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Catherine Elizabeth Berrington. Press Man Paul Bradley. Charles, Jr Noah Brignull.

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Hans Christian Andersen Jim Broadbent. Dickens Phil Daniels. Walter Regan Garcia. Walter Leo Hart. Barry Graeme Hawley.

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Ogechi Kundai Kanyama. Edvard Lee Knight. Crowd Jamie McKie.

Dirk Ryan Pope. Charles, Jr James Roberts.

Crowd Alice Selwyn. Crowd Anthony Taylor. Walter Austin Taylor. Writer Martin McDonagh.

A Very Very Very Dark Matter: Martin McDonagh returns with a bizarre postcolonial parable

Director Matthew Dunster. Dark Night , however, simply makes an ugly guy jump out and scream at you when you least expect it. It's completely devoid of any creativity whatsoever, and borders on insulting. Though video games and horror in general require us to suspend our disbelief for a few moments, I can't get over the fact that the ugly guy with the bulgy eyes and huge mouth in Dark Night literally jumps out of nowhere to scare you.

You can be in between a stack of boxes and a wall, and he'll still come out from your right side where there's clearly a wall. It defies logic to the point that suspending one's disbelief is kind of impossible — and it's impossible because Dark Night is just so cheesy. Like jump scares, cheesiness can actually be a nice element. Think about the original Fright Night or Monster Squad films. Those were a tad on the cheesy side, but they were fun, and the former was still plenty creepy.

In terms of video games, there's nothing cheesier than animatronic critters coming to get you, but Five Nights at Freddy's is still entertaining and horrific. Dark Night is just really, really stupid and really, really cheesy. Dark Night 's atmosphere is way off, and it uses jump scares as a crutch. With a lot more development time and the proper minds behind it, the game could've been something. The premise, though vague, could be expanded upon. Being stuck in a dark environment and being forced to find your way out while things go bump in the night could make for a solid, if commonplace experience.

The fact that the game functions mechanically isn't enough to save it from mediocrity. It needs to be fun, which it isn't.

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It's a slight step up from Clown House deserving of a 2 out of 10 review score , but it's still not good at all, and it's still trash horror. I previously referred to Clown House as a digital fart. Well, Dark Night is like a digital pair of used socks, worn, smelly, and uncleaned, given to you by the developers because they think that those socks are what you want simply because you wear socks. At least Clown House was free!

I didn't finish Dark Night because I didn't feel it wasn't worth anymore time than I had already invested in it.

London Theater Review: Martin McDonagh’s ‘A Very Very Very Dark Matter’

The results were as expected enough, with players screaming and jumping. But most interesting of all was the guy who beat the game by hiding behind a stack of boxes until the in-game clock ran from AM to 5AM. Even though the game's description specifically says you need to keep moving, this guy managed to see the credits roll by staying put.

The dev team may have patched that up, though, as I then read Steam user reviews and found that everyone else, like me, couldn't actually beat the game. According to a lot of these players, no matter how many times they hid or how often they moved to new hiding spots, the dude with the gaping mouth still found them and presented them with the game over screen. So I guess the game went from glitchingly easy to now unbeatable. A new update is on the way, according to NightHood Games, but I'll never find out what that update does, because I'm done with Dark Night.

It's the latest inductee in the Trash Horror Hall of Shame, and I don't want anything to do with it ever again — not because it's scary, but because it's so lame that the idea of me ever wanting to return to it again kind of makes me feel uneasy and gives me the creeps. View the discussion thread. Dark Night: How a horror game misses the mark. Jan 19, Dark Night - 3.

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Mar 14, For a while now, I've been playing a lot of bad horror games and writing about them here on GameCrate. Horror in the Asylum features bad puzzles and pipe-wielding skeletons. Mar 02, It took a little over 30 minutes before I realized that I'd had more than enough of Horror in the Asylum. No, I didn't finish the game, and no, this White Mirror: A trash horror game with no mirrors and only one monster. Feb 24, I don't know if I can do this anymore — you know, the whole playing-bad-horror-games thing.

Well, I probably can, but I'm just being pointlessly