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No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. From the mysteries, to second guessing characters I can trust this person right?! Oh wait, maybe I better not , to the charming characters, to Rebecca especially her transformation and Luke, to the setting, to the final conclusion — all of it is fabulous! Not only do we get England, we get to see bits and pieces of India which could be a whole book in itself — hint hint Sandra!! Such a fascinating time in history for both countries! Are you a fan of the mysterious Gothic novels?

Originally posted at http: Oct 03, Stephanie rated it really liked it. Set in Victorian England is the perfect backdrop for this story. A young girl, Rebecca Ravenshaw, returns to England from India.

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Her parents-missionaries-died in the Indian Mutiny. When she arrives no one believes who she says she is. A year before someone else claimed to be her and was quite convincing. His name is Captain Luke Whitfield. He and Rebecca quickly form an attraction for each other. So begins the challenge or adventure I should say to convince everyone that she is the real Rebecca Ravenshaw. I enjoyed the gothic mystery feel to the story and how Byrd portrays each of the characters. Even the secondary characters play an important role in the story. I was really intrigued with the details and culture of India that Byrd includes and she gives you a richly sense of time and place.

Beautiful prose throughout, suspense in the right places and Byrd proves yet again you can write a good story without the vulgarity and foul language one finds often in books. This story is considered Christian Lit and Byrd does a splendid job with her characters dealing with real life situations.

Often times I read in this genre and have been disappointed. Sandra Byrd will not disappoint you with Mist of Midnight. In fact, she is one of my favorite writers and one of the few writers who I think can write brilliantly in this genre. I am so thrilled with this story and I will be on the lookout for more! I have been looking forward to this book for a long time now. I love Gothic romances and am a huge fan of authors like Victoria Holt. This book sounded like a Victoria Holt novel so I was totally on board to review it! I love not knowing if the hero is implicated in the crime or not….

In this book, there was pl I have been looking forward to this book for a long time now. In this book, there was plenty to make me question Luke and his motives. However, part of me felt that from the beginning he was cleared from any wrong doing. I was much more suspicious of others and not really of him so that was kind of disappointing. She was sweet and likable, and a little naive and a little too trusting. She definitely embodied the traditional Gothic heroine. Luke was a little too agreeable and likable for my taste. He needed to be more brooding and tormented for me to really buy into him as a Gothic hero so that was a little disappointing.

The mystery was interesting.

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I loved the identity theft angle and that the woman had to have known at least a little about her family in order to pose as her. I would have liked to have seen more in this area. The ending was a little too neat as well. Things came together with a little too much explanation. For instance, Rebecca being locked in the horse paddock. This was such a hard book to rate.

On one hand I was thinking of putting it in the 3 to 3. Overall it was a decent Gothic romance with a fresh, modern voice in the genre and I was compelled enough by the characters, romance, and the plot to keep reading.

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I would also read other books in this series as it appears to be the first in a new series. See my full review I've given this a B for narration and a C- for content, so I'm calling it 3. Rebecca Ravenshaw is the daughter of missionaries who were killed in the Indian Mut I've given this a B for narration and a C- for content, so I'm calling it 3.

Rebecca Ravenshaw is the daughter of missionaries who were killed in the Indian Mutiny. She was saved by the selfless actions of one of their household servants and eventually makes her way back to England with the intention of settling at her family home, Headbourne House in Hampshire — only to be informed that Rebecca Ravenshaw is recently deceased and now lies buried near the chapel on the estate.

You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals. Mist of Midnight, drew me in from the very beginning. Byrd has masterfully written a very intriguing and compelling Gothic Romance novel. The characters come to life right off the page and keep you on your toes, guessing as to who you can and cannot trust. Hope battles doubts, and the story comes to ahead wonderfully at the end.

A very satisfying read and conclusion! I look forward to Byrd's next novel Bride of a Distant Isle.

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Apr 23, Katherine rated it it was ok Shelves: Gone, but not completely gone. I still saw them at midnight. Instead, what I got was a far too overdrawn novel of tea parties, riding horses, and utter boredom. Rebecca Ravenshaw is the daughter of British missionaries who live "They were gone now, every last one of them. Rebecca Ravenshaw is the daughter of British missionaries who lived in India doing the Lord's work.

Or she did, until they both died and she moves back to England to reclaim her title as mistress of Headborne House. So it's a pretty revolting development when she comes home to a less then warm welcome. Because someone already claiming to be Rebecca Ravenshaw has been living on her family's property, and worse, she's dead. Deary me, what's a proper young lady to do? For starters, the mystery aspect of the story was way to overdrawn and dragged out too long. This book could have been cut short by at least one hundred pages in trying to figure out this mystery.

What did I get in place of that? Ladies trying on dresses and playing croquet and making social calls that result in even more boring conversations.

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This is one of the same problems I had with Pride and Prejudice; everything was just too proper and moved too slow for me. The romance was about as dull as dishwater. There were some major plot holes in the storyline that weren't filled out, so you go from thinking that the two leads get along OK but not fantabulously to "Oh my gosh, I'm in love with you", and you're just sitting there like 'WTF?

Where did that come from?!! He was just so But then again, Rebecca didn't win any points for being extra exciting either, so they were probably meant for each other. One other odd thing about this book was it's unsuccessful melding of genres. I don't think this was explicitly marketed as a Christian romance novel, but it certainly tried to be that way.

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It couldn't reconcile whether it wanted to be one or not. I get it; her parents were Christian missionaries, of course there would be some talk of religion here.

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However, it flip-flopped as to how it was going to deal with the subject of religion, alternately making the characters pious but not as religious within the realm of just a few short pages. I for one don't really believe that Gothic romance and Christian fiction meld together, but that could just be me. This book is compared to Jane Eyre and Rebecca. And while I haven't read the latter, I can confirm that it is nothing like the former, mainly because of how extremely dull it is.

With a far too slow moving plot and cardboard characters make this a disappointing Gothic read. For a truly good Gothic romance, read anything by Simone St. James; she's a master. Feb 22, Cheryl Olson rated it it was amazing Shelves: It just adds to the enjoyment for the reader and lends some authenticity to the time period of the story. We have the lovely Rebecca Ravenshaw, a child of missionaries who lost her whole family overseas in India to both illness as well as the Rebellion that took place there.

She then died under suspicious circumstances. In residence in Headbourne House, is the very handsome Captain Luke Whitfield who is a distant relative next in line to inherit Headbourne House with the supposed death of Rebecca Ravenshaw. Luke is everything that the perfect gothic hero needs to be, as he is completely swoonworthy, but has that edge to him where you wonder exactly what his secrets might be- think Mr Rochester in Jane Eyre - is he a good romantic hero or is he going to murder you in your sleep?

This keeps Rebecca, and the reader, off balance throughout the story right till the end as the mystery of what happened at Headbourne House with the impostor comes to light. Also in all good gothic tales the residence, or House, is almost always like a character unto itself within the story as there is usually some mystery within the house and Mist of Midnight does not disappoint in that respect either with mysterious messages showing up on the walls and rooms that are locked up where Rebecca cannot enter, letters hidden in the attic, etc.

Sandra Byrd knows her stuff and I was completely engaged in this story from the beginning until the end which was delightful by the way. I would never give away an ending, but I will say that there was an especially endearing little twist that I was not expecting at the end that I thought was very charming and fun to read. All opinions expressed are my own.

Nov 22, Michelle Griep rated it really liked it. I'm a jaded reader, so it's a rare occurrence when I find a new author that I actually like. Sandra Byrd is the lucky winner this year. What's not to love about a manor home in England? A handsome captain who may or may not be a bad boy? Lots of intrigue and a French maid that you kind of want to slap? All these ingredients make for a fine Hot dang! All these ingredients make for a fine read to cozy up with this winter.

I loved heroine Rebecca Ravenshaw. She's brave, with just enough fear to make her believable. The entire story is told in her point of view.

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Honestly, I would've liked to have been in Captain Luke Whitfield's head a time or two to know his reactions and feelings to situations. There's a twist at the very end that I didn't see coming. An interesting one -- that I won't give away. Just know there's a "Surprise" after the credits, so to speak. Aug 10, Jessie Pannell rated it it was ok Shelves: Will some dear writer use all the talent, resourcefulness and creativity that is ours in Christ Jesus to write something that moves and is intelligent?

Unfortunately, this is not it for me. Oct 14, Colleen Turner rated it really liked it. Find my full review at http: I became a huge fan of Sandra Byrd after reading her delicious Tudor Ladies in Waiting series and therefore snatched up this newest novel of hers, the first in a new series set in Victorian England, as soon as I got the chance. While this novel has a very different feel from those mentioned above it was still as engrossing as its predecessors.

When Rebecca Ravenshaw steps off the boat from India she is seeking nothing more than some war Find my full review at http: When Rebecca Ravenshaw steps off the boat from India she is seeking nothing more than some warmth, peace and serenity in a place she belongs after the painful and frightening ordeal of losing her family. Much to her dismay she finds none of that when she arrives at her ancestral home, Headbourne House, and instead is confronted with confusion and suspicion that she is an imposter, come to try and steal the home and fortune of the Ravenshaws from Captain Luke Whitfield, the closest relative now that the young woman who previously claimed to be Rebecca Ravenshaw died mysteriously.

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