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Then these books are for you. Regular readers love to catch up with fascinating recurring characters while watching new relationships develop in each book. Raised in a Central Oregon cabin built by her prepper father, Mercy Kilpatrick was forced out of her tight community after high school. She left without looking back. Today, murders in the prepper world have driven small town police chief Truman Daly to ask the FBI for help, and FBI Special Agent Mercy Kilpatrick returns to the tiny town of Eagles Nest to face the anti-government family she abandoned fifteen years ago.

Fascinating details about prepper lifestyle give extra flavor to this mystery, adding to its memorability. Described as Justified meets Blue Bloods, Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh have created an endearing law enforcement family in small town rural Oregon full of suspense and deep relationships.

Broken into three small sets, each novella is a complete story, but a secondary over-arcing mystery is completed within the set.

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James Lee Burke, Robicheaux. Expect rich prose and dark meditations on the nature of life, addiction, and grief. Christopher J. Yates, Grist Mill Road.

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A horrific event of their youth haunts Patrick, Hannah, and Matthew, casting its shadow over their lives, ever more urgently demanding a final reckoning. From the beauty of the upper New York countryside to the brutality of New York City life, Yates skillfully reveals each layer of this mystery and the complexity of the characters within. Alafair Burke, The Wife. The Wife is shaping up to be a lightning rod of a novel: a domestic thriller about the wife of a prominent New York intellectual accused first by an intern, then by other women of sexual improprieties and assaults.

Leila Slimani, The Perfect Nanny. This is the perfect intersectional crime novel! When a lawyer goes back to work after years of child-rearing, she and her husband hire a highly qualified nanny to look after their children, setting in motion a tale full of menace and woe. A brutal, inexplicable crime on the first page sets us up for a brooding, beautiful exploration of race, class, gender, and performativity, mingled with a gripping plot.

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Leslie Klinger ed. Jason Overstreet, Beneath the Darkest Sky. Now an international consultant under the new name of Prescott Sweet, Sidney has moved the family to Russia for the second installment in the series. A heist is executed, then as usual, it goes sideways. What is unusual is that the fallout is then written as short stories by the likes of David Corbett, Gar Anthony Haywood, and Zoe Sharp each focusing on an individual member of the robbery. Not only is this a great idea, with the people involved, it should be one that is well executed.

Sarah Vaughan, Anatomy of a Scandal. A politician is immersed in a sex scandal that morphs into a rape trial, prosecuted by a barrister with secrets of her own. This book explores the messy, complicated trauma of a rape trial, with flashbacks detailing the entitled debauchery of private college clubs. In his newest novel, a pair of dyed in the wool Florida beach bums go on a pilgrimage from Key West to their old stomping grounds up the coast.

For those not already devoted to Sunshine State Noir, this novel could well be your entry point. Thrillers are rarely both intensely suspenseful and wonderfully nostalgic, but CJ Tudor manages to pull off both in this fantastic debut mystery. Jane Harper, Force of Nature. While Harper frequently garners comparisons to Tana French, we find her dry, knowing style to be a thing all her own.

In her latest, a woman, Alice, goes missing from a corporate retreat, possessing secrets too sinister to merely have gone lost in the desert. Laura Lippman, Sunburn. A man and a woman, seemingly drifters, cross paths one summer day in a quiet village in Delaware. Centripetal force takes over and their relationship grows more intense, with increasingly sinister undertones. Her fourth in the series is no exception. Kent Anderson, Green Sun. Adam Smyer, Knucklehead. A black lawyer in the late 80s through the mids deals with micro and macro aggressions from a society determined to treat him as a criminal.

Also, there are cats. Lots of cats. Sanchez-Moreno, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance and former Human Rights Watch Americas hand, turns her sites on the rise of paramilitary groups in Colombia. Their role in the international drug trade, and the killings that facilitated their decades-long rise, is a story that bears telling, repeating, and close study.

Mario Vargas Llosa, The Neighborhood. The Nobel Laureate has often flirted with various forms of crime writing. In The Neighborhood, he jumps headlong into the genre, with his own idiosyncratic, learned take on the detective novel. Ever wonder what happened to the generation of young people who left the States rather than submit to the draft, the ones who never quite made it home during the amnesty, or the ones who never got over the violation of trust they felt when the government came for them?

Reporter Matthew Sweet tracks them down around the world, and their life stories are even stranger than you could possibly imagine. His latest follows a man caught between two worlds, feeling at home in neither, as he grows up and leaves his kindly adoptive parents to pursue a life in boxing. Abrams is a master of the oral history, and this time he has his sights set on that most pivotal of crime-pop culture moments: The Wire.

Going in deep with the creators, cast, crew, and all the flies on the wall, Abrams expands our view of what the show meant and offers up every choice tidbit you ever wanted. Christine Mangan, Tangerine. A bright young thing with a haunted past goes to join her college pal in Algiers, causing chaos and uncertainty for her friend and her new husband. Gordon McAlpine, Holmes Untangled. Chris Bohjalian, The Flight Attendant. And yet their appearances in the canon are few and far between. Alice Feeney, Sometimes I Lie. There are three things you should know about me.

Sometimes I lie.

  • Rastamouse: Pirate Riddims.
  • Isabelle and Emme The Very Rainy Day!!?
  • Der Vamp - 1: Sehnsucht und Leidenschaft (German Edition).

Narrating both from her hospital bed and from a week before her accident, Reynolds tries to piece together what happened to her. Joe R. Lansdale, Jackrabbit Smile. Lansdale has one of the unique and entertaining voices in modern literature and the banter between Hap and Leonard never disappoints. Brad Meltzer, The Escape Artist.