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Both Sides of the Fence (Both Sides of the Fence #1) by M.T. Pope

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my, her, the other, the same, etc. side of the ˈfence

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Rabbi Rex Perlmeter. So Krishna placed the head of the youth on a tree atop a hill and blessed the head with life so that the youth could see all the events that took place on the battlefield of Kuru-kshetra. This story draws our attention to the idea of taking a stand. Krishna destroyed the warrior because he did not take a stand. He was neither fighting for the Pandavas or Kauravas, for the right side or the wrong side. He simply wanted to use his power to fight for the losers with the intention of making them winners, not realizing that this behavior would lead to no conclusion. The youth was focused more on his skills and less on the outcome he desired to achieve using his skills.

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  • Ravikishore Singh encountered a warrior such as this in his Board meeting. He noticed that his most promising director spoke a lot, but never really took a stand. He would keep arguing both sides with such brilliance that it was difficult to take a call. When deliberating whether to partner with a multinational company to import a new chemical to India , the director argued eloquently on the benefits of doing so. As soon as most of the remaining Board members agreed with him, he started arguing on the dangers of doing so. This gentleman was so brilliant that he could see the positive and the negative side of both the situations.

    And because he could see both positive and negative situations he could never take a call, nor help others take a call. Ravikishore Singh realized the director was not really adding value — yes, he threw light on many things, but ultimately proceedings were suspended as everyone was confused.

    Space Station 13: Colonial Marines - playing both sides of the fence

    Everyone was so locked in thought that there was no action. There was, what is popularly called, paralysis by analysis. Like Krishna , Mr. Ravikishore Singh decided to stop the young director from participating in more meetings. Without him, the Board could move forward, in some direction, hopefully the profitable one.