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The quality was surprisingly high, with the rice fresh tasting and the fish soft and flavorful. It is at this point, however, that we bring you the sad news that there is one small caveat.

Book Review: Ten Yen True by Christina St. Clair, Amanda Armstrong

You have to catch, skin and gut the fish yourself? Not quite. The fish is made in a laboratory using depleted uranium and sawdust? Hopefully not. The catch is—wait for it—that you must also buy a drink. We went for beer, which came in at a pretty standard yen. Not wanting to just roll up, order the cheapest thing on the menu, take a bunch of photos and leave, while there we also took the opportunity to try out some other menu items.

Though not 10 yen cheap, everything else is also pretty damn cheap. We did, however, order some tuna without consulting the menu first and that turned out to be a little pricier than everything else, though delicious all the same. Charlotte McKinnon.

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    I am going to toss this bundle into the ocean, to let it float with the waves and sink to the deepest ocean bottom, never to resurface. I will transform into "One. His experience gave me a revelation. Here is an excerpt from the extra: "Revata was staying overnight in a deserted pavilion. While in meditation, he observed two ghosts fighting over a corpse and was asked to be the judge.

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    Revata knew that he would not escape unscathed in this intervention, so he told the truth. He judged that the corpse should be eaten by the small ghost since the corpse was being carried by the small ghost. The big ghost became mad and pulled the limbs off Revata and ate them. Feeling sorry for Revata, the small ghost immediately used the limbs from the corpse to repair Revata's body. The big ghost proceeded to pull the head off Revata and ate it.

    The small ghost then repaired it with the head from the corpse.

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    The big ghost continued to pull off parts of Revata's body and eat them. The small ghost continued to repair Revata's body with body parts from the corpse. When the big ghost finished eating, he wiped his mouth and left. When the small ghost finished repairing, he also left. Could it still be his original body?