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The aim of the performing arts course is to provide students with a thorough grounding in performing arts so that they learn to respond creatively and imaginatively, thereby developing physical skills and confidence in creating, performing and appreciating dance, drama and music. Medicine, communication, space travel, power generation, material development, transport and pretty much every other aspect of our lives has been guided by science.

Many of the things we take for granted have not been around for very long and the pace of change is now getting even faster. This is all down to science. Science is all about possibilities and asking the right questions to lead us one step further down the road to progress. Nothing is impossible. Given enough time and thoughts, answers to the most complex questions will reveal themselves. The future is not set.

North Europe and the Baltic c. 400-1700 AD. Peoples, Economies and Cultures

All it takes is for one person to have what looks like a mad idea with the perseverance to see it through, and the future is brilliant. That person could be you. An idea is all it takes! Welcome to the Technology Department at The North School which comprises of both design technology and food technology.

Within the department we strive for our students to develop their knowledge and understanding of this board curriculum area as well as developing their practical skills. The overall aim of the department is to develop students into problem solving individuals who take an interest in the knowledge they are gaining and who can demonstrate a wide range of practical skills which will serve them well as they move into the wider world outside of school. Through values, your child is learning valuable life skills which support other curriculum subjects.

The skills they will learn are how to voice their opinions, how to debate and discuss issues giving examples with written responses. The students enjoy the opportunity to discuss topics and concepts that they may not have approached in other subjects. The rewards of these lessons are to enable the students to be more adaptable to the world beyond school, in preparation for working life and all this brings.

The Northern World

Students are intrigued to learn about the varied topics we covered and we enjoy seeing the students use what they have learnt and develop their own opinions and ideas. Quick Links. Welcome Welcome to The North School, where we believe high expectations and a focus on achievement help us develop happy, confident learners who are supported, encouraged and inspired to reach their full potential. Read More. Learn More. Read More English English English By studying English, students have the opportunity to spend time with some of the best and most inspiring writers.

Though initially sharing a tense relationship , Jon and Daenerys grew to trust each other, with Daenerys allowing Jon to mine the dragonglass and coming to have more faith in him over his concern with the White Walkers. Per a proposal put forward by Tyrion Lannister , the Hand to Daenerys, Jon led an expedition beyond the Wall to capture a wight to use as proof at an upcoming parley in King's Landing.

Jon and his fellowship succeeded in subduing a wight , though faced heavy losses: several wildling warriors, Thoros of Myr , and Benjen Stark all fell, as well as one of Daenerys's dragons, Viserion , at the hands of the Night King after Daenerys flew to the far north to rescue Jon and his group.

Ethos & Values

For this, Jon pledged himself to Daenerys on a ship to the capital. Once reaching the capital for the Parley in King's Landing , Jon, Daenerys, and their followers met with Cersei Lannister and her retinue at the Dragonpit , where Jon publicly declared that he had pledged himself to Daenerys Targaryen already after Cersei agreed to a truce and in exchange asked for Jon to remain neutral after the Great War.

Though negotiations broke down, Tyrion was able to repair the truce, and Cersei pledged her forces to the northern cause though secretly planned to hold back her armies and let her enemies slaughter each other. Jon, who was appointed Warden of the North by Daenerys, then had a raven sent to Winterfell informing Sansa of this.

Sansa decided to separate the North from the Seven Kingdoms after Daenerys Targaryen's destructive war and her ultimate assassination by Jon Snow. This was permitted by the new King Bran Stark during his election by all the lords of the Seven Kingdoms, except Sansa. Sansa is subsequently crowned the Queen in the North by a gathering of Northern lords and soldiers at Winterfell.

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The Kingdom of the North is an absolute monarchy intertwined with a system of feudalism. The monarch is referred to as the King in the North , who rules the kingdom from the castle of Winterfell , the capital. Like their counterparts across Westeros , the Kingdom of the North utilizes feudalism to keep control and order. Lands are ruled by noble houses , who owe their fealty to the King in the North, typically the head of House Stark. In turn, these noble houses may have lesser vassals of their own, ruling over their own sections of land.

Unlike their southern counterparts, chivalry is not deeply ingrained in the culture of the North , so knightly houses are a rare find in the kingdom. At the bottom of the social ladder are the smallfolk , or the commoners, who make up the majority of the population of the kingdom. The King in the North bears no formal titles on their advisors, though the king can indeed host a council and heed the advice of any appointed advisors.

The Kingdom of the North is named after the North , one of the nine distinct regions of the continent of Westeros and by far the largest of the nine. As suggested by its name, the North constitutes the northernmost lands of Westeros south of the Wall ; the lands beyond the Wall are not apart of any kingdom. Historically, the Kingdom of the North was only made up of the region known as the North itself, though the borders of the North were loosely defined; hence why the King in the North was not called the "King of the North.

This was most noticeably seen during the War of the Five Kings , where the region that borders the North to its south, the Riverlands , declared for House Stark and was annexed into the reestablished Kingdom of the North. They were no longer subservient to the Iron Throne , but instead to Winterfell. This took precedent once more in the "aftermath conflicts" of the War of the Five Kings at the Battle of the Bastards. The resurgent Stark army, made up of loyalists as well as the surviving Free Folk who traditionally lived beyond the Wall, was aided by a cavalry force of House Arryn , the rulers of the Vale , which borders the North on its southeastern border.

After the battle which saw the defeat and extinction of House Bolton, both the lords of the North and the lords of the Vale declared Jon Snow , bastard brother of King Robb, their King in the North. The Vale and the North had been strong allies for many years, partially thanks to the friendship shared between Jon Arryn and Eddard Stark, who together, alongside Robert Baratheon and Hoster Tully , overthrew the Targaryen dynasty during the War of the Usurper. Robin Arryn became the new lord of the Vale at an unknown point of time and participated in the election of the new king after the assassination of Daenerys Targaryen.

New rash of forest fires in the North likely to be arson, Army says

The North was allowed to secede under Lady Sansa Stark. Being dominated by the social system known as feudalism, the Kingdom of the North has no permanent, united army that stands behind the King in the North. Rather, individual armies are controlled separately by the noble houses of the North. Despite this, there is a clear chain of command: the King in the North can rally his banners, and in turn, the lords of noble houses can rally the banners of their vassals.

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Each lord maintains a permanent group of elite knights , warriors, and other guards. Furthermore, the smallfolk , or commoners, of the lands can be conscripted into the Northern armies through feudal levies. The modern Northmen continue to practice much of the culture of the First Men and uphold their values, as the Kingdom of the North was the only kingdom not to fall to the Andal invaders.

As such, their culture, much like that of the ironborn and the Dornishmen , is very distinct from the rest of Westeros.

Chivalry is practiced little in the North, with few warriors having been formally anointed as knights. Northern warriors hold onto their own ideas of honor and virtue separate from the knighthood brought over by the Andals. Doi Khun Tan National Park , midway the two provincial capitals of province Lampang and Lamphun, is best known for Thailand's longest railroad tunnel, 1, m long. The northern region, as defined by the National Geographical Committee in , consists of nine provinces.

Geographically the division, in conformance with the six-region system, includes most of the mountainous natural region of the Thai highlands. In the four-region classification system , northern Thailand gains the eight upper-central-region provinces: Kamphaeng Phet , Nakhon Sawan , Phetchabun , Phichit , Phitsanulok , Sukhothai , Uthai Thani and Tak , bringing the total to 17 provinces.

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  4. In it is common to subdivide the northern region into: nine provinces of the upper northern region and eight provinces of the lower northern region. All websites of these eight provinces state: "located in the lower northern region". Note: Populations as of 31 December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

    Region in Chiang Mai. See also: Mae Chan Fault.