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It is used as a recruiting tool in over 12, high schools across the U. Any math on the test can be worked out using the provided pencils and paper. Each section is graded separately using percentiles between 1 and Taking the ASVAB is usually a part of becoming an officer, but each branch of the military has their own unique requirements. Each branch has their own rules regarding retaking the test. The Program uses the test to help students identify both their interests as well as their strengths in three skills areas verbal, math, and science and technical skills.

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Schools that may be facing budget cuts or finding themselves with limited resources devoted to career counseling are encouraged to find out whether using the ASVAB Program would be useful, as the testing and career development services are free of charge. Tests are administered at participating schools.

A test administrator is provided for every testing session and that person has no additional recruitment responsibilities. Various accommodations are available for the ASVAB, such as having questions read aloud, providing extra time, and other accommodations.

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School staff members are responsible, however, for tests that are administered with accommodations because test administrators are only able to administer the ASVAB by following the standardized procedure. If the test is being used for enlisting, only scores obtained during standardized test sessions with no accommodations can be used. All test takers are given a summary results sheet that shows their percentile score in every test area. A percentile score of 50 means that a score was achieved that was better than 50 percent of all test takers.

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Percentile scores are given specifically for test takers of their gender and their grade level. Information obtained from the test is only shared with agencies within the Department of Defense. Test takers are informed that their specific scores will be used for up to two years for recruiting purposes. After two years, test scores will be used for research purposes only. These scores are known as Standard Scores.


Not long ago, a large number of people in this age group were given the tests, and these results are the benchmark for Standard Scores. In other words, the scoring is based on a standard bell curve distribution. Standard Scores are very important when it comes to determining which military job a person will be assigned to. First, the WK and PC scores are added together, then the sum is doubled. This is known as the Verbal Expression VE score.

This score is a straight percentile measure, expressed as a number from The number is the percentage of people who scored lower than the test taker. Forty-seven percent of those who take the exam indicate an interest in attending a four-year college, and 16 percent of those who take the exam originally indicate some kind of an interest in joining the military.

Next, read it again, paying more attention to the details that relate to the main point. Then, read all of the questions and refer back to the paragraph to help you choose the best answer. If you take this approach, you will be more relaxed and efficient, and less likely to get thrown off the track by being nervous. The WK section tests the strength of your word knowledge by having you read a sentence and replace a word in the sentence with its synonym — a word with the same meaning as the original word.

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How good is your vocabulary? The WK section tests your word knowledge in several ways. First, it tests whether you can recognize correct and incorrect spellings of words. For this type of question, you may want to review words that are often spelled incorrectly, and make sure you know how to spell them.

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You will also need to know the definitions of words, and be able to use them in a sentence. You can take the test as a junior or senior in high school and use the score to enlist, provided that you are at least 17 years old and took the test no earlier than 2 years before you begin enlistment processing. If you do not live close enough to a MEP, your recruiter will advise you to take the test at one of the MET sites which are located in many Federal government buildings, armories and Reserve stations.

The format is different depending on where you take the test. At MEP sites, the test is computer-based and is given in an adaptive format. This means that questions may get easier or harder based on your answers to previous questions. The ASVAB-CT does not allow you to review or change your answers, which some recruits may find difficult, but it has some advantages over the pencil-and-paper version given at satellite MET locations.

The pencil-and-paper version takes longer hours total time , is not adaptive, and has a time limit for each subtest. You are allowed to change your answers for each subtest before moving on to the next one, but only before the time limit is reached for that subtest. In addition, scores must be processed manually and so they are not available for a few days — although a preliminary AFQT score will be calculated and given to your recruiter once you have completed the test.

Your score in each area reflects your own unique abilities. Of course, you will want to study with the aim of doing your best so that you can qualify for a job that fits your skills and career interests. Your AFQT score is compared to the scores of other recruits in the year age bracket to see how your potential measures up.

Each branch of the armed forces sets its own cut-off point minimum AFQT score for deciding who qualifies to enlist. The AFQT score is a percentile ranking between 1 and 99 that shows where your score is placed in relation to others. If you are not satisfied with your score and wish to retake the test to improve your chances at getting selected, you must wait a month before taking it again.

You can retake the test as many times as you want, but after 3 attempts the waiting period jumps to 6 months. Each branch sets a minimum AFQT score that recruits must get in order to enlist. Beyond that, specialty jobs have their own requirements for skills and knowledge. Here are the minimum scores you will need to qualify for each branch of service:. If you are a high school senior or have graduated high school, you must have an AFQT score of 36 or above to enlist.

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You will need a high school education and a minimum AFQT score of 32 to enlist. An AFQT score of 35 or more is needed to enlist in the Navy active duty or reserve if you are a high school graduate. If you have a GED, you will need to score 50 or better to enlist. Mometrix Academy is a completely free resource provided by Mometrix Test Preparation. If you find benefit from our efforts here, check out our premium quality ASVAB study guide to take your studying to the next level.