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Carol and her friends get high, steal a grocery cart after shopping, and evade a curious policeman.

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When she gets home, she has a message from Bill, wanting to set up another date. Bill spends the night and that they are very much taken with one another. Over breakfast, Bill asks Carol if she ever considered marrying again. Carol lightheartedly scoffs and says she hardly knows him. Their conversation is interrupted by a doorbell visit from Lloyd, and he tells her that he quit his job, though he did get a job as a pool cleaner at another business.

Carol is obviously reluctant to invite Lloyd in, but Bill, in his T-shirt comes up behind her, introductions are made and Bill invites Lloyd to breakfast. Awkwardly, Lloyd says he just wanted to let Carol know about the new job and leaves. Bill wants to see Carol again, but she tells him that her daughter Katherine has come to town. Katherine notes that Carol seems different, but in a good way.

Carol tells her that she is seeing someone, and Katherine insists that she wants to meet him. However, Carol finds frantic messages from Rona on her answering machine when they get back home as Bill is in the hospital for an unknown condition. Since only immediate family can see him, Carol is unable to be admitted. Sadly, she soon gets a call that he has died, and grieves that she has lost someone again. She asks Katherine why people bother getting attached when death is inevitable, a sentiment she expressed to Lloyd earlier. Katherine points out all the good things that happened because of Carol taking chances and risks.

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Carol's grief is palpable, but after her daughter has returned to New York, she once again gets back to the routines of playing golf and cards with her friends. She makes a trip down to where Bill's boat is still moored, and in conversation over cards one of her friends asks about the boat, which Carol says is still there, that there was no one to leave the boat to, and that she'd asked Bill's lawyer if she could have something of Bill's as a keepsake.

We don't learn whether there was anything given to her, but one day, as she is at home dusting the items on her fireplace mantel - framed family photos, a large urn presumably containing her husband's ashes and a little flower print tin containing her dog's remains - she finds a cellophane-wrapped cigar laying there, the type that Bill always had tucked in his mouth, unlit, an old habit he hadn't quite given up on. Lloyd comes to visit Carol in his new uniform.

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The rat appears again and he manages to trap it, and afterwards Carol finally breaks down in tears over losing Bill. Though the other friends are reluctant at first, Carol impulsively agrees, leading the others to join in. The film ends with Carol adopting an elderly dog and driving home with him, taking another chance at love.

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The official theatrical trailer was released on April 7, The film received largely positive reviews from critics. The site's critical consensus reads, " I'll See You in My Dreams would be worth watching even if Blythe Danner's central performance was all it had going for it, but this thoughtful drama satisfies on multiple levels.

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