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Nelson: The Sword of Albion. Vincent in and losing his right arm and very nearly his active career as a result of the attack on Tenerife.

Victory Was His

Nelson: A Dream of Glory was nothing short of a revelation in the tattered and heavily marzipanned field of Nelson studies. The Nelson who emerged from the pages of that opening volume was something of a revelation too: at once more and less repulsive than all previous versions by virtue of a far greater and more plausible humanity.

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This is all very familiar ground, and Sugden pays it the supreme compliment of writing about it as if nobody had ever written about it before. But looked at another way, he was a strong man.

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The government of the Two Sicilies, and indeed a few other Italian states, saw him as almost their one dependable support. In every crisis — the disastrous war of , the defence of Sicily, the reclamation o Naples and the papal territory, and the threat from Bruix — he had stood staunch and strong. Even those final distressing squabbles with [his commanding officer, Lord] Keith arose from an iron adherence to the safety of the royal family.

It certainly does, not only on that occasion but throughout. Falling in love with The Sword of Albion and faithful to the end, I am no more capable of moderation than were the admiral and his magnificent, preposterous Emma. These are thoughts from a Nelson ignoramus on a work of startling brilliance.

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A worldwide situation of success, calamity and horrible mistakes: what are the Russians doing, or the Austrians? The correspondence alone is prodigious.

Each episode brings revelation; quiet reflection is desirable to absorb and sort out what has been learned. Nelson: that once-in-a-century blend of self-confidence and anguished vulnerability.

  1. Ted (Julia) (Spanish Edition).
  2. Horatio Nelson was a superior strategist who anticipated the commands of his political masters.?
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  4. Personal relationships were vital to this phenomenal man and sea master: fellow and junior officers, like Nelson, seemingly worn out with sickness and exhaustion at 40, respond as giants to the promise of action. Crews of indestructible veterans and year-old mini-heroes. Above all, the wooden ships in their final magnificence having to blindly shape the future. Storms of hardly believable magnitude tearing them apart.

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