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Catelyn and Lysa played together as girls, and even had a secret language. During the journey to the seat of House Mallister , they stopped at Oldstones , where Catelyn had played at being Jenny of Oldstones , while Petyr had pretended to be her Prince of Dragonflies.

When Catelyn, at the age of twelve, was betrothed to Brandon Stark , the heir to Winterfell , she thanked her father for making such a splendid match for her. While Catelyn had come to regard Petyr as a brother, [3] [14] Petyr had fallen in love with Catelyn.

Catelyn and Petyr danced six dances that night, but when he tried to kiss her, she pushed him away and laughed at him. Petyr, wounded by the rejection, became drunk and had to be brought to bed by Catelyn's uncle, Ser Brynden Tully. Catelyn's younger sister, Lysa, who had fallen in love with Petyr, snuck into Petyr's chambers and had sex with him that night.

However, the drunken Petyr believed he was having sex with Catelyn, and he called Lysa "Cat" before falling asleep again. Petyr was severely injured during the duel, and the final cut Brandon gave him was so brutal that Catelyn was convinced the younger boy would die from it.

Later, on his way return to Riverrun, Brandon learned about the disappearance of his sister, Lyanna Stark , and the involvement of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. When Brandon's father, Lord Rickard Stark , went to King's Landing to champion Brandon in his trial by battle , both men were executed. After Brandon had died, Petyr sent Catelyn a letter, which she burned without reading it.

Winter is Coming

By then, her father had promised her hand to Brandon's younger brother, Eddard , now the Lord of Winterfell. Catelyn married Lord Eddard Stark after the rebels won the Battle of the Bells , without ever having seen him before their wedding day. Eddard and Jon played key roles in the rebellion, and a fortnight after the wedding both men rode off to war again.

Catelyn remained at Riverrun, spending the first year of her marriage separated from her husband. After the war had ended, Catelyn and young Robb travelled to Winterfell , where she was displeased to discover that Eddard's bastard son, Jon Snow , had already been set up in the castle. Eddard's insistence on raising the boy at Winterfell and his refusal to identify the boy's mother caused frictions between them, leaving Catelyn jealous and angry.

However, when she finally had gathered enough courage to ask her husband about the Dornishwoman, Eddard demanded to learn where the rumor had come from. Ashara's name was never mentioned in Winterfell again, and Catelyn remembers the night as "the only time in all their years that Ned had ever frightened her".

On Eddard's part, the knowledge that Catelyn had actually been his brother Brandon's bride created a rift in their marriage. Despite these issues, however, Catelyn and Eddard grew to deeply love each other over the years. As the Lady of Winterfell, Catelyn became familiar with the lords of the north , and she once comforted a fellow southron , Lady Lynesse Hightower , by telling her how she had once felt out of place in the north, but had come to love it all the same. After the arrival of the royal party at Winterfell , Catelyn receives a letter from her sister Lysa , stating that the Lannisters had killed her husband, Lord Jon Arryn , the late Hand of the King.

Catelyn pushes Ned to accept the offer along with a betrothal that would make Sansa queen one day. Despite misgivings about going to King's Landing , Ned accepts. When Bran is left in a coma having apparently fallen while climbing the First Keep , Catelyn stays by his side for eight days, ignoring her own affairs and those of Winterfell.

On the eighth night, she is attacked by an assassin who had come for Bran. During the ensuing struggle she grabs the blade of his knife, causing deep lacerations to her palms, before Bran's direwolf attacks and kills him. Despite having travelled in secret they are met by guards upon their arrival, and are taken to a brothel owned by Lord Petyr Baelish , Catelyn's childhood friend, who tells her that the Valyrian steel dagger used in the attack belonged to Tyrion Lannister.

On their way back to Winterfell, still travelling in secret, they encounter Tyrion at the inn at the crossroads. He recognizes her, exposing her identity to those present, which includes men-at-arms in service to bannermen of House Tully. Catelyn successfully appeals to them to detain Tyrion for conspiring to murder her son, and assist her in returning him to Winterfell to await justice.

During the journey they come under attack by clansmen on the high road in the Mountains of the Moon. Tyrion successfully persuades Catelyn to allow her captives to take up arms, and goes on to save her during the skirmish. Her son Robb having marched south with his father's bannermen in response to Eddard's arrest in King's Landing, Catelyn joins House Manderly 's levies at White Harbor and meets the northern host in the field at Moat Cailin.

When the army finds it necessary to cross the Green Fork , the delicate task of negotiating with Lord Walder Frey falls to Catelyn. She negotiates passage and an alliance with House Frey by promising, among other things, Robb's hand in marriage to one of Walder's daughter and Arya's hand to Walder's son Elmar. After the news of Eddard's execution by order of King Joffrey I Baratheon , Catelyn is filled with grief but maintains composure for the sake of her son.

During the war council at Riverrun after the Battle of the Camps , Catelyn argues for peace with the south so that Sansa and Arya might be more easily brought to safety.

Game of Thrones: so who IS this Lady Stoneheart the fans are all going on about?

Robb and the assembled lords make clear their desire to continue the war, with the Greatjon declaring Robb the first King in the North in three centuries. Catelyn advises against Robb's plan to send Eddard's ward, Theon Greyjoy , on a diplomatic mission to offer terms of an alliance with his father, Lord Balon Greyjoy , as she does not trust either.

It is Catelyn's idea to attempt to ally with Renly Baratheon , who has a massive host, but she wishes to remain with Robb.

She travels south to Bitterbridge to meet King Renly's host, where she finds him hosting a great melee. Catelyn is present for the inconclusive parley between the two brothers outside Storm's End , [51] and she witnesses Renly's murder later that night by a mysterious creature of shadow.

Lady Stoneheart

Brienne of Tarth , one of Renly's Rainbow Guard , is the only other person present, so the pair flee in the knowledge that they would be blamed for the murder. They journey to Riverrun, and on the way Catelyn takes Brienne into her service. Catelyn disapproves of the admittance of smallfolk into Riverrun by her brother, Ser Edmure Tully. Upon hearing of her two youngest sons' supposed murders at the hand of Theon following his capture of Winterfell , Catelyn meets with the imprisoned Ser Jaime Lannister. The Kingslayer admits to having thrown Bran from the First Keep but insists he did not send the catspaw to attack the comatose boy.

Catelyn frees Jaime in a covert attempt to exchange him for her daughters Sansa and Arya , believed to be captives at King's Landing. Catelyn is placed under house arrest at Riverrun by Ser Desmond Grell and by Edmure once her brother returns from battle. Catelyn's father, Lord Hoster, finally dies at Riverrun, making Edmure the new lord. In a desperate attempt to save her son's life, Catelyn seizes Lord Walder Frey 's lackwit grandson, Aegon , and tries to trade his life for Robb's.

When Robb is killed by Roose, Catelyn saws through Aegon's throat with a knife. Walder had planned to take Catelyn hostage, [54] but the maddened woman claws her own face and Ser Raymund Frey is allowed to slit her throat. Three days after her death, [5] Catelyn's corpse is retrieved from the Green Fork by Arya Stark 's direwolf , Nymeria , who runs away when humans approach.

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Why 'Game of Thrones' Fans Are Hopeful That Catelyn Stark Will Return as Lady Stoneheart After All

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