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It seemed to me that this book would have everything that I love-secrets,asshole hero and college romance. Those kind of books are usually good and fun to read. But,while this book had all that was promised in blurb,there was a lot of missing too. Emily is freshmen at Campbell College. From the first moment it's clear that she doesn't belong there. That is,if you look at all the usual kids who are attending. While Emily is poor and rai I'm a bit disappointed with this book.

While Emily is poor and raised by her foster mother,she is exceptionally smart and able to earn her self a place in Campbell College. She feels like this is her opportunity to start a new life,and do something better for herself. Emily is not welcome at the College.

All the kids who attend are rich,privileged, socially connected and gorgeous. She is not any of those things,and it's obvious that her brain capacity is not interesting to anyone. In other words,this College is not like Emily though it would be. On her first class she meets the College's most famous person,Wolf Astor. Wolf is the leader of the Skulls,the most famous brotherhood on campus.

He is rich and pretty and asshole. From the very first moment he is attracted to Emily. She is different than the rest of the girls,and he just wants her for the sake of wanting someone. Wolf is troubled by the death of his friend Ash and the things that he know about that event. As far as the plot goes,I'm a disappointed.

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This book was more romance than mystery. We are more dealing with the secret brotherhood and romance between Wolf and Emily than Ash's murder. The thing that I found most annoying is that little,completely unnecessary love triangle between Wolf,Emily and Max. Neither of those relationships was developed.

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Emily and Max were both more friends than anything else,and their romance was just briefly shown,and it felt forced. I didn't get how they got from "friends" to "potential lovers". When it comes to Wolf and Emily,their relationship was just rushed.

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Wolf is trying to protect Emily,but at the same time he wants to be with her. She is definitely into him but by the time he gives into his desires,she already has a thing with Max and the whole triangle is rushed and pointless. The end of this book was also very rushed and anticlimactic. The plot was pit into the last three or so chapters and I was disappointed. This book wasn't bad and I believe that the problem is in me,I expected something else. If you want to read it,please do maybe this review didn't do it justice at all.

View 2 comments. May 26, Louise O'Reilly rated it liked it.

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Wolf is just like his name suggests, he is the leader of the pack and dominate to his other brothers; when he comes face to face with Emily everything flies out the window. Stay away to protect her or keep her close to make sure she is safe. When the secrets get close to unravelling, they could both lose it all. The last half of the book is where it really started to come together for me and all those questions were answered. Jun 04, Karin rated it really liked it. I absolutely loved the premise of this book with the whole secret society storyline and I did like the story but I wish the pace of the book was a bit better.

I voluntarily reviewed a advanced readers copy of this book. Jun 03, The Smutbrarians rated it really liked it. Promise me secret societies, suspense, hot guys and murder and I am all in. A fresh start and to concentrate on her education. But Emily who is by nature curious is drawn into the mystery surrounding the death of a student that was part of the mysterious Skulls and Bones secret, yet not so secret, society on campus.

Wolf just happens to be their golden boy leader. That much I am sure of. His main focus this year?

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Find out who killed Asher and why. What was not supposed to be his main focus? They were sweet and definitely had some fantastic chemistry. I will say the first half of the book was a little slow going for me and I struggled with it at times. The second half was a lot better and I liked the whole mystery part but then that ending? Like what was that? It felt very rushed like the author just decided hey, this is it and I feel like it ended without some really important questions answered. SO while the second half was better, I obviously was not a fan of the ending. I am interested in reading more from this duo in the future.

Jun 05, Stacey Timmons rated it liked it. This book hooked me in by the cover and the blurb but it fell a little short. There's supposed to be this secret society and only a select few know the true secrets. And at the beginning of this a book a murder occurs but throughout the story that seems to be secondary to the love triangle that is weaved during this book. Which was totally unnecessary because we knew who Emily was going to choose. I liked Wolf and he knew what he wanted. I liked the idea of a secret society and getting a look into how it was run but nothing really happened.

We had a few snippets of this here and there but nothing really in depth. Emily needed to grow and back bone because she was weak and a little cry baby. I mean, c'mon seriously? You're going to a top Ivy League School, of course they're going to look down on you! Toughen up and show these elitist that you belong there. You got there through hard work and determination, not through Mammy and Daddy's money or social standing.

The amount of errors in this book was sad considering these are two well established authors. I can't count the amount of errors and inconsistencies I highlighted. For one example, at the beginning it only names 2 boys moving the body but at the end it states all 3 moved him. So which is it? If this book was edited better and the focus was turned more to the secret society then I would give this another read but as it stands now, I'll probably forget all about it.

The two authors have created an incredible thrilling and suspenseful read that had me absolutely intrigued all the way throughout the story. This is the first story I have read in a while that had me struggling to put the story down because i just wanted to keep reading. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to work I would of dedicated all my time to reading this story from start to finish. There was many twists and turns throughout the story making it into one addictive read. Emily was completel The two authors have created an incredible thrilling and suspenseful read that had me absolutely intrigued all the way throughout the story.

Emily was completely different form the other female characters in the story that I loved reading about. I loved the way that she grew in this story and realised her worth. There were many times in the story that you saw the vulnerabilities that she carried around with her creating a very relatable character. Wolfe I absolutely loved because he was different from the other male characters in the story that come form the same background as him.

He was a rich kid that was learning not to let that define who he was as person in the story. It really melted my heart with the way that he was with Emily making it obvious how much he really care for her. I really enjoyed the secret society spin of this story which really added to the story. I loved the romance between Emily and Wolfe and how that it developed gradually in the story. I cannot recommend this story enough. May 23, Elysian Fields rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs.

Ever watch the movie The Skulls? Well this is a similar story; one of mystery, secret societies, desire, disloyalty and friendship. The ultimate question is: who killed Asher? This story opens to the beginning of a mystery and slowly the story reveals the players and the ultimate question.

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  • I loved the way the players were introduced, the mystery woven and the romance bloomed. Emily is new to college; she is a freshman from Oregon shout out to my state who finds herself in the deep end of a new Ever watch the movie The Skulls? Emily is new to college; she is a freshman from Oregon shout out to my state who finds herself in the deep end of a new life experience. With trying to be on her own for the first time, making new friends and being thrown into the middle of a mess of boys; she has he work cut out for her, not to mention the mystery she stumbles upon.

    I enjoyed that Emily was both shy and weak at times but strong and determined at others. I loved that she never backed down and was the strongest player of them all. The ending is not what you think and it was very satisfying. If you are a fan of mysteries, secret societies, college age romances then this is the book for you. I did not put it down and was constantly guessing at the answers to the many questions! I received an ARC and am leaving an honest review. Jun 05, Book-Lovin-Momma rated it liked it. The prologue intrigued me - a secret society, rituals, and murder? I'm in!

    I liked certain aspects of this book, but other aspects disappointed me a bit. Emily is the product of a foster home upbringing, and while she didn't have a harsh childhood, she is fully aware of what she doesn't have compared to her fellow college classmates. She was a little bit of a hot mess between her constant crying and her leading on Max and Wolf. I liked that she was willing to address her feelings with each of th The prologue intrigued me - a secret society, rituals, and murder? I liked that she was willing to address her feelings with each of them, and yet she couldn't stand up to the bullying.

    Wolf, on the other hand, was the big man on campus, and he had mixed feelings about getting involved with Emily, but deep down inside, he was a man with a conscience. I liked most everything about him, but I feel like the romance aspect of the story fell flat. Between him and Max, I thought there would be a lot more chemistry generated, but it felt muted somehow. I also wanted to know more about Anders and what happened to him. But most of this plot point didn't really show up until towards the end of the book, and I thought the bulk of the story was centered around the romance and love triangle, which wasn't as stormy or steamy as expected, and then the ending felt like it just pushed through without all the build-up.

    I love a good romantic suspense, but this one fell just a little short of expectations. May 31, Ga Books LoverX rated it liked it. This was an interesting read and I rate it a 3. The authors definitely had a unique perspective of ivy league schools and secret societies and I did like the overall plot, it just felt rushed in certain places and then slow in others. I was also confused a few times in the timeline while switching from character to character.

    Wolf is exactly like his nickname. He is a take no prisoners kind of guy, even though we see him emotionally in turmoil over having one of his best friends dying t This was an interesting read and I rate it a 3. He is a take no prisoners kind of guy, even though we see him emotionally in turmoil over having one of his best friends dying the year before and trying to figure out what exactly happened to him.

    He definitely did not expect a dark haired pixie to come in and uproot his life either and second guess who he is and how he acts. Emily is excited for a fresh start, as being a foster kid she yearns to find a place where she can belong and find herself.

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    She is a bit naive, incredibly smart, and curious to boot. When she finds out about the death the year before she becomes obsessed with finding out what happens, but is a bit careless in how she goes about doing it. I really enjoyed the overall plot, but the other aspects just felt a little bit lacking to me, even though I was extremely surprised with how it ended which was carefully laid out throughout the book! Top 40 Singles.

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