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A fellow slacker worked hard to create it. Have you created a custom station to call your own yet? He previously traveled with The Kingsmen and Squire Parsons. Arthur Rice has been nominated for numerous Singing News Fan Awards, including favorite newcomer twice , male vocalist 18 times , favorite lead 19 times , favorite baritone once , and along with the rest of the band has won favorite band 8 times.

The Kingdom Heirs have also been voted favorite group once during his tenure with the Kingsmen. He also produces Gospel recordings. Have any questions? Want to leave a comment about the show? Just give us a call at Southern Gospel News Podcast will give you information that you wont be able to find anywhere else - not on the radio, not in a magazine- strictly on SGNP. The best known group of the s and s was Statesmen Quartet , which set the trend for broad appeal of the all-male quartets that would develop years later.

The Statesmen were known for their showmanship and introduction of jazz, ragtime, and even some early rock and roll elements into their music and their stage appearance with trendy suits and wide audience appeal and were known for their signature song, "Happy Rhythm" Rockin and a'Rollin. From the start of the genre, the predominant type of artist has been the male quartet. Trios and duos have also been a vital element of southern gospel for most of the genre's history. All-male trios also are very popular. Groups such as Greater Vision and the Booth Brothers are immensely popular.

Both have been nominated for numerous Grammy Awards. The genre also has a growing number of popular soloists. Many of these gained their initial popularity with a group before launching out on their own as soloists. Sumner and The Stamps toured with Elvis Presley , who originally wanted to be a Gospel singer despite trying out for numerous groups and never receiving an offer to join.

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Sumner and Presley met when Elvis was 14 years old and the two forged a strong relationship. Sumner sang at Presley's funeral and debunked many myths about Presley's alleged substance abuse and also credited Elvis for saving his life when Presley confronted Sumner about his alcoholism. Sumner held the world record for the lowest bass note ever hit for a human being until , four years after his death. Anthony Burger was the main pianist for Gaither's Homecoming Series before passing away suddenly in during a performance.

A child prodigy, Burger was playing classical piano repertoire within a few years.

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The Cathedrals were perhaps the most successful quartet of the s and s. Vestal Goodman perhaps the most influential female recording artist of the 20th century with a career that spanned five decade.

Born Vestal Freeman, she started, like most gospel singers do, singing in her home church in Fyffe, Alabama. Many variations of the group existed over the seven decades the family traveled and recorded but the combination that came about in the early s of Howard, Rusty, Sam and Vestal would go on to change the sound of Southern Gospel forever. The Goodmans were a powerhouse sound and with the addition of some electric guitars, bass, steel guitar and drums they made and impact on southern gospel still felt today. Vestal was awarded the first ever Dove Award for Female Vocalist of the Year which in those days was called "Queen of Gospel Music" which was a title Vestal held until and even after her passing.

In Bill Gaither invited Howard and Vestal to be part of his new recording project called "Homecoming" which would launch a whole new season of their career. Howard and Vestal were a much anticipated part of Homecoming concerts and videos.

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In November Howard died during their retirement tour "The Final Stand", Vestal finished the tour dates and continued to appear with the Gaither Homecoming. Several secular artists have expressed their love for and influence of the genre by recording southern gospel albums or performing gospel songs in concert.

Traditional southern gospel music underwent a tremendous surge in popularity during the s thanks to the efforts of Bill and Gloria Gaither and their Gaither Homecoming tours and videos, which began as a reunion of many of the best known and loved SGM individuals in Thanks in part to the Homecoming series, southern gospel music now has fans across the United States and in a number of foreign countries like Ireland and Australia. By the s, the "old-timey" quartet-style music began to develop to include more soloists and duos.

Although still mostly popular in the Southeast and Southwest , it has a nationwide and even an international audience. The music remains "more country than city, more down-home than pretentious".

In fact, southern gospel was the 9th most popular format for AM stations and the 21st most popular for FM. Southern gospel radio promoters routinely service more than a thousand radio stations which play at least some southern gospel music each week. Recent years have also seen the advent of a number of internet-only southern gospel "radio" stations. Both play the same feed entitled, " enLighten on SiriusXm".

Top 80 Southern Gospel Music Chart

Enlighten plays southern gospel and has several featured programs which air weekly including Paul Heil's Gospel Greats and Bill Gaither 's Homecoming Radio. Over the last decade, a newer version of southern gospel has grown in popularity. This style is called progressive southern gospel and is characterized by a blend of traditional southern gospel, bluegrass, modern country, contemporary Christian and pop music elements.

Progressive southern gospel generally features artists who push their voices to produce a sound with an edge to it. The traditional style southern gospel singers employ a more classical singing style. Southern gospel purists view lyrical content and the underlying musical style as the key determining factors for applying the southern gospel label to a song.