on July 16, and safely returned to Earth on July 24, Aboard were Neil A. Armstrong was the first human to ever stand on the lunar surface, followed by Edwin Buzz Aldrin. With the success of Apollo 11, the national objective to land men on the Moon and return them safely to Earth had been accomplished. Wernher von Braun. Changes in physicochemical properties of chitin at developmental stages larvae, pupa and adult of Vespa crabro wasp.

It is already known that chitin in a single organism can exhibit huge differences depending on the functions it serves in different body parts, but the alterations in the characteristics of chitin in course of developmental stages of an organism still remain unknown. This study presents findings on how chitin matrix is changing physicochemically through discrete morphological stages - larva, pupa and adult - of an insect Vespa crabro.

Chitin content of the organisms were found to increase gradually as the organism grew; 2. Enzymatic digestion test demonstrated that chitin isolates were close to pure. Chitin isolates were also subjected to thermal pyrolysis and no variations were observed in the thermal stability of the samples. However, it was observed that surface characteristics of chitin changed greatly as the insect grew. Venus Express SOIR profiles of pressure, temperature and number densities of different constituents of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere of Venus are the only experimental data covering the 60 km to km range of altitudes at the terminator of Venus.

This paper describes the content of these data products and provides some use cases. The unique Proteus aircraft served as a test bed for NASA-sponsored flight tests designed to validate collision-avoidance technologies proposed for uninhabited aircraft. The tests, flown over southern New Mexico in March, , used the Proteus as a surrogate uninhabited aerial vehicle UAV while three other aircraft flew toward the Proteus from various angles on simulated collision courses.

Radio-based 'detect, see and avoid' equipment on the Proteus successfully detected the other aircraft and relayed that information to a remote pilot on the ground at Las Cruces Airport. The pilot then transmitted commands to the Proteus to maneuver it away from the potential collisions. Navy and Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. Protective and antioxidant properties of wasp Vespa magnifica honeycomb extract: a potential inhibitor against acidified ethanol-induced gastric lesions.

The levels of 1,1-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl DPPH free radical scavenging, myeloperoxidase MPO activity and total antioxidant capacity in the gastric tissues were determined. The ethanol extract of wasp honeycombs can suppress the formation of acidified ethanol-induced gastric lesions by reducing free radical oxidation and neutrophils infiltration in the gastric tissue in rats.

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Optimal time--energy allocation and the evolution of colony demography among eusocial insects. This thesis attempts to explain the evolution of certain features of social insect colony population structure by the use of optimization models. Two areas are examined in detail. First, the optimal reproductive strategies of annual eusocial insects are considered. A model is constructed for the growth of workers and reproductives as a function of the resources allocated to each. Next the allocation schedule is computed which yields the maximum number of reproductives by season's end.

Furthermore, the results indicate that if there is decreasing return to scale for allocated resources then simultaneous production of workers and reproductives is possible. The model is used to explain the colony demography of two species of wasp, Polistes fuscatus and Vespa orientalis. Colonies of these insects undergo a sudden switch from the production of workers to the production of reproductives.

The second area examined concerns optimal forager size distributions for monomorphic ant colonies. A model is constructed that describes the colony's energetic profit as a function which depends on the size distribution of food resources as well as forager efficiency, metabolic costs, and manufacturing costs.

This paper aims to investigate the pattern of contraceptive use among women living with HIV in France. Contraception methods were documented, including condoms, highly effective contraception methods HEC and traditional methods. We measured the frequency of not using any modern contraception neither condoms nor HEC and of HEC use and studied their correlates i.

Of the women of reproductive age, were in need of contraception. Overall, French and other migrant women]. We used bumblebees Bombus terrestris , honeybees Apis mellifera , the common wasp Vespa vulgaris , hornets Vespa crabro flies Mousca Beyeler, A. Vision-based control of near- obstacle. However, the potential differences in HRQL between post-treatment and spontaneous clearers remain poorly documented.

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Post-treatment clearers showed better mental HRQL. Spontaneous clearers showed better experience of HIV treatment. Further studies in real-life settings are needed to document patient-reported outcomes in the era of direct-acting antiviral agents for HCV treatment.

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  • Larger is not necessarily better! To determine the impact of hospital caseload size on HIV virological success when taking into account individual patient characteristics. Analyses were carried out on the Outcomes correspond to two definitions of virological success VS1 and VS2 respectively and were analyzed under a multi-level modeling framework with a special focus on the effect of the caseload size on VS.

    Structures with caseloads Gravity orientation in social wasp comb cells Vespinae and the possible role of embedded minerals. Ishay, Jacob S. Social wasps and hornets maintain their nest in the dark. Bio-ferrography was used to isolate magnetic particles on slides. These slides, as well as original cells, were analyzed in an environmental scanning electron microscope by a variety of analytical tools. It was found that both the roof and the walls of each comb cell bear minerals, like ferrites, as well as Ti and Zr.

    The latter two elements are less abundant in the soil around the nest. Ti and Zr are known to reflect infrared IR light. IR imaging showed a thermoregulatory center in the dorsal thorax of the adult Oriental hornet. It is not known yet whether these insects can sense IR light. This study aimed to identify major correlates of suicide risk in a representative sample of PLHIV in France, in order to help target individuals who would benefit from suicide risk screening and psychiatric care. The study sample comprised the 2, participants with available self-reported data on suicide risk defined as having either thought about and planned to commit suicide during the previous 12 months or attempted suicide during the same period of time and medical data on comorbidities.

    Weighted Poisson models adjusted for HCV co-infection and significant clinical variables were used to estimate the relationship between suicide risk and HIV transmission groups, experience with HIV disease and other psychosocial factors. Results Suicide risk was reported by 6.

    We're Going on a Bear Hunt - A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

    Moreover, the number of discrimination-related social contexts reported 1. Conclusions Reducing the burden of precarious social conditions and discrimination is an important lever for preventing suicide risk among PLHIV in France. Suicide risk was reported by 6. Reducing the burden of precarious social conditions and discrimination is an important lever for preventing suicide risk among PLHIV in France.

    This study aimed to investigate the relationship between socioepidemiological groups and the types of bothersome symptoms reported by PLWH participating in a national survey in France. Individuals in Cluster A low number of bothersome symptoms were less likely to report all the symptom types investigated. Psychological, sexual, and general symptoms were more likely to be reported in Cluster B moderate number , whereas gastric-, pain-, and appearance-related symptoms were more likely in Cluster C high number.

    Combining new biomedical strategies with coping mechanisms and providing better support to socially vulnerable PLWH may improve this population's quality of health and daily life. Published by Elsevier Inc. HIV-positive men who have sex with men: biography, diversity in lifestyles, common experience of living with HIV.

    The conceptualisation of male who have sex with male MSM to account for male homosexual behaviour has been developed to facilitate the endorsement of prevention message since the advent of HIV infection. Population studies performed to understand and monitor sexual and preventive behaviour usually recruit respondents through gay-friendly channels such as media, sexual venues or festivals, leading to recruitment bias. Few studies question possible differences according to varying sexual biography and current behaviour within the MSM population.

    Among the respondents, men reported a lifetime male sexual partner. Information regarding sexual biography lifetime and current numbers of male and female sexual partners, lifetime number of male and female stable couples was computed using cluster analysis and identified five profiles: exclusive gay The profiles matched self-identification better among the most exclusive homosexuals than among men with current bisexuality. These five subgroups differed regarding demographic and social characteristics except migration status , their period of diagnosis, age and CD4 count at diagnosis.

    Sexual activity, steady partnership, number of male and female partners, use of sexual venues and illegal substance use were different across subgroups. Socio-behavioural and medical data were collected. The survey's retrospective nature allowed us to perform complementary category-based analyses of LRT PLHIV according to whether they had sUVL for at least 18, 24 or 36 months in three socio-epidemiological groups: men who have sex with men MSM , other men and women. Among men having sexual partners in the previous 12 months, no significant difference was seen between LRT and non-LRT men in the number of sexual partners.

    Whose Orientations? This article presents the author's response to Jon A. Temporal orientation. Time in the mind orients people in one of two directions. An inward orientation points to the present, contracting the scope of thought to immediate concerns. An outward orientation , in contrast, points away from the present to the past or the future, expanding the scope of thought to a wider consideration set.

    We review recent findings illuminated by this broad form distancing, as illustrated in how people learn from and compare themselves to others, before concluding with a discussion of how change necessarily transpires over time, providing opportunities for future research at the intersection of future thought and present behavior.

    He introduced an optimization based on an ILP In dealing with tail assignment as an optimization problem instead of a feasibility This research focuses on the optimal. Some of the 12 criminal trials and sentences in France for HIV transmission in attracted substantial public attention, with a possible negative impact on people living with HIV PLWH through reinforced stigma and discrimination.

    Being a migrant from Sub-Saharan Africa, having difficult socio-economic conditions, having unprotected sex with one's main partner and concealing one's HIV status were all factors statistically associated with concern about the sentences. Participants tempted to press charges against someone for infecting them were more likely to be younger, women, not living in a couple, unemployed, and to report a major depressive disorder.

    Concern about HIV-related criminal proceedings among the most vulnerable PLWH do not reflect the actual risk of prosecution they are exposed to. The following risk factors were independently associated with HCV coinfection, after adjustment for age and time since HIV diagnosis: current or past injecting drug use, having had at least 20 male sexual partners during the previous 12 months, reporting inconsistent condom use during anal sex with casual partners, and attending sex parties. Diffusions are useful for image processing and computer vision because they provide a convenient way of smoothing noisy data, analyzing images at multiple scales, and enhancing discontinuities.

    A number of diffusions of image brightness have been defined and studied so far; they may be applied to scalar and vector-valued quantities that are naturally associated with intervals of either the real line, or other flat manifolds. Some quantities of interest in computer vision, and other areas of engineering that deal with images, are defined on curved manifolds;typical examples are orientation and hue that are defined on the circle.

    Generalizing brightness diffusions to orientation is not straightforward, especially in the case where a discrete implementation is sought. An example of what may go wrong is presented. A method is proposed to define diffusions of orientation -like quantities. First a definition in the continuum is discussed, then a discrete orientation diffusion is proposed.

    The behavior of such diffusions is explored both analytically and experimentally. It is shown how such orientation diffusions contain a nonlinearity that is reminiscent of edge-process and anisotropic diffusion. A number of open questions are proposed at the end. Industrial Orientation. These eight modules for an industrial orientation class were developed by a project to design an interdisciplinary program of basic skills training for disadvantaged students in a Construction Technology Program see Note.

    The Drafting module overviews drafting career opportunities, job markets, salaries, educational requirements, and basic…. Alarm communication is a key adaptation that helps social groups resist predation and rally defenses. We attacked foragers and colony nest entrances with these predators and provide the first evidence, in social insects, of an alarm signal that encodes graded danger and attack context.

    We show that, like Apis mellifera, A. Large hornet attacks were more dangerous and resulted in higher bee mortality. Per attack at the colony level, large hornets elicited more stop signals than small hornets. Unexpectedly, stop signals elicited by large hornets SS large hornet had a significantly higher vibrational fundamental frequency than those elicited by small hornets SS small hornet and were more effective at inhibiting waggle dancing. Stop signals resulting from attacks upon the nest entrance SS nest were produced by foragers and guards and were significantly longer in pulse duration than stop signals elicited by attacks upon foragers SS forager.

    Unlike SS forager, SS nest were targeted at dancing and non-dancing foragers and had the common effect, tuned to hornet threat level, of inhibiting bee departures from the safe interior of the nest. Meanwhile, nest defenders were triggered by the bee alarm pheromone and live hornet presence to heat-ball the hornet. In Asia, the world's largest hornet , Vespa mandarinia, and the smaller hornet , Vespa velutina, prey upon foragers and nests of the Asian honey bee, Apis cerana.

    Orienting hypnosis. This article presents a new frame for understanding hypnosis and its clinical applications. Despite great potential to transform health and care, hypnosis research and clinical integration is impaired in part by centuries of misrepresentation and ignorance about its demonstrated efficacy. The authors contend that advances in the field are primarily encumbered by the lack of distinct boundaries and definitions.

    Here, hypnosis, trance, and mind are all redefined and grounded in biological, neurological, and psychological phenomena. Solutions are proposed for boundary and language problems associated with hypnosis. The biological role of novelty stimulating an orienting response that, in turn, potentiates systemic plasticity forms the basis for trance. Hypnosis is merely the skill set that perpetuates and influences trance. This formulation meshes with many aspects of Milton Erickson's legacy and Ernest Rossi's recent theory of mind and health.

    Implications of this hypothesis for clinical skills, professional training, and research are discussed. I had already enjoyed contact with Boris in the s when the two volumes of Landau Level Spectroscopy were being prepared [2]. He was one of the pioneers of magneto-optics in semiconductors.

    In the s the band structure of germanium and silicon was investigated by magneto-optical methods, mainly in the United States. No excitonic effects were observed and the band structure parameters were determined without taking account of excitons. However, working with cuprous oxide, which is a direct semiconductor with a relative large energy gap, Zakharchenya and his co-worker Seysan showed that in order to obtain correct band structure parameters, it is necessary to take excitons into account [3].

    About Boris started work on optical orientation. Early work by Hanle in Germany in the s on the depolarization of luminescence in mercury vapour by a transverse magnetic field was not appreciated for a long time. Only in the late s did Kastler and co-workers in Paris begin a systematic study of optical pumping, which led to the award of a Nobel prize. The ideas of optical pumping were first applied by Georges Lampel to solid state physics in He demonstrated optical orientation of free carriers in silicon. The detection method was nuclear magnetic resonance; optically oriented free electrons dynamically polarized the 29Si nuclei of the host lattice.

    Due to the various interaction mechanisms of spins with their environment, the effects occurring in semiconductors are naturally more complex than those in atoms. Optical detection is now the preferred method to detect spin alignment in semiconductors. The orientation of spins in crystals pumped with circularly polarized light is deduced from the degree of circular polarization of the recombination.

    Analyses focused on disclosure to the social network excluding sexual partners close family, other relatives, friends, colleagues. Three PLWH clusters were identified using hierarchical classification "high disclosure level": For PLWH living alone, HIV status disclosure may reveal a need for psychological social support, a key component to treatment adherence and positive prevention. Previous studies have shown that posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD is more prevalent in HIV-infected patients than in the general population.

    We analyzed this relationship using data from a French national survey representative of HIV-infected adults followed up in hospitals. PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that is still underdiagnosed and undertreated in many countries despite its negative consequences on health behaviors. Thinking in Orienteering. A think-aloud technique, in which 20 orienteers verbalized their exact thoughts during orienteering , was used to examine the phenomenon of cognition during orienteering. Results indicate that orienteering is experienced as a task to be accomplished, a physical movement, and a dynamic process, and that thinking involves attuning perceptions to….

    This study aimed to estimate the frequency of renunciation of healthcare among people living with HIV PLHIV in France, including healthcare unrelated to HIV, and to characterize associated socioeconomic and psychosocial risk factors. Correlates of healthcare renunciation in the 12 months before the survey were assessed through logistic modelling. Results indicated homosexuals, heterosexuals, and bisexuals did not differ within each sex on measures of masculinity and femininity.

    Strong support was obtained for the hypothesis that sexual orientation relates primarily to erotic fantasy orientation. They Call it Orienteering. Through the use of personal anecdotes, the author details his initial experience with orienteering , a sport rapidly increasing in popularity that teaches people not to get lost in the woods. Sources of information about orienteering are provided.

    Edward Said and " Orientalism ". In the nearly 30 years since Edward Said published the hugely influential Orientalism , his indictment of racism and imperialism in Western scholarship on the Orient has had its share of plaudits and condemnations. Interactive Computerized Video Orientation. In response to California State Assembly Bill AB 3, which requires the state's community colleges to implement orientations and other specified matriculation services, Fullerton College FC developed two orientation videos in for native speakers of English and English-as-a-Second Language ESL students.

    The videos were used by counselors…. Teaching Orienteering. Second Edition. The educational value provided by orienteering 's blend of navigational and physical skills has given it a permanent place in the primary and secondary school curriculum in the United Kingdom. This book is a reference to orienteering for teachers, leaders, and coaches. It provides a "how to" approach to introducing and developing the….

    Orientation of Hittite Monuments. The possible astronomical or topographical orientations of the Hittite monuments of the Bronze Age has remained unexplored until recently. This would provide an important insight into how temporality was imprinted by this culture in sacred spaces and in the landscape. The authors' analysis of a statistically significant sample of Hittite temples - and a few monumental gates - has demonstrated that ancient Hittite monuments were not randomly orientated as previously thought. On the contrary, there were well-defined patterns of orientation that can be interpreted within the context of Hittite culture and religion.

    Passive orientation apparatus. An apparatus that can return a payload to a known orientation after unknown motion, without requiring external power or complex mechanical systems. The apparatus comprises a faceted cage that causes the system to rest in a stable position and orientation after arbitrary motion.

    A gimbal is mounted with the faceted cage and holds the payload, allowing the payload to move relative to the stable faceted cage. The payload is thereby placed in a known orientation by the interaction of gravity with the geometry of the faceted cage, the mass of the system, and the motion of the payload and gimbal. No additional energy, control, or mechanical actuation is required. The apparatus is suitable for use in applications requiring positioning of a payload to a known orientation after arbitrary or uncontrolled motion, including remote sensing and mobile robot applications.

    Implementing Strategic Orientation. An HRM case dealing with problems and issues of setting up orientation programs which align with corporate strategy. Discussion concerns how such a case can be used to exhibit the alignment between HRM and business strategy. Orientations to Reflective Practice. Delineates five orientations to reflective practice: immediate, technical, deliberative, dialectic, and transpersonal, each reflecting different social science bases and beliefs and values about education.

    Views them as interactive, interdependent, noncompeting, aspects of reflective practice. Nurse manager orientation. On the basis of the principles of management and leadership, our organization has worked over the years to formalize the orientation program for new nurse managers. This program meets the needs of new nurse managers and responds to today's complex health care system needs. This article describes the components of a nurse manager orientation program for the novice nurse manager and methods for evaluating nurse manager effectiveness.

    Trainable multiscript orientation detection. Detecting the correct orientation of document images is an important step in large scale digitization processes, as most subsequent document analysis and optical character recognition methods assume upright position of the document page. Many methods have been proposed to solve the problem, most of which base on ascender to descender ratio computation. Unfortunately, this cannot be used for scripts having no descenders nor ascenders.

    european hornet vespa: Topics by ziwopycaxa.tk

    Therefore, we present a trainable method using character similarity to compute the correct orientation. A connected component based distance measure is computed to compare the characters of the document image to characters whose orientation is known. This allows to detect the orientation for which the distance is lowest as the correct orientation. Training is easily achieved by exchanging the reference characters by characters of the script to be analyzed. An accuracy of Developing an orientation program. When the local area experienced tremendous growth and change, the radiology department at Maury Hospital in Columbia, Tennessee looked seriously at its orientation process in preparation for hiring additional personnel.

    It was an appropriate time for the department to review its orientation process and to develop a manual to serve as both a tool for supervisors and an ongoing reference for new employees. To gather information for the manual, supervisors were asked to identify information they considered vital for new employees to know concerning the daily operations of the department, its policies and procedures, the organizational structure of the hospital, and hospital and departmental computer systems.

    That information became the basis of the orientation manual, and provided an introduction to the hospital and radiology department; the structure of the organization; an overview of the radiology department; personnel information; operating procedures and computer systems; and various policies and procedures. With the manual complete, the radiology department concentrated on an orientation process that would meet the needs of supervisors who said they had trouble remembering the many details necessary to teach new employees.

    A pre- orientation checklist was developed, which contained the many details supervisors must handle between the time an employee is hired and arrives for work. The next step was the creation of a checklist for use by the supervisor during a new employee's first week on the job. A final step in the hospital's orientation program is to have each new employee evaluate the entire orientation process. That information is then used to update and revise the manual.

    Concealment of sexual orientation. Sex-atypical behaviors may be used to identify a person as homosexual. To shield themselves from prejudice, homosexual people may attempt to conceal these behaviors. It is not clear how effectively they can do so. In Study 1, we asked homosexual participants to conceal their sex-atypical behaviors while talking about the weather. Raters watched videos of the participants and judged the likelihood that each participant was homosexual. Homosexual participants were able to partially conceal signs of their orientation , but they remained distinguishable from heterosexual participants.

    In Study 2, we tested the ability to conceal signs of one's sexual orientation in a more demanding situation: a mock job interview. In this scenario, homosexual men were even less effective at concealing their orientation. Higher cognitive demands in this new situation may have interfered with their ability to conceal. Oriental upper blepharoplasty.

    Aesthetic surgery of the upper eyelids is a very common procedure performed in cosmetic practices around the world. The word blepharoplasty, however, has a different meaning in Asia than it does elsewhere. Orientals have different periorbital anatomic characteristics, their motivations for seeking eyelid treatment are different, and operative techniques have been adapted consequently. The surgeon must therefore master a range of surgical procedures to treat these variations adequately.

    It is critical to know the indications for each blepharoplasty technique as well as their complications to select the right surgery and avoid unfavorable results. Epicanthoplasty performed on the right patient can greatly improve aesthetic results while retaining ethnic characteristics.

    This article will discuss Oriental eyelid characteristics, preoperative patient assessment, commonly used corrective techniques for the "double-eyelid" creation, and complications and how to avoid them. Orientation of Christian Churches. The orientation of Christian churches reflects the historically documented concepts that one should turn eastward to pray and the architectural and liturgical principle that temples and churches should be constructed facing east often specified as equinoctial east. I love the format which is also educational because it teaches children about turning the page and seeing it properly.

    Looking for cat is also very entertaining and kids love it Written in rhyme with very creative photographs,this book is fun for both adults and children. It's way more than the 2 pages it lists in the description, and you want to keep turning the pages to see BeeBall's hiding places and antics.

    They will enjoy the challenge of trying to find BeeBall and will gain a sense of achievement when they find her. Great pictures and accompanying rhymes. Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Length: 34 pages. Language: English. Audible Download Audio Books. DPReview Digital Photography. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all of the world's nuclear weapons combined. On average, people choke to death on ball-point pens every year. On average people fear spiders more than death. Ninety percent of New York City cabbies are recently arrived immigrants.

    Elephants are the only animals that can't jump. Only one person in two billion will live to be or older. Women blink nearly twice as much as men. It's physically impossible for you to lick your elbow. Coco can! The Main Library at Indiana University sinks over an inch every year because when it was built, engineers failed to take into account the weight of all the books that would occupy the building.

    A snail can sleep for three years. Average life span of a major league baseball: 7 pitches. Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. The electric chair was invented by a dentist. All polar bears are left handed. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. If Barbie were life-size, her measurements would be She would stand seven feet, two inches tall. Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

    The cigarette lighter was invented before the match. Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza every day. Almost everyone who reads this email will try to lick their elbow. After the recent wildfires and all the evacuations, it occurred to me that many people had to make some fast decisions about what they had room for, and time to grab, in an emergency. It is really sad that if you forget about something and your house is lost, so are those memories. I know how this feels, because my first house burned down and I lost everything we had. All my furniture, clothes, pictures,all of my daughters macaroni art, my grandma's scarves.

    At age 20 you haven't accumulated that much good stuff, but I remember long after the fire, going to look for something precious and sadly reminding myself, it was not there anymore and I was not going to get it back. My daughter just reminded me that her fish "Marsh" and "Tooshie" met an untimely death by boiling in their aquarium - which I can not remedy. What I learned in that crisis is that things can be replaced by insurance; even collectibles can be replaced, and now-a-days family pictures can be backed up on computers. But heirlooms , once gone, can never be restored or replaced. I could never replace the finger paintings my kids made me for Mother's Day or the needlepoint pillow my Grandma made for my reading chair.

    THIS see below isn't easy to grab in an emergency. And it isn't even easy to enjoy or share when you want to. But these books are. Photo books are an amazing way to capture a treasure or remember an event and they are perfect gifts as well. You CAN preserve your precious memories and treasures and I can help you do it.

    Call or email me and I can make your boxes of "stuff", into books that can be enjoyed and that will be treasured and safe for a lifetime, or more. Henry's teacher is competing in a World IronMan competition this week. She has won 2 World Championships already so she obviously knows what she is doing but Henry wanted to make her a card before she left to wish her good luck.

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    See pictures and translations below. I took these pictures on my iPhone because of course whenever I need my camera the battery is dead. Go Molly! I am really cranky today. I just read this. A billion seconds ago it was Who gets this money? Thank you so much Jamie , for turning me on to Alan Watts!!!!

    Last night was the final festival showing before the release of The Pacific and Eddy , a movie written and directed by Matthew Nourse. Here are some pictures from the festival last night. Henry was a little shy. An NBC affiliate approached him for an interview but ran and hid behind me. The Director asked him to join the Q and A after the movie, but he just wanted to watch from his seat. The packed theater cheered and chanted for him to go up but he hid under my wrap. Still, it was a fun night. We were on our way to the after-party at the W Hotel at Henry's insistence but he fell asleep in the car on the way there.

    Ahhh bless him. He was wiped out from his reluctant little moment in the spotlight, behind my dress. A picture of lovely doo-rag Laura and Hen-Hen taking a picture of me with a cell phone This could be a new Flickr group. Thank you Laura's Mom for throwing a heck of a half-birthday party for Henry. With only 30 minutes notice she threw together a swimming party, complete with a fabulous sushi dinner, brownies and SOY ice cream with a candle, sprinkles and balloon, and a SUPER cool skull doo-rag present.

    How does she do it? How we spent our summer vacation. Includes kaleidoscopic tales of dancing, saving baby birds, helping orphans, fabulous musicals, really bad blind dates, major dental work, needles, needles and more needles. Tonight we just got back from the doggy-hospital. Duke is in pain, throwing up, dehydrated and had to be admitted. They are doing Xrays, blood work and giving him an IV. They think he may have eaten mushrooms or oleander.

    Estimate for the first hours? Tomorrow is the first day of school. Should be fun. Can you say Up-set! In the past year, the fledgling team played near the top of the league all summer long, and on Sunday, won the Gilpin County Softball League Championship Tournament. Mountain Country took the lead but soon the game was tied as the teams battled into the sunset. The teams agreed to have a playoff inning first thing Saturday morning before the semi-final championships.

    With two teams fired up to play at the end of the season, it was an anticlimactic beginning to the second to last day of games. But the one-inning showdown turned out to be an entire game. Neither team could pull ahead and the game was tied at the end of seven innings. And then the Plumbing team forged ahead, beating the Rockies, Then the boys and girls of summer tossed in their mitts. You may remember our trip to Colorado around this time last year to the small hippie mountain town where my 2 older sons live.

    I love this tight-knit community and my son's are thriving there. We didn't go to visit this year, although my heart strings were yanking on me. He slid into third and heard it snap as he hit the bag. He didn't take his foot off the bag to go to the hospital though, until they had a pinch runner for him. Surely he would need him Mom to come take care of him for a few weeks while he had to stay off his feet. Umm guess not. He had plenty of friends and lots of help and he didn't need ME, thank you very much. He figured out how to play the sympathy card quickly and had girl friends taking him to the grocery store, post office, doctors appointments and buddies taking him with them golfing, fishing and to the softball games.

    He has been having plenty of fun with out his Mommy there to take care of him. This is from the local paper at the end of July. The players consist of men, women and young athletes just out of high school. There are some retired baseball veterans and some innocent newcomers to the game. There are married couples and singles looking for a double. Most of all there is the spirit of friendly competition, the old-time rivalries and the moments of heroism, when old bones slide into unforgiving bases.

    Old bones? Geez, he's only 25! Well I am proud to announce that they just won the championship last week. When the little local paper updates their website. I will post a picture of my sons in their Championship uniforms! Anthony is the one with the broken leg. Yeah, I know. You keep coming to look for a new blog and there hasn't been one in ages. I apologize. I apologize with a gift. This guy is totally amazing. Look at the little gem I found at the 99 cents only store, in the kiddie section, right next to the Bratz coloring books and the 99 cent version of the King James Holy Bible.

    It's a paper doll book of Dubbya and friends. I wonder if it comes with a Satan costume. Hey you. Yeah you. Huge corporation that I dedicated the past 10 years to. You can have your stupid parking space back! I've started my own business. Yeah, life can be tough, but it's never too late to get a new one! Kids today are under a lot of stress. Homework, good grades, pressure to compete with other children, endless activities -- it all adds up.

    So Henry and I have added one more activity to our endless schedule. We started taking Yoga to help us relax. Here is Henry in his favorite poses. I have been getting requests to finish my 8th "meme. It's hard for me to choose an 8th and final one as I could give you from my colorful life. Fortunately for you dear readers, I have forgotten most of my childhood.

    Animal Games

    So here I go, by popular request with number 8. A cube. A Fibonacci number.