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The bridge is out until May at least.

Posted in Environment , Places. Tagged Gene Borio , Saugatuck Island. They were fellow Girl Scouts. Izzy Bodian and Emma Shannon at Staples …. Both have been marching for various causes since But they have not stopped advocating. Plus a corkscrew. The mailmen and women always deliver. Izzy went to college in Washington. Emma was in a conservative part of Virginia. We wanted to harness that feeling. We want to click and be done. John Lupton III was president of that class. He was always proud of that.

Throughout his life, he continued to give back — to his classmates, his alma mater, his town, his country and the causes he cared about.

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He was 69 years old. Lupton was born in Weston, to a political family. His father, John Lupton Jr. Weston students at that time did not have their own high school, so he attended Staples. He was involved in a number of activities there. He took his class president duties seriously. Principal Jim Calkins looks on. A few years ago — decades after leaving — the class paid to refurbish the exterior of the Lou Nistico Fieldhouse at Staples, and added lighting to the current North Avenue entry sign. Lupton was instrumental in all those projects.

His professional career was in advertising and sports marketing, in Atlanta. He also served several terms in the Georgia House of Representatives. Late in life he founded PCa Blue. The organization promotes prostate cancer awareness and education through blues music. He was an incredibly loving and dedicated father.

Posted in Categories. Posted in Library , Totally random. Tagged Westport Library. Governor Malloy is a Fairfield County guy. But a new series of taxes and surcharges proposed by the former Stamford mayor — and under serious consideration by state officials — could hit suburban towns like Westport far more than less affluent communities, and large cities. For a full list of many more proposed taxes and surcharges — most of which could disproportionately target Westporters — click here.

Westporters who own homes like these — with swimming pools and presumably garages with more than 2 bays — would be hit with special taxes, under a proposed plan. Posted in Economy , Politics , Westport life. Tagged Connecticut taxes , Governor Malloy. Easter and Passover are coming. The community event — combining art, nature, retail and people of all ages — was a much-anticipated treat for my family.

I remember walking through those hot, humid greenhouses, viewing the previews of spring flowers and the summer that would follow. After church — usually Palm Sunday — we drove to every florist. Each greenhouse was filled with geraniums soon to be handed out at churches to kids , Easter lilies, hyacinths and many other fragrant flowers. Families wandered through the greenhouse labyrinths, enjoying coffee, donuts and treats provided by the owners.

Today the last of those great greenhouses — Daybreak — is being carted away to the dump. The last of Daybreak Nursery gets carted away, earlier today. How do we balance that, keeping the character of Westport that many enjoyed growing up, and many others move here for? Posted in Environment , Local business , Looking back , People. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Subscribe in a reader. Any amount is welcome — and appreciated! Reader contributions keep this blog going. Or use Venmo: DanWoog Skip to content.

He hung out with Pablo Casals — in Westport. And man, does he have tales to tell. Buell went to Bedford Junior High, then St. But humans were out in force this afternoon — the first nice Sunday in a while. Rain is forecast for much of the coming week. But next Sunday should be gorgeous again.

No dogs allowed. Birds are always welcome.

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Photo Challenge Posted on April 2, 21 comments. Westporters love Compo Beach. We love its boardwalk, marina, playground, pavilion, seawall and its outdoor showers. But they guessed every place above. And every guess was wrong. Finally — 9 hours — Nancy Hunter nailed it, on her final try: The cannons. But it took almost an entire day for Westporters to get the correct answer. And the one who got it lives a continent away, in British Columbia. Postcard courtesy of Seth Schachter.

Portfolio of Ashley Bissonnette

But over on Saugatuck Shores, the Saugatuck Island bridge is getting a much-needed replacement. Neighborhood resident Gene Borio sends along a couple of photos. Remembering John Lupton Posted on April 1, 23 comments. John Lupton.

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Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics follows him, Warren, and the rest of their killer crew on a cross country jaunt designed to nudge, cajole, and gently head-butt folks into a rewarding meditation practice. The trip itself seems to have swung between clusterfuck and consciousness-raising. The result is great, though. The book manages to capture the ups and downs of a crazy-ass road trip as well as convey the overall success of the vision itself. Since Harris is the admitted sneering skeptic, it only makes sense that Warren, while not a bell-jangling, spirit-animal-having weirdo, would be a bit more into the cosmic side of things.

His willingness to change, coupled with his insistence that the practice be dead bastard useful, is the gleaming core of this book. The helpful tidbits are dead-on. He delegates this responsibility to Warren, who cheerfully excels at it. Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics looks to smooth out whatever speed bumps prevent people from starting to meditate.

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For every impediment, Warren has an answer. No matter the obstacle, this dude has clear and precise guidance road-tested to get you through it. His techniques are lucid, eminently practical, and specifically designed for regular-ass people living nutso lives swamped by bills, beset on all sides by children, drowning in work, scrabbling for peace, struggling to be better people.

Normal people. Dan Harris and Jeff Warren have done a lot of that work for you. Brent Purple Oliver is an award-eligible writer, mindfulness coach, and speaker.

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He works with individuals interested in everything from alleviating stress to pursuing classical enlightenment. He also coaches groups, and offers presentations to companies, schools, and organizations curious about the benefits of mindfulness. He lives in Lexington, KY with his wife, two cats, and a crippling addiction to horror.

Swing by his website brentpurpleoliver. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email Address. And also, you should Continue Reading.

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Do you have anxiety because things are going good for you at the moment? When something good happens do you slide into the dread of waiting for the inevitable bad thing that's going to come Actually, it goes beyond wanting and has reached a level of needing to meditate. I'm stressed, I'm cranky, and I feel like I have gone past overwhelmed.

Driving to work the other morning, the radio was off; I drove in