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Use the money to get something nice for yourself, or continue adding to it, for several years and take your children or just you and your significant other on a special vacation.

How to Be Extremely Frugal with these Extreme Thrifty-Living Tips | ToughNickel

Go to your bank, most of them have coin counters and it is free. You can save money and still have what ever it is you really want. Consignment shopping and bargain hunting go hand in hand Penny Pinching Grandma has found the consignment shop voted best on the web. It has a great concept with new ideas.

I have had to look hard to find some free stuff you can actually use, so take a look. Not just saving money and time but healthy living tips as well.

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Want to learn more, you got to check this out. Come and let Penny Pinching Grandma tell you all about it. She even tells how you can add your tips also.

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If so put it in the form on my Ask Grandma page. Check below for more great penny pinching tips and ideas.

Easy Ways to Be Frugal and Save Money

Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Frozen entrees are convenient, but they cost four to five times the price of the ingredients.

Make a batch yourself for less than 75 cents a serving. If you want to go super thrifty, eat vegetarian dinners three times a week.

Benefits of Living Frugally

Beans cost pennies a pound. Stock up on the basics like underwear, socks and T-shirts at big box stores when they go on sale.

7 Daily Frugal Habits That Save a LOT of Money

That usually doesn't happen more than twice a year. Shop at the end of the season for next year. In other words, buy summer clothing at huge discounts in September and a new winter coat at the end of March. Repair instead of replace clothing and shoes.

162 Frugal Living Tips to Try in 12222

Stay away from brands. A pair of name-brand sports shoes can cost triple what a generic sport shoe costs. Be really frugal and skip buying new clothes for one season. Wear last year's clothes. Going to the movie theaters costs a pretty penny. Check out movies from the library at no cost. View movies over your Internet connection or order through satellite or cable services.

How to Be Super Thrifty and Frugal

If you absolutely must see a new release, go during the afternoon for matinee prices and avoid the popcorn and cola. All that salt, fat and sugar isn't good for you anyway. Credit card interest rates average about It's difficult to travel without a credit card. Most hotels won't accept a reservation without one.