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My soul's in motion, movin' on this righteous thing You're doin' in me, here in me My sole devotion 'bout to makin' me wanna sing In harmony, harmony Singing bout' the joy I've found walkin' on holy ground Don't you know, there's absolutely no room for doubt I'm counting on the promises You made, the life that You gave That's where I wanna go Oh me, oh my I'm on my way to paradise So sweet, so nice I'm on my way to paradise Good Lord, I'm ready Ready for anything, anything at all I'm movin' steady, I'm walkin' on the narrow road That's gonna lead me home, right on home Related.

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You gotta check out. Library Journal A middle-aged pharmacologist rescues a fugitive from the Allied Earth Marines' Military Intelligence, escaping with her to a distant planet owned by a Japanese company engaged in a genocidal war.

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In a future where humanity is overshadowed by the ''advance'' of technology--cyborg soldiers, genetically enhanced humans, drug-induced mindwipes, and more--the struggle to remain human becomes a desperate search for identity and redefinition. The author's profound insights into the brutal reality of modern warfare, as well as his faith in the triumph of human compassion, make this first novel an excellent selection for most sf collection. Genre: Science Fiction. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

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