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Is there anything simpler than knowing that the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west? After all, it happens every day of our life, right? Sunrises and sunsets happen because Earth spins, counter-clockwise if we look down at the North Pole. Earth's tilt means there are only two days per year that the Sun rises exactly due east. Wikimedia Commons ; modified by Alberto Vecchiato. We can use the same reasoning to explain a similar phenomenon for the Moon. So moonrise will also shift north or south of due east as the Moon completes its orbit. Just as Earth is tilted with respect to its orbit around the Sun, the Moon is tilted with respect to its orbit around Earth.

The rising and setting of the sun varies all year round depending on a number of reasons.

Why Does the Sun Rise in the East?

The timing of the sunrise is affected by the altitude, time zone, longitude, and latitude of the viewer. The axial tilt of the Earth highly affects sunrise as well as the movement of the planet on the annual elliptical orbit. When we say that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west we have to understand the issue of the equinox.

The sun only rises in the exact east and sets in the exact west two days of the year. Irrespective of where one is on the universe the sun will be seen to rise from the exact east and set in the exact west on March 21 and September The two dates are known as fall equinox and spring equinox. On other days, the sunrise will alter and rise in either north of exact east or south of exact west. The sun rising in extreme northeast and setting in the extreme northwest is observed during the summer solstice.

The speaker is initially affronted by the presence of the sun and wastes no time in berating the intrusion, questioning its appearance at a time when love is the priority, and love is not to be influenced or regulated by the course of a pedant. You can picture the lovers being disturbed by bright sunshine streaming in at dawn - the equivalent of someone shouting. All they want to do is continue their sleep. Who wouldn't be annoyed? The speaker's tone does shift as the poem progresses. In the second stanza all the heat has dissipated and there is a more thoughtful approach as the speaker attempts to persuade the sun that his lover has the power to blind him.

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In the end the speaker suggests that the lover's bed and room is a microcosm of the solar system, so the sun is invited to revolve around them. This poem begins with insults. The sun is called an old fool, which is quite controversial because we're talking about the giant star that keeps everyone and everything alive on the planet, right?

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The sun can never be unruly, surely? Donne personifies the sun in order to have a go at it. The speaker is saying : Get out of my life!

Where Do the Sun and Stars Rise?

Love is not under your control!! The insults continue. You can picture the lovers being rudely awakened by the strong rays and wanting the sun to go elsewhere. But the emphasis here is on belittling - the sun is told to go and call on people arguably less important - boys late for school, resentful apprentices and farm workers. The end couplet, fully rhymed, affirms that love is beyond weather, place and time of year.

Earth’s Rotation:

It never changes, is unaffected by the divisions of the clock. What makes you think your light is so awesome?

Analysis of Poem "The Sun Rising" by John Donne | Owlcation

All it takes is for me to blink an eye and, hey presto, I've beaten you. But I don't want to waste time doing that, my eyes are for my lover only. The speaker is boasting now, putting the sun in its place with two perfectly constructed iambic pentameter lines - to emphasise the ease with which he could eclipse the sun. My lover's eyes easily outshine yours, she is dazzling, and it wouldn't be such a shock if, on your return tomorrow, the whole of India and the East and West Indies are all here in her, in our bed.

This is hyperbole par excellence. Donne has the speaker declaring that the exotic countries of th'Indias with their spices and gold won't be where the sun last saw them, they'll be embodied in his lover. And if you saw a monarch or two on your travels yesterday ask after them, I think you'll be told they're here, in our bed.

Do the Sun and Moon Really Rise in the East?

My lover is the whole world to me, and I'm total prince. End of story. Real royalty act as if they're us; all rank, status, mark of pedigree is imitation compared to her and me. We're the real deal, our love is our wealth, we don't need cash or bling, especially that false fool's gold the alchemists claim to make from junk metal. You're only half happy, being one.

We are two and we are the entire world so, take it easy, you're old don't forget and you've still got to keep the earth warm, it's your duty after all. To make it easier, I invite you in to our room. Shine on our bed, into the whole room; that way this will become your solar system with you revolving around us.

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