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One of the delights of a live performance is the intimacy created by audience laughter and the slight mistakes that always happen onstage.

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And one can clearly hear the way an audience helps keep the reader's narration buoyant and lively. The downside is that if you get a narrator who is over the top, a producer cannot jump in and tone him down. Such is the case with Charles Keating's rendition of an amusing tale by John Updike about a golfer and the strange relationship he has with his Scottish caddy. Keating affects a Scottish burr for ''Farrell's Caddie" that is so thick one cannot always understand him.

Each author has won at least one Nebula or Hugo Award for his work in the genre.

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Though not all the stories from the anthology have made it to audio, those that did are unabridged. In each, the author has taken established characters and spun stand-alone stories. They serve as either introductions to listeners or as adjuncts to series already heard and admired.

In the case of Gaiman's ''The Monarch of the Glen," his character Shadow from ''American Gods" is traveling through a craggy and remote Scottish village. This is the best of the three if only because it sounds the most complete as a stand-alone story.

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Narrator Michael Emerson conjures up a strong Scottish accent and several other British voices. Of the three tales, this is the one that lingers, leaving the listener wanting more.

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It is read capably by Jason Culp, but nothing about this dazzles, though fans of Silverberg's popular series may feel differently. This story is imaginative but also a little confusing to those of us not familiar with the Alvin Maker series. It is, however, very well read by Peter Bradbury, who has a deep Southern voice that is smooth on the surface yet becomes slightly gravelly when he's riled up. He manages different, believable voices for various characters. Canadian author Alice Munro's latest collection, ''Runaway: Stories," is the literary equivalent of a chick flick.

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That is, if the chick flick had been written by Tolstoy. Most of the stories are detailed explorations into the pasts of several women and the circumstances that brought them to their present lives. Three friends are torn apart after getting lost on a wintry road trip through a seemingly endless poisonous forest - a forest that is home to the dark and the devoted. Darkfruit is a five-part roadmap that outlines the near formulaic sensitivity within human nature.

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It is a fantastical horror that dissects the intoxicating abilities of paranoia, fear, anxiety, and subconscious priming. Part experimental, part psychological thriller, it shows how under the right circumstances, a little fear-mongering and the power of the mind can lead anyone - even the most normal group of friends - to unexpected, disastrous consequences. Currently in post-production, Maria's second short film is a fantastical horror that examines the intoxicating power of fear, and the terrifying consequences of letting it take control.

Darkfruit was shot in early , alongside two other short films by co-producers Tess Harrison and Hannah Whitney. It's the second time these filmmakers have teamed up to co-produce three independent short films that are all shot in the same location, with the same crew - a collaborative project dubbed "The Lake Shorts. Well I thought they were going to Well I had heard that