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He also began making plans to enter the film industry, with the goal of creating a remake of a Donald Goines crime novel. Making friends with hip-hop producer Irv Gotti, McGriff began meeting rappers and urban musicians, often providing them with protection.

Book Killing Vincent The Man, the Myth and the Murder Says Vincent van Gogh Was Murdered

In exchange, Gotti and his friends began creating the financial backing needed to make McGriff's Hollywood vision a reality. By the end of the year, however, McGriff was sent back to prison for multiple parole violations. He served another two and half years in prison before he was released in He lined up a cast, locations and even pre-released a volume of music for the film consisting of musicians on Gotti's Murder, Inc. McGriff optioned the rights to four more Goines books, with the vision to produce a franchise.

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But life went sour for McGriff after he was asked to settle a dispute between rappers 50 Cent and Ja Rule. Musician 50 Cent refused to back down after countless threats, instead mocking McGriff through the lyrics of his song "Ghetto Qu'ran," which was released in The incidents escalated until 50 Cent was shot nine times on May 24, , by unknown attackers. He survived, and released another song, which implicated McGriff in the shooting. In , when the rapper released a biopic about his life entitled Get Rich or Die Tryin' , he created a character named Majestic, who seemed to be based on McGriff.

This series of accusations were followed by more serious charges in late , after rival gangsters Eric "E Money Bags" Smith and Troy Singleton were found murdered in Queens. Investigators believed that McGriff had hired killers to exact revenge on the two men, who were allegedly responsible for the death of McGriff's friend, Black Jus' Johnson.

After the slaying of two more men who were working with Supreme, police gathered enough evidence to imprison McGriff in , pending murder changes.

In , Gotti also came under investigation, putting his record label in serious jeopardy. Gotti was charged with laundering funds for McGriff in , but the jury declared Gotti innocent on all charges.

George Irving

Despite the victory, McGriff was convicted of drug trafficking, racketeering and murder in New York federal court. Because all his assets, and Gotti's assets, were seized, McGriff was unable to hire a lawyer. Instead, he was granted a court-appointed attorney.

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On February 9, , the jury sentenced McGriff to life in prison. We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Sign up for the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives. He changed his focus in , working for anti-gang peace efforts.

Lorenzo Nichols was one of the top drug lords in New York City in the s. He has served on the boards of several peer-reviewed journals and was made the youthful Associate Editor of the AMA Archives of Otolaryngology in He has edited six books, published articles in peer-reviewed journals, and published or presented more than abstracts, papers or book chapters on ear diseases, hearing, balance and tinnitus, and specifically Meniere's disease.


He has lectured extensively in many countries and was a visiting professor at many distinguished medical schools and teaching hospitals. He founded and ran three nonprofit organizations and has been awarded three international gold medal honor awards.

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To learn more, check out the intriguing and in-depth website, www. This website also features an ongoing, interactive forum and other interactive elements, including social media platforms that allow readers to interact and discuss various theories about van Gogh's life and death with the author. October 12, Join Thousands of Fellow Followers Login or register now to gain instant access to the rest of this premium content!

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