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Traversing the pages of this book will lead the reader through some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. In meeting Haley and Ben, and a supporting cast of characters, the reader Alaska and Hawaii, what isn't there to love about that?

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In meeting Haley and Ben, and a supporting cast of characters, the reader will follow a story that has a wealth of emotion, from tears and angst to laugh out loud humor. Throughout the well paced story the reader gets to know Ben and Haley and find in the end whether two worlds so far apart can ever be joined so that both still remain whole. Alaskan Dawn is a great love story you won't want to miss. Apr 15, Lynelle Clark rated it it was amazing Shelves: relationship , free-kindle , romance , contemporary , alaska , strong-woman-protogonist , surrogacy , environmental-issues.

I downloaded this book at the beginning of the year as a freebie and not sorry one bit. The story was surprising different touching a few important issues as we went along. There was a good flow to the plot with enough intensity to turn the pages. Twin rivalry came at the forefront as Haley and Micah bumped heads about Haley's impending independence. Struggling to get away from the ever-increasing problems her voyage took her to Alaska where her world changed with one look of the captain.

From th I downloaded this book at the beginning of the year as a freebie and not sorry one bit. From the start, something special was brewing between her and Ben but life and choices interfered rapidly making things difficult from the beginning. A riveting love story that will keep you guessing. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. Thanks for the gift. Feb 20, Sharon rated it really liked it. Interesting story of Ben and Haley a little different from the run of the mill romances. Being a surrogate birth mother for her twin Micah and husband Tim, Haley runs off to Alaska for some 6 days peace from her high pressure job as an Attorney and there meets Environmentalist and Boat Captain Ben.

Their attraction and subsequent romance is well thought out and draws the reader in to learn more of their families and every day lives. The supporting characters add to the enjoyment of this novel it gets 4 Stars from me and I recommend you read it worth the time and money! Apr 14, Kasey Riley rated it liked it. I give the author kudos on getting most of the Alaskan details right.

I only disagreed with her description of moose poop. LOL The story is high on drama and angst As much as I wanted to know the ending I found Meh I found I began to really dislike her once her job became part of the story. I DO recommend this book for those who enjoy high family drama and the wonders of Alaska. I am certain that there is a HEA ending in there after all the drama resolves. May 15, Jan Locke rated it it was amazing. Wonderful story! I enjoyed this book as much as any I've read. I can't say why - it's a beautiful love story with problems to work out that seem insurmountable.

It all worked together to transport me for awhile to places I could just enjoy again - Edie Clare's creative world! Feb 24, constance m slagle rated it really liked it. I greatly enjoyed Alaskan Dawn! I " purchased" this for nothing from Book Bub, and not having much experience with free offers, my expectations were low. But I' m happy to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Their dialogue was witty and so sweet. I definitely recom Lovely I definitely recommend this book. This was my first one by this author, but I know it won't be the last Feb 24, Rose rated it it was amazing.

Enjoyable read This book takes the reader from Alaska to Hawaii to experience the beauty and majesty of nature. When a true conservationist, Ben, meets his new Alaskan landlord, Haley, sparks fly immediately. However, Haley is a corporate lawyer for a lawfirm who defends the worst polluters. That is just one of several obstacles they face. This book tackles this and all the other obstacles standing in the way of their true happiness. Easy to read and believable characters. Mar 02, Marsha Corley rated it it was amazing.

I found this book totally captivating. I had no expectations and believed, as most romance books do, it would follow the normal romance plot line Boy meets girl, falls in love, a misunderstanding happens, break-up, get back together. When it did not, I was totally pleased. The settings were enthralling, one I've visited and one I have not. The pure and chaste love between Haley and Ben was refreshing as I didn't have to skim over pages of sex scenes. I find leaving it to the imagination much I found this book totally captivating. I find leaving it to the imagination much more appealing. This was a free book and now I want to read the sequel; I'll even pay for it!

Feb 25, Erika Hill rated it really liked it. Lovely I truly loved Ben! I didn't like the author leaving them childless though.

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Ben didn't seem the type not to want children. It felt hastily penned. After being a surrogate for her sister, Haley's decision to be childless also seemed out of character. I got a nit annoyed with her defense of her job too, knowing that the company she was defending more than like was guilty of pollution Enough said. I liked the book enough with those issues to give it four stars. I doubt IRL the lawyer would have left her job to follow her nomad husband.

But hey Mar 03, Roberta Sallee rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I enjoyed this story. It was a fast read, had some interesting information and descriptions of life and scenery in Alaska. The characters were likeable, the storyline- girl under pressure from family and job escapes for awhile, meets a great guy, and, although pregnant, as surrogate to her sister, falls in love and, after some complications of how it could possibly all work out for the couple, it does.

Happy ending. Feb 02, Patty rated it it was amazing. I laughed out loud, a lot, cried a few tears, and marveled at the beauty of Alaska. What a great book. This tells the story of two people that are willing to do anything they can to be together. Claire done a great job describing the beauty of Alaska and California.

The family dynamics of Ben and Haley were awesome. You felt like you were right there going thru everything they were. I will be reading more books by this author. It's unusual for a romance to introduce the love interest only in Chapter 5. But this wasn't the reason for the 1-star rating.

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I don't DNF books but I was seriously tempted to at the halfway point. And I admit I only read every third or fourth sentence in the second half of the book. I thought the "travelogue" part of the story, with the descriptions of the whale-watching boat trip, was good, but everything else was long-winded and the book could have been shortened. Feb 02, JLS rated it it was amazing. Great read! This is the first book I've read by this author.

I loved it! Her writing is so descriptive; it's almost as if you're seeing it for yourself. The storyline grabs you and moves along nicely. There is drama, suspense, romance, conflict and laughter. Ben and Haley's story is unique. It's not the retelling of numerous other stories. I'm so looking forward to reading the other three books in this series and then I'll see what else she's written.

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Jan 27, Angie Hackett rated it it was amazing. I was a little hesitant coming into this book but it took me by surprise. I loved Haley and Ben, Micah eventually grew on me too. The scene setting was amazing and the description of Alaska was perfect, it leapt out of the pages of this book. Otherwise this was a really good read. Oct 08, Sheryl Lee rated it it was ok. Missed Opportunity I was hoping for so much more from the surrogacy storyline and I feel the opportunity to really explore those emotions and family dynamics was missed. I got much more romance than I wanted with a sickening ending.

I would have enjoyed a plot twist in the romance storyline. However, if romance is your thing, if you're looking for a holiday read or easy escapism then this hits the nail on the head. Feb 18, Cynthia rated it it was amazing. Terrific This is a great story about finding love at the worst time. She works hard as an attorney. Ben works as a tour boat captain and loves the environment. He works summer in Alaska and winters in Hawaii. This was an amazing journey, not just for Haley, but all the way, for me too.

Great book. It' s so light and all the 'inside jokes' really made me laugh. I mean, definately suggest every woman who loves nature, light humor and, ofcourse, romance and love.

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Would love to buy an actual book to put in my bookshelf. Just in case for re-reading. Aug 18, carolebeckett rated it it was amazing. Lovely story and well written Loved this book. This was a believable story full of varied feelings and emotions. The ending was beautiful. I enjoyed the characters. Thanks Edie Claire. Apr 22, Debbie Borthwick rated it it was ok. I found this book to go on and on, it dragged out with too much repetition in my opinion. I almost didn't finish it but I persevered.

I wasn't impressed with the main characters and Haley's family drove me crazy. She's a lawyer and puts up with that? And Ben was weak for the most part. I liked the story line, though, and it was not badly written, if that makes any sense after my first comments.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Edie Claire. Edie Claire. No matter the genre, USA-Today bestselling novelist and playwright Edie Claire strives to infuse all her writing with both warmth and humor. Her family-friendly Leigh Koslow cozy mystery series, a favorite of animal lovers that was originally published in , was reborn in to become a Kindle Top bestseller. In any Edie Claire work, the reader may be assured that while intrigue may beckon and tensions rise, love and happiness will always triumph in the end!

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