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When an aspiring superhero kid named Davi asks Manny to help him become a hero, Manny and Frida trick him into doing their chores. But when Manny and his family are in danger, it's up to Davy to be a hero and save them. Tired of being powerless, Frida "borrows" Manny's belt and becomes the superhero "La Tigresa. Gimple Story by: Jorge R. Gutierrez and Scott M. But she soon lets the fame go to her head. Grandpapi and Manny must win the supervillain grand prix or the Rivera's will be forced to leave Miracle City forever.

When Raul the Mustache is framed for a crime, Manny must go undercover with the Mustache Mafia in order to prove Raul's innocence. When Grandpapi and Sartana Of The Dead unexpectedly announce their engagement, Manny and Frida do everything they can to keep the wedding from happening. After winning Lady Gobbler's glass eye, Manny gives the glass eye to Rodolfo, both unaware the eye is actually a surveillance camera, with The Flock Of Fury watching White Pantera's every move. But has the Titan really changed his ways?

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There, Manny must enlist the help of his ancestors to return to the living world and save his family before he and Frida become forever trapped as skeletons in The Land Of The Dead. Manny is forced to become Davi's sidekick after Davi gets him out of trouble. Brandon Sawyer Story by: Jorge R. When a superhero trio asks Manny due to his street smarts, Rodolfo tries to impress them by being street smart as well. Grandpapi feels Manny isn't becoming the supervillain he wants him to be so he uses an aspiring supervillain named "The Cactus Kid" to make Manny jealous.

Manny discovers his mother, Maria, used to be a superhero known as "Plata Peligrosa" before she quit.

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But when Manny tricks Maria into becoming Plata Peligrosa, he'll discover why she quit being a superhero in the first place. In the second two-part episode of the series, Manny is tired of being treated as a child by everyone. But when Sartana Of The Dead announces her retirement, Manny attempts to prove himself by entering Sartana's competition to find her successor, while slowly going into the supervillain side. Gutierrez and Thomas Hart. After accidentally destroying The Rivera house and killing the family parrot, Manny tries to repay the damages by stealing money from supervillains.

This episode was the original pilot episode for the series. The family pets, Little Mule and Senor Chapi, attempt to retrieve a stolen item from the pets across the street. Manny begins to date Black Cuervo in order to retrieve information of The Flock And Fury's crimes to tip off his dad so he could stop them. But Manny soon learns why he shouldn't take advantage of a girls feelings.

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After Frida slowly starts to turn into a zombie hungry for brains, Manny must find a way to cure her before she turns into a complete zombie. In order to win her father's respect, Frida begins to take the credit for all the crimes El Tigre stops. But her older twin sisters soon see through her scheme. Manny and Frida take control of a mecha supervillain named Giant Robot Sanchez. Rodolfo begins to fall for Maria after she becomes Plata Peligrosa. It's up to Manny and Frida to convince Rodolfo Maria isn't herself when she's a superhero. Eddie Guzelian Story by: Jorge R.

After finding a chupacabra , Manny decides to keep it as a pet and name it "Chui". But when the local goats become missing, Manny learns Chui eats goats and must release him into the wild to keep him from eating more. When Dr. But when they realize she prefers to be with Manny, they come up with a plot to eliminate him. Manny enlists the help of Grandpapi in order to attract a group of mean girls to go to the school dance with him. Manny and Frida try to help supervillain El Oso win the heart of his true love.

Manny and Frida's friendship deteriorates after Frida abandons Manny to spend more time with a popular teen supervillain named Silver Wolf.

Some Danger Involved: Barker & Llewelyn Series, Book 1 Unabridged

Henry Gilroy Story by: Jorge R. Don't miss these if you like mysteries. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 7 new copies. Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Condition: New. Never used! This item is printed on demand. Seller Inventory Brand New! New Book. They are set in our own Utah red rock country, in Moab and environs. It is fun to picture in your mind all the places mentioned, and to have a mystery featuring a sheriff who doesn't use profane language!

An interesting read. Moab Utah in a different look I chose 5 stars for the story , which was well done , as well as the characters that seem so believable. Will be looking for the next in the series. Mar 05, Steven Howes rated it really liked it. I purchased this book because I thoroughly enjoyed book 1 in the series. This offering was also an enjoyable read with interesting characters and plot line dealing with cyber crime and the Russian mafia.

I plan to continue reading the books in the series. Incredible read Fast moving story with an original plot. Love the way this writer weaves the history of the story setting locale throughout the story. Will look for more, not just an intriguing story but a geographical and historical lesson, too. His descriptions of the scenery make one want to visit.

These are good stories and very well written. Another good southwestern mystery Great locales and character creations.

Death Saint: A Manny Rivera Mystery (Manny Rivera Mystery Series) (Volume 6)

A different perspective on law enforcement in the four corners area. Lovely descriptions of scenery. Liked the computer hacking info and interaction with the FBI. February's Files Another Manny Rivera novel by Rich Curtin, that shows the doggedness of a detective, piecing together stray bits of seemingly unrelated clues, into a solid case for solving crime!

Great book. I love reading this guy.

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He is a little windy, but after a couple of his books you learn to skip through his added dialog and get the essence of the plot. Always a great mystery. A lot of twists and turns Like all the characters and how they fit so well with the story and the out come. Even added a bit of romance with on guessing more to come in future books I.

The Manny Rivera Series.

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How it go bad? It didnt!

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Looking forward to more adventures with Rivera. Excellent read! All the best ingredients for an excellent story make for an incredible book.

The Shaman's Secret: A Manny Rivera Mystery

It was rare in that I didn't have the plot and ending figured out before the conclusion. On to the next one, glad there is one. Fascinating police procedural but set in Moab, Utah, with a deputy sheriff. The setting plays a major role in the story I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Life is but a never-ending series of decisions that we make every day.

Some good, some not. All matter Be careful.

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Moab Scenic Definitely more polished book and more interesting as well. Ratings This is an excellent story which I think is a five star. Readable by most people yet gripping and at times intense. Loved this book it keep me reading until late in the night. The characters are realistic and the story doesn't go where you expect it to.

I love this series and the characters. Manny Rivera is a deputy sheriff in Moab, Utah. Rich Curtin writes movingly about the beauty of the area and the magic of the desert. Apr 18, Alma L. Manny Rivera strikes again This was a very goo and easily read book. Mar 10, David L. Haven, Jr. Simple pleasure and basic investigation Rich Curtin has brought the brash world of police investigation into a normal world. He could throw language unbefitting a sailor and get far more notice by the editor world, but as my mom always said, vulgarity is no substitute for wit.