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She takes the French nationality in and, during the Second World War, plays an important role in the resistance to the occupant. She will use then her big popularity in the fight against racism, and for the emancipation of the Blacks, in particular by supporting the Movement of the civil rights of Martin Luther King.

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Junior Tom little car. Follow us! Lucas isn't the most enthusiastic or animated speaker here, or anywhere for that matter, but he does a fine job of telling his story here and fans will appreciate that. The disc also includes a documentary, carried over from the previous release, entitled The Making Of American Graffiti that contains a wealth of interviews with the cast and crew and rounds up everyone from Lucas to Coppola to the writers to the stars like Howard, Ford, Dreyfuss, Williams and pretty much everyone you'd want to hear from.

Very comprehensive, this is a well put together piece that leaves very little uncovered. It's also interesting to hear how Lucas got this project rolling after THX and how Coppola was brought on board as producer primarily because Universal wanted a 'name' attached to the film. Rounding out the extras are the film's original trailer, menus and chapter stops.

Cult classics: 'American Graffiti' gets you in touch with your inner teen

The pop up featurette about the music in the movie and the screen tests that are included on the Blu-ray release are not included on this DVD release. Arguably the best thing that George Lucas has ever directed, American Graffiti holds up amazingly well as a funny, smart and well written movie full of great characters, great performances and memorable scenes.

It's probably corny for someone who 'wasn't there' to say it's a look back at more innocent times, but it really is just that. Universal's newly remastered DVD release offers a nice upgrade over the previous DVD release and throws in a new commentary from Lucas as well.

Highly recommended. Copyright DVDTalk. Release List.

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DVD Giveaways. DVD Talk Forum. Select Forum Area American Graffiti: Special Edition. Printer Friendly. It is about a group of characters who have one night together before they leave town, one night to change their futures.

ISBN 13: 9782903512286

It asks questions about where life is going and the transition to becoming an adult and how that changes life and your responsibility. Soon after that, I moved to France. I was born in Casablanca and had a French passport. I went to drama school in Paris and started doing theatre with a friend. Then I moved into movies and slowly but surely I got roles.