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I can't just over medicate and play games when I'm stressed. I can't rest when I'm sick. I must bare it all, for both of us. I'm being crushed by this mountain. Honestly don't know if this poem makes sense. Umi Apr But, the last wish, is a greater curse than hell or death itself. Zachary Gorenstein Nov Before her pain was His pain. Dedicated to my joy, curse and only one who could make me feel happy. Jaden my smile is forever yours whether I like it or not.

Seema Dec The Greed-yes. I A word unspelt The words unsaid A wrong turn again It may be bad From one end to another The evidence makes no sense There could be another way Why feel tensed The heavy clouds will soon fade And moon will give us the way It's gotta be somewhere Not so far away Whoever has laid hands on The buried old scripts Have gone missing On their adventurous trips What is in it, That one craves to find Is it a treasure map Or a portal of any kind I feel it isn't a good idea To join this group of five It is still time To run and be alive But wait What is that noise, I hear The other five lanterns Seem to have disappeared Like being swallowed By some form of evil I may be wrong, coz am quite behind To even reach the grounds Where, burried are those scripts And a curse that bounds I decided not to continue Any further and put my life in danger So I waited for day break And that's when, I met a stranger II An unusually dressed figure That like of an ancient priest With a hood covering Emerging, from behind the trees May be, he is one of the five But how can I be sure As the figure looked strange Or perhaps, trying to lure I sat next to a big rock Keeping my eyes fixed A sudden brush of winds And the place seem to be mixed I blinked to clear my view Of that of dirt and dust Pieces of rags flew In the wildly gust Intoxicating scent caught my senses And I seemed to be drowning From below my feet Hours later, opening my eyes On a hard solid ground Surrounded by Unearthly or earthy crowd?

Glitters and shine From the passing ray of lights A graveyard of buried treasures Below many heights It, definitely must be a dream Yet, I can still feel The chill of hovering death Crawling beneath my heels I dare not look down To scream my head out So I slowly, crawled Towards the faint light From where I heard the strangers call Standing slowly, not to disturb the peace I followed the voice That led among the trees IV The moon was bright And I felt the cold breeze Brushing enough For my ears and nose to freeze Then a voice cracked Of that of an old man "he who bares no greed, shall walk free", "he who dares to steal, shall be buried alive" The stranger - Your life is spared From the cursed wrath Your soul is pure In the eyes of death You lack the ingredient That most posses So have perished And left lifeless It is the greed That is cursed in a being Thus, all five got buried With their share and sin You walk free unharmed Return to your people And let them know Whoever walks through The path in search of scriptural treasure Shall be cursed and buried Within the treasure And I, blink - Far from the place As I was in the night Back to my senses Welcoming day light Life of mine is precious That no penny or treasure Can ever buy Who wants to live a cursed life And live behind their lies I lack the seed Of greed That I don't intend to plant I shall read And educate On how harmful, is this Greed Kenji Apr 5.

The curse. Release me from this curse I'm in, trying to untangle, I am struggling. Running, bare feet, my nerves shake, the winters are dry and my shivers are frozen, like a corpse struggling to wake, it fathoms inside. I run, hoping to escape the thoughtless screams, as if running away will build the high, but it doesn't, knees on the ground, I torment to my own feelings. Feelings, I question what it is, what it is to become, everyone I love leaves, and everyone that loves, allows me to leave.

The five year cycle, the undeniable curse, cuz after five years, it's always over, the friendship never lasts. Three times in a row, , three best friendships, gone to waste. Death will let it be, but as brighter the light becomes, I hope it will unveil, it was all, worth my pain. Ylzm May Dust, dust, infernal dust: Mocked! Mortality mocked! Toil, toil, burdensome toil, procrastinator born.

I don't see, it's still clean. I don't see, I don't care. I don't see, just the wind. Oh no! Now I see, I cannot unsee, woe is me! Dust, dust, infernal dust, with vacuum be gone! Toil, toil, burdensome toil, Adam's curse, is there no escape? Panda Boy Sep It feels like the author kept a list of names she liked since childhood and worked them all into this book, whether they made sense or not within family systems or locations or spellings. There is no rhyme or reason to it, and I feel more attention paid to this would have actually helped with cohesion of the story itself.

What is with the use of "Merlin" as a name? It's a highly recognizable name distractedly added in for no reason. Did the author think it just sounded cool for a warlock? Mysterious literary references. Along the same lines as the Merlin thing, we have random Shakespearean references thrown in. Once again, I was left wondering if the author was trying to draw some sort of parallel between her story and the plays if so, it fails.

But, beyond that, there is another problem. By this point, I was beginning to feel like the author was trying to work in references to her favorite literature because they are relevant and fundamental to her , not because they are relevant and fundamental to the story—and, in fact, they do the story harm by bringing to light further world-building that was not tended to. Open-ended questions. There aren't just unanswered questions about the world, there are weird statements and circumstances throughout that are never addressed.

Examples include: - When they are fighting the vultures, Zam thinks, "I didn't have the breath in me to ask why she [Lila] wasn't using her acid," like that was a significant mystery or plot device, but then it is never spoken of again. Random "goddess" mentions. Zam keeps cursing to the goddesses: "sweet baby goddess" and "goddess of the desert" and once sort of alludes to "praying to the desert goddess.

Any time she says these things they come off as an affectation. I considered that perhaps it was a way to build in an inoffensive swearing method for Zam, but I don't think that's it considering Zam's fondness for the F-word. Knowing what I know of this world, which isn't much, it is apparently a dystopia based however loosely on our Earth.

But, for some reason, plastic in Zam's world is "the most expensive material out there because it was so hard to find. The plastic of our world is so pervasive and such a huge problem because it's cheaply manufactured and used for a lot of things but it also isn't biodegradable, which would indicate that it would be one of the most common materials to be found, even in a future dystopia. I think the author wants her to be viewed as a strong woman or to grow into a strong woman , but the fact is that she is the total opposite.

Zam does not think for herself, she has no self-identity, and she lets other people and circumstances define her. She takes no responsibility for her choices, but why should she when she has so many other convenient things to blame them on? Her curses yes, two curses! Her father and humans. Merlin's "healing" of Maks. When Maks gets hurt and Merlin appears again, he tells Zam he will help Maks, but can't do so with magic, so Merlin uses his hacka paste on Maks and before doing so tells Zam that "He [Maks] will owe me something, but you do not.

Zam could have just been like, "Forget it, Merlin, I'll just use my own paste. Absolutely THE most confusing exchange I have ever read in a book. Before we get to the exchange, I should explain where my frame of mind was when I got to it. In a nutshell, my understanding was that all of how Zam looks is basically the exact opposite of how a desert lion looks she is dark and has green eyes, where desert lions are light and have golden eyes , and this is due to her taking after her mother , who was not from the desert or the Bright Pride.

With me so far? I snorted. If you discounted my green cat eyes, and pale skin.

‘Into the Badlands’ S03, Ep14: “Curse of the Red Rain” Lights the Fuse (SPOILER REVIEW)

I favored my father there. Back up. Just follow me for a second as I break this down. Absolutely nothing about this exchange makes any sense at all. I can't even tell you how long it took me to logically organize my thoughts about these five baffling lines to explain my utter bewilderment—and even then I'm not sure I have been successful. Lila asked Merlin how he knows who Zam is. Merlin replies he met Zam's father "before he came to the desert to find others like him.

How exactly did Merlin know about Zam? He only met her father once, and even then why would simply meeting him indicate anything about Zam being his daughter?

Merlin doesn't go on to say, "Oh, we chatted and he told me about his daughter, blah blah blah. And if he had to go to the desert and search for more people like him, does that mean he isn't from the desert at all and, if not, how can he be colored like he is? And, if that's true, how does any of this fit into the Bright Pride things?

Honestly, that sentence reads like it was written about Zam's mother , not her father—that Merlin met her mother before she came to the desert to find more people like her. Then, Zam thinks to herself about how Merlin could be telling the truth about meeting her dad. I thought she would follow that up with something like, "He could be telling the truth, but my dad never mentioned him, so I can't know for sure.

Instead, she goes into how skin color alone is apparently supposed to indicate whether Merlin knew she was her father's daughter or not. I just I think she is trying to imply that Merlin could be lying about meeting her father because her coloring gives her away as desert-born without Merlin ever having had to meet her father. Except that we've established that desert-born are pale and Zam is dark , so why would her coloring give her away as desert-born?

If anything, it gives her away as not being desert-born. Then, she goes on to say we should discount her green eyes maybe that kind of makes sense , but then says to also discount her PALE?? AT ALL. And, even then, it still wouldn't explain why this would be so significant to Merlin to figuring out who Zam is, particularly because presumably there are other dark lion entire prides around--unless the dark lion thing is the singular "curse" placed on her mom and her offspring, and so if Merlin runs into a young lion with these traits he would know it could only be her offspring, but that is only true if I am right that this whole exchange was originally about the mother and even then it doesn't explain why Merlin would even know about her mother to begin with.

The idea that he wasn't human after all, I had no problem with.

See a Problem?

It could be argued that he still helped her get over her prejudice of the Jinn because by the time she realizes he is basically the son of her worst enemy she already loves him so being "human" was a red herring to lead us away from his surprising true identity, but since so much of the book was about her struggling with prejudice against humans specifically, it just doesn't make sense The "curses. This book is a prime example of why.

They were just… ludicrous to me. They were too complicated in an already grossly over-complicated plot, relied on too heavily to formulate or, rather, eliminate Zam's personality and excuse her actions, and did not do anything for the book that couldn't have been done without them.

A curse is only as effective as the context, parameters, and purpose built around it, and both of these curses fail in that regard. But, we don't ever really find out what it is or why it is, exactly. Is the "what" that she is small and a house cat? Is it that she is dark-colored instead? Is it that she will be "alone" in life? Which is it, or is it all three, and are they supposed to be interconnected somehow in some grand scheme? Why isn't her brother cursed? Is it genetic, but only towards females? Why did the Jinn bother cursing her mother in the first place? I kept waiting for these things and many others to be clarified and connected, but they never were.

I said earlier that the last two hours were painful. At this point, there is basically an hour of internal dialog where Zam mourns the loss of her ring which I am convinced is a placebo, anyway then tries to learn to use the curse to her advantage but then of course endlessly waffles about that over and over again.

Honestly, I think this may be what the author was trying to imply, but the execution of teaching this lesson through the curse does not work. Instead, Zam doesn't learn to trust herself, what she "learns" is that she should do the opposite of her impulses in a Costanza-like experiment. Meaning that, to avoid the curse, she must, at all times, wish for the exact opposite of what she wants to happen. The idea that this would be sustainable for any amount of time, or that it is teaching a valuable lesson, is preposterous!

I think they are due to a lack of outside input. Perhaps there were no betareaders or editor. Or, if there were, maybe they did not provide honest feedback, were too close to the material to see the flaws, or the author chose not to incorporate any of their feedback. I have no idea.

But, lack of outside input is the only explanation I can think of for the kinds of errors described above. Essentially, this reads like an unedited second draft to me. Feb 13, Misha rated it liked it. Wary of reading next one This was my introduction to this author. I really had high expectations since it was recommended by an author I enjoy, but it took me longer than it really should have to get through this book. So many of the characters were not worth liking - specifically Kiara, Steve and Darcy. Drunk or not Darcy is not like family and worth the likelihood of being kill Wary of reading next one Drunk or not Darcy is not like family and worth the likelihood of being killed after she betrayed Zam like that.

Steve and his mate Kiara. No words for how low these two will sink. Who really takes the cake? Who does that? Perhaps my extreme dislike for these characters was the poison pill that tanked this for me and not the story. Zam also irks me because no matter what she gives all of them a pass on bad behavior. Darcy was drunk but is like family and my best friend. Kiara was young and groomed. Again, really? What is the author trying to accomplish with these characters? Face palm.

View 2 comments. Jan 30, Curly's Ramblings rated it it was amazing. Zamira, a downtrodden feline shifter beaten down by self loathing and an ex-lover, finds herself in insurmountable odds at every turn. The story will have you sitting at the end of your seat hollering and rooting for the underdogs as Zamira faces down enemies much stronger and bigger than she is in her human and shifted forms. There is non-stop action right from the start whether it is with an enemy, loved one, or an ex-mate. The witty banter will have you smiling and wanting more.

I hope to see more from Lyla and Max! Feb 09, Penny Noble rated it it was amazing.

Uncle Sam's Curse - Wikipedia

I have been a fan of Ms. Mayer since I read her Rylee Adamson series. And this book in a new series just highlights why. She is an excellent writer, her plots are interesting, and her characters are strong. In this book, we are introduced to Zamira who is shapeshifter and steals for a living but for good reasons. When one of her teammates goes missing, she sets off with another teammate to rescue her.

I do have to admit that while I really liked Zamira, she did show a little bit of prejudice against some people. She should have known better. However, I think by the end, she was coming around. But, I love how Ms. Mayer brings out emotions in me with fictional characters. If you like urban fantasy, you really need to try this one!

Highly recommend! Indiana Jones battles the White Witch of Narnia Not exactly, but it has the same classic feel good to it. I think there's ju Indiana Jones battles the White Witch of Narnia Not exactly, but it has the same classic feel good to it. Jan 31, Debbie Turk rated it liked it. I liked the female heroine, Zamira, she is fierce of heart though she lacks self belief due her differences from her family.

She has an unrelenting need to help those who can't help themselves even if it's likely to cause her end!!! I've only rated this book 3. Things we're discussed, about her marriage for instance, that wasn't a part of this book. Apr 23, Feminista rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. I didn't like how the protagonist kept getting walked over by everyone I wanted to love this book so much.

Moving along to the spring of , two fans in the campgrounds of the Talladega infield were electrocuted while setting up a metal flagpole. Unfortunately for those two men, their flagpole came in contact with high voltage wires and Talladega claimed yet two more unsuspecting victims. I doubt their families found much consolation in the fact that no drivers were killed in the "Big One" on lap 10 of the May Day race. On November 1, , we learned that despite all attempts toward the contrary, cars still can and will fly, given the proper impetus.

Contact between Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards sent Carl's 99 flipping wildly upside down and sideways into the catch fence, bringing back yet another eerie reminder of Bobby Allison's similar flight back in In the later incident, the catch fence held and no spectators were injured. It was just Talladega, reminding us that she is alive and well And now comes the scary part… as we saw earlier, in , two men died from electrocution while attempting to raise a flag in the infield, but wait!

Talladega County Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore said Bower's body was found shortly before noon on May 14 in a creek at the Jackson Shoals area downstream from an old dam. He said Bower's body was found in tall grass in the middle of the creek by a search team using a helicopter to search the creek area. Strange… but then again, it is Talladega. Now gentle readers, we have only to move from the May race to the October race of to see that Craig Franklin Morgan of Murfreesboro Tennessee perished in an RV set up at the South Campground outside the track.

Review: Into the Badlands 314 – Curse of the Red Rain

Morgan and his wife, Jami Allison Morgan were found unresponsive inside their motorhome, victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. Jami Morgan was found unconscious and transported to UAB hospital for treatment. She survived but Craig was not so fortunate. Yes, things such as that do happen, but they seem to happen too frequently at the big track in Alabama.

Authorities said her husband, Kevin Dulaney , told them he dropped her off around am on Sunday because she wanted to go to the race but he did not. Am I getting out of a vehicle and walking about the grounds of that giant track alone at am? Not on your life… or mine either! Once the body was identified and autopsy done, her death was declared a homicide.

To my knowledge, there have been no arrests made to date regarding her murder.

LeBron James returns to social media with a shot for his critics: 'Hahaha!!'

Holy autopsies Batman! Has the curse turned to the fans? If we go back to the 2 deaths from electrocution in , that is 5 deaths over a period of 8 years, all of them fans and all linked to the Talladega track. I know one thing for sure. Next time someone goes missing, the place to begin the search is Jackson Shoals. Are the little hairs on the back of your neck standing at attention? As always, this scribe views the race at Talladega with trepidation.

All of my friends are quite familiar with the fact that I inhale at the green flag and exhale at the checkers. In between, I am a devoted, card-carrying member of the white-knuckle brigade. Next Sunday will be no exception. Perhaps it's some sort of fascination with horror or fear that insists I watch racing at Talladega; for sure and certain, I don't enjoy it. As always, I'll be praying for the drivers The events detailed here are merely highlights of selected races from Talladega, spanning many years. How then do we look at this track? To what do we credit these and many more unhappy endings that seemingly stem from its cruelty?

Is she truly unforgiving, or just too tough to tame? Are you sure? We might want to cue the theme from Twilight Zone one more time. YouTube is a treasure trove for anyone that takes the time to wander around.

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It runs close to half an hour in length, so this will be it for today. I hope everyone enjoys this trip down Memory Lane as much as I did when I listened to it.


Be well gentle readers, and remember to keep smiling. It looks so good on you! Just Do It! Make This a Christmas to Remember! Winters Cold Is Colder without Racing.