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Volume 8 Issue 2 Nov , pp. Globale E-Invoicing-Vorschriften.

Schnelligkeit, Effizienzgewinn und Kostenreduzierung durch Fertigungsautomation und digitale Prozesse. Financial Services. Maschinen- und Anlagenbau.

Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie

Content- und Produktdatenmanagement. Logistik- und Transportmanagement. Prozess- und Informationsmanagement. Consulting Services. Mehr als Resource Center. Submit your application to start the conversation today! It is a fasten corset without many possibilities and modern business management. After job description and job related self understanding of pharmacists independent advising and care of patients should be the main focus and not the permanent bondage to sell more and skimming of profit by political decisions in accordance with health insurance funds simultaneously.

To meet with interests of conflict, the pricing of drugs only available with prescription was changed over to a charge fee. At the same time the legislator abolished the forbiddance to own more than one pharmacy in Since that time it is allowed to pharmacists to be owner till 3 branches.

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Furthermore that was hour of birth for many internet-and mail order pharmacies in Germany and the neighbour states. Momentary the European court debates whether an especially German law about interdiction to be owner of a pharmacy by persons who are not studied. A decision will be expected in the first months of It would be the summit of much large-scale changes, who are rocking and shocking the market of community pharmacies. In large towns one discount pharmacy opens after the other, even though there are many pharmacies faced with ruin.

Experts in health have to become mercantilists, if they are interested to survive. After the opinion of the scientist there are three possibilities of success. The pharmacist can buy his store to a chain. In other case he has to cooperate with other pharmacies or wholesalers and industry. By all means he needs a potent alliance partner. Today modern services like health care and clinical services with putting the main focus on safety and efficacy of medication come to the fore. Pharmacies in the cities or in the country, totally ca. In consideration of the fact, that pharmacies accept a sociopolitical public bid, namely the maintenance of the population with drugs, each individual little business is more controlled and regulated than all the other members of yellow pages by different laws and orders.

First you can name the rules of work or the German term Apothekenbetriebsordnung. You can find here. I will list some essential aspects from the rules of work you must know for comprehension and understanding of the branch and of each business. A pharmacy is obligated to be open over 24 hours to guarantee the pharmaceutical supply of population.

Exception is possible, if another pharmacy within a defined district holds up the readiness to help. There are other exceptions for Sundays and bank holidays.

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Because of ensuring the permanent opening, pharmacies are committed to have a night service. For organize such a service, pharmacies can conclude in regional groups from 2 , depending on whether you live in the country, on an island or large towns.

These pharmacies have to draw up a plan, from which for every day in the year everybody is possible to be aware one pharmacy open to the public. German regulations include the obligation for the pharmacist to be present in the pharmacy, where they assume final responsibility. Only in exceptional circumstances illness, holidays, etc. Likewise, the pharmacist who takes final responsibility has the right to undertake additional activities, as long as this does not prevent them from fulfilling their obligations in the pharmacy.