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Thank you for signing the ComeCleanAboutBeauty petition. Interested in finding genuine organic brands? Want to do more? Become a Soil Association member today and join a community of like-minded people pioneering the Good Food Movement and fighting for honest labelling across beauty, food, farming and more.

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We'll never sell or swap your details and you can unsubscribe at any time - just check our Privacy Policy. New research reveals that most people feel misled by some beauty labelling. This is just the tip of the iceberg Our 'Come Clean About Beauty' league table reveals a cross section of brands and beauty products on the market which make potentially misleading organic claims on the label.

Major beauty brands Boots, Dr Organic and Faith in Nature have all been named as culprits of greenwashing.

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and what you put on it is likely to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Yet unlike with organic food, which must adhere to strict EU standards, there are no legal standards for the use of the terms 'organic' or 'natural' on beauty products. This is wrong, and the brands using these potentially misleading labels, on products ranging from moisturising shampoos to sunscreens to night creams, need to ComeCleanAboutBeauty. The Campaign for Clarity reveals that price is not a factor in separating misleading products from their certified organic counterparts.

In fact, this product contains six ingredients that would never be permitted in certified organic beauty products, including several artificial ingredients. Yet the reality is quite different. A leading independent toxicologist reviewed the ingredients we found in products which say organic on the label and identified the Terrible Ten: Ingredients which have been shown in wider use to cause problems such as allergies, hormone disruption, or harm to the development of unborn babies.

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  5. Genuine organic products are independently certified and I would encourage consumers to choose those to be sure they are keeping away from ingredients included in the Terrible Ten. Read our full report and learn more about why we're asking health and beauty brands to come clean about beauty. JessicaStokes9 Welcome!

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