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This means that he is left with two options: renegotiate to really modernize and improve NAFTA, or pull the United States out of the agreement altogether. If Trump chooses to act on his threat of taking the U. After all, 36 states have Canada as their largest export market, and four have Mexico as their biggest client. In addition, imports from Canada and Mexico play a big part in keeping the cost of essential consumer goods like cars and food cheaper for Americans.

I heard the words coming out of my mouth and I cringed.

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I apologized to my friend. With a soft chuckle, she said it was all right. Because we had a well-established a relationship filled with trust and respect, she understood. Everything is fine and I believe I was more upset than she was.

That WE—both our professional and personal relationships—were and are OK. I had to resist the urge to apologize repeatedly each time we talked.

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Following are the things I thought about, worked through and, made peace with. Loving Caliber. You Are The Solution. So Emotional.

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Strike the Blood. END 1. Cry Baby.

Jack Sparrow.