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The person you meet and fall in love with is not an exception. Many couples who meet each other away from a formal institution, such as the work place or university, may often talk about their love being destiny. That meeting each other was a way of fate. It may well be. The chances of love occurring between two people is so unlikely, the chances are virtually zero when you consider the external factors that could have prevented it.

Cherish the present.

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  • The sum of everything, oddly enough is -1/12.
  • The sum of everything, oddly enough is -1/12.
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I am The Sum Total Of Everything

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Definition and synonyms of the sum total from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Show more. Show less.

Calculating the Sum of a List of Numbers — Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures

How would you compute the sum of a list of numbers? If you were a mathematician you might start by recalling that addition is a function that is defined for two parameters, a pair of numbers. To redefine the problem from adding a list to adding pairs of numbers, we could rewrite the list as a fully parenthesized expression.

Such an expression looks like this:. In fact, we can use the following sequence of simplifications to compute a final sum.

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How can we take this idea and turn it into a Python program? We might say the the sum of the list numList is the sum of the first element of the list numList[0] , and the sum of the numbers in the rest of the list numList[1:]. To state it in a functional form:.