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It was a very touching sexy read. Bram has always loved his bestfriends wife Lucy. He always kept it to himself just so he can see her and be with her. He loved her so much that would rather see another man with her than to tell her of his true feelings and risk be rejected. After 20 years of a really bad marriage Lucy's husband dies. Lucys self-esteem is very low since her husband found comfort with other women and left her cold. Lucy has deceided that she is going to find comfort with a stranger in a town far away from home so know one knows.

Bram knows whats she up to and deceides that if she wants sex, then sex will be coming from him. Girl wants boy, boy wants girl. They are so hot for eachother that the have sex in the restroom of the resturant on their first date. He doesnt want to love anyone beacause he job is very dangerous, but he cant help it. Wanted: A real man - Heidi Betts Claire and linc highschool sweethearts in a little town where everyone knows your name.

Claire ups and leaves thinking that she is going to make it big in Hollywood. Linc dies a slow emotional death and joins the military then the US Marshalls. Ten years later Claire comes walking back through Lincs door telling him that he has a daughter and she is missing and he needs to help find her. He wants to hate Claire but she was and is everything to him. They are all a nice romance. I think this was the best story of the 4. I loved Cooper and him wanting to win over Sarah who is much less experienced.

It was hot and touching at the same time. Luring Lucy by Lori Foster All Lucy was looking for when she went to her vacation home was in innocent fling to quell the yearning she had felt since her husband died four years ago. This is a very hot read. Bram's been in love with Lucy even while she was married but remained a friend and now that she's ready to explore physical contact he want to be the main contender.

Also helps that he owns a gym and is VERY hot and hung. This was a very hot read. The Edge of Sin by Cheyenne McCray Zane Steele lives a life of extraordinary danger as a government agent and has never let anyone get too close. Having a spy as your main character is usually a good choice.

Personally the plot was weak and uninteresting but I skimmed and got the gist. A good read, and a solid 3rd story.

Marshal to find her missing daughter Reeling with the knowledge of a daughter he's never known, Linc sets out to claim what's his. The weakest of the lot. This one reads like a Harlequin romance novel but thankfully much much shorter. I didn't connect with Claire at all and found the whole premise unbelievable. But that's my opinion. If the premise is ok for you, this is a decent story. Highly recommended especially if you like erotic romances. Ever since her husband died, Bram has been waiting to make his move - he has loved her ever since he met her. Finding out that Lucy has gone to her lake house with the hopes of acquiring a lover sends Bram over the edge.

If anyone is going to be "Luring Lucy" to their bed, it is going to be him! Talk about a true alpha male! Bram is steadfast and knows exactly what he wants. And he wants Lucy. Joyfully I watched him seduce and claim his woman. He was thorough, that much was more than apparent! His desire becomes overwhelming when, looking out of his attic window, he sees the prim and innocent Ms. Fox being very naughty. Watching her tease herself is almost more than he can handle.

Cooper has definitely fallen! Ethan Cooper. His name alone is enough to make me swoon.

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From the top of his head to the tip of his um, yeah. Ethan is sin personified and quite happy to show beautiful Sair exactly how naughty this bad boy can be!

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Waiting on a contact, Zane finds himself mesmerized by a woman licking an ice cream cone. Fixated on everything about her, Zane can't help himself and has to meet her. The sexual tension between Willow and Zane is instantaneous. Will Zane be able to have a relationship with this enigmatic woman or will, once again, his job put someone he cares about in danger? Zane knew from the minute he saw Willow that he had to have her. At fourteen and sixteen, they didn't need a babysitter, but Lucy insisted that an adult be available in case of an emergency.

Bram took his responsibilities to the kids seriously and had made certain they were settled securely before he'd been able to leave. He hadn't told Karyn or Kent why he had to renege on their camping trip, but he could tell by the look on Marcy's face that she understood. She was Lucy's best friend, the only one who hadn't gossiped about her during the divorce and the horrible scenes that David had caused. Oh yeah, Marcy knew that Bram wanted Lucy. The woman wasn't blind.

Not that Bram minded. Soon everyone in Lucy's neighborhood and his own would know that he was staking a claim, and to hell with any gossip that might ensue. Lucy glanced nervously at the worker as Bram descended on them. She was confused by his appearance and probably disheartened to have her illicit tryst interrupted. The little darling had been on the make, and she'd apparently already picked out a conquest. Bram wanted to take the younger man apart but couldn't really blame him for his interest. He knew any male in his midtwenties, which this guy looked to be, was likely to have been interested.

He couldn't go around destroying every guy who looked at her, especially if she started issuing invitations. What he had to do was give Lucy a new target for her erotic curiosity. Bram didn't slow in his pace and stalked right up to Lucy until he stood mere inches in front of her. Her long dark lashes left feathery shadows on her smooth sun-kissed cheeks, and her full mouth was parted slightly. Her eyes, so clear and bright a blue they put the sky to shame, watched him warily. Bram could detect the subtle salty scent of her warmed skin and hair.

A very light sheen of perspiration glowed on her upper chest and in the cleavage she had clearly on display. Her honey-colored shoulders glowed, too, as did her supple thighs. Bram felt his own flesh heating with sweat, and it had a lot more to do with the proximity of his woman than it did with the unrelenting sun. And, if he didn't miss his guess, tinged with sudden awareness of him as a man. What's going on? Showing his teeth in what Bram hoped looked more like a grin than a warning, he growled, "Because I missed you, of course.

Her parted lips gave him the advantage, letting his tongue slip in deep to taste the sweet hot recesses of her mouth and move lazily along her own tongue. Lust boiled inside him, savage and hungry — and it was just a kiss. Bram could only imagine how intense it would feel when it was his cock sliding into her tender body, when her legs wrapped tight around his waist and he could fill his hands with her breasts, her luscious ass.

He nearly groaned with the thought, imagining her hot and wet, thinking how tight she'd be after four long years of abstinence.

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His testicles tightened and he did groan, low and raw. Lucy was obviously stunned by his primal display, but the worker got the message loud and clear — just as Bram had intended. Lucy held her breath, amazed and embarrassed. She felt caught in a whirlwind, naked and on display, and she didn't understand. Bram was a friend, practically a member of the family. He'd never touched her sexually before, but wow — he was touching her now! Ignoring Bram's kiss was out of the question. It wasn't the first time he'd ever kissed her, but the others had all been brotherly pecks and in laughing friendship.

Never like this. Never so This was a kiss of possession, a kiss of incredible passion. She'd never experienced anything like it, even through fifteen years of marriage, and her heart did two wild flips before settling into a frantic rhythm of panic, excitement, and, amazingly enough, response. Lucy flattened one hand on Bram's chest, wanting to push him away but using it for balance instead. The damp cotton of his shirt did nothing to shield his hot masculine flesh. He felt blistering hot and wonderfully solid against her palm.

She realized he was coiled tightly, his muscles iron-hard and straining, his heartbeat thumping in a fast gallop that mirrored her own. The young worker whom she'd specifically hired because he'd flirted with her cleared his throat loudly. Bram ignored him, which left her no option but to do the same. All too aware of the heat of Bram's mouth, his delicious taste, and the overwhelming strength in his muscled body, Lucy tried to protest.

All that emerged was a small sound, barely audible, a mere whimper that could have been interpreted any number of ways. Abruptly Bram released her. Her lips felt swollen and wet, her body both tight and too soft. She would have fallen down the hill and tumbled into the lake if Bram hadn't reached back out for her, throwing one bare, heavily muscled arm around her shoulders and literally anchoring her to his side. Caught in the cage of his body, Lucy felt small and defenseless, and strangely enough, that feeling stirred others, rousing emotions she hadn't dealt with in far too long.

Female to male, soft to hard. The idea of flirting with a stranger had titillated her senses. Bram's kiss had gone far beyond that. She felt as if she'd been torched.


Lucy shook her head, attempting to regain control so she could figure out just what it was Bram was doing. Why had he kissed her? Did he think to somehow warn off the worker by intimating a nonexistent involvement? To protect her virtue? Bram couldn't know that she wanted the indiscriminate fling. She wanted to feel again, to be alive as a woman, as a sexual being — and then she'd sell the summer house and get over the past, burying all the hurt once and for all.

The worker looked at her nervously, as if asking for instructions. The difference between Bram and the young man she'd hired was like the difference between an impressive oak and a new sapling. The younger man was rangy with muscles, lean and toned. But Bram was solid and thick with layered muscle, large and in his prime. He exuded sheer masculinity and iron will. Lucy wanted to fan her face, still reeling from that kiss. She used to wonder what it'd be like to be kissed by the infamous Bram Giles.

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Shortly into her marriage, when David had lost interest with teasing and nuzzling and foreplay, she'd thought of all she knew of Bram, how the women sang his praises and his own testament — by word and deed — to loving sex and females. She'd always thought that sex with Bram would be something almost too delicious to bear. Now she knew what it was like to have his mouth, and she doubted she'd ever sleep peacefully again.

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His kiss alone had been more sexual than anything she'd experienced in half a decade. Bram turned his head toward her, but with his reflective sunglasses on she couldn't even begin to read his expression. A little embarrassed, she hoped he didn't see her reaction, that he wouldn't know his tactic to warn off other men in a half-baked plan to protect her had actually turned her on.

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He was so cavalier about sex and intimacy, accepting it as a natural, healthy part of his life. After her marriage, he probably assumed she was, too. Lucy held her breath until Bram again looked away. With his free hand, Bram dug into his pocket, pulled out two twenty-dollar bills, and handed them to the young stud she'd hired to tend her lawn — with hopes for more.