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It is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure that this product is suitable for their dog, as all dogs vary in size and chew strength. The food grade colouring is harmless to your dog but the colour may run and stain, therefore we advise that gourmet bones are given to your dog to chew outside. If this happens, only use cold water to clean the stain - do not use household cleaners.


Do not feed more than one bone per week. Fresh drinking water should be provided at all times. These fragments can lead to blockages or perforations — both of which are often fatal. Chewing on bones can also cause broken teeth and other dental problems, which are both painful and potentially deadly for animals who depend on their teeth to survive. But because calcium and calories were so difficult for these ancestral dogs to obtain, it still made more evolutionary sense for them to continue to consume bones, despite the inherent risks. Most dogs consumed bones for the duration of their often brief lives and did so without incident; however, others undoubtedly died from the practice.

However, your dog does not need to go to such extreme lengths to obtain enough calcium or calories. Most modern dog foods provide all of the calcium your dog will need, and obesity is a more common problem for modern pets than malnutrition. Therefore, it is not wise to provide your dog with real bones — the risks are simply too great.

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And to clear up a common myth: Cooking may make bones more likely to shatter, but even raw bones can break into numerous sharp pieces when chewed. Check out the following video where Dr. Campbell, DVM discusses safe dog bones and what to watch out for:. Pig ears may last long enough to give your dog some good chew time, but power chewers will tear through them in a matter of seconds. Additionally, many pig ears, rawhides and similar items become contaminated by bacteria during processing.

There are a variety of crunchy treats on the market, but few will last long very long — they just represent additional calories, without providing the health benefits you are seeking.

5 Best Safe Dog Bones and Chews for Aggressive Chewers

While none of these will last for weeks the way a real bone may, most will last long enough to delight even the most aggressive and determined chewers. If you are ready to give your dog some edible dog bones, consider the following five long lasting dog chews.


The only real complaints about these products include customers who experienced shipping, handling or packaging problems. Additionally, a very few dogs simply found the treats unpalatable. SmartBones Rawhide-Free Dog Chews are safe and tasty dog chews that should drive most power-chewing pets wild.

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Unlike rawhide, which can cause intestinal obstructions, these chews are made with digestible ingredients, including real chicken, peanut butter and vegetables. Most dogs seem to like the taste of these chews and enjoy ripping them up with their teeth. A few owners did mention that these could cause a mess on the carpet, so you probably want to give them to your dog on a tile or hardwood floor. They are made in Vietnam, which may give some owners pause, but edible pet products manufactured in Vietnam are typically of higher quality than those made in China.

View Price on Amazon. Perhaps better known for their premium foods , Blue Buffalo prides itself on producing only the best products, using only the highest-quality ingredients. The vast majority of dogs appear to love the taste, texture and resistance of Blue Buffalo Dental Bones, and owners appreciate knowing they are giving their dog the very best. As with most other edible dog chews, the most aggressive and determined dogs finished these very quickly within 10 minutes or less , but more moderate chewers often enjoyed them across several sittings.

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  • I have been reading that people feed bone in chicken breasts to puppies. Are there any other bones puppies can eat? Or certain rough ages when they can be given other bones? Mainly wondering about pork rib bones or other meat bones. Also, i wont be getting my puppy until July, but can i start them on pork or beef instead of chicken? I don't feel that chicken should be a main part of their diet, and so i don't want to feed it but once or twice a week! I would start the puppy on a mild meat like chicken or rabbit.