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It makes an important contribution to the study of Victorian literature and especially of recently rediscovered popular writers. Read More.. The study considers how Behn has constructed her plays and used their staging to ensure the perceptions and apprehensions she wants from that audience.

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The plays in this volume reflect recurring themes and approaches to adapting Medea to modern contexts. Numerous modern adaptations see the play as painting a picture of the struggle of the powerless under the powerful, of women against men, of foreigners versus natives. The play has been adapted into colonial and historical contexts to lend its powerful resonances to issues of current import. This detailed study of the textual and visual mechanisms that bring gender into being makes an important and original contribution to our understanding of print culture, both in China and beyond.

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In this study, she explores the contradictions over time of the goevernment's socialization goals and in the messages they sought to send about what it means to be a female in Singapore. Readers interested in the role of schools in constructing ideology, as well as those interested in the development of Singapore, will find this an engaging and well-written book.

Despite the growing literary scholarship on Chicana writers, few, if any, studies have exhaustively explored themes of motherhood, maternity, and mother-daughter relationships in their novels. Gralla's analytical story of the demimonde in the Japanese imagination becomes, in her writerly hands, a poignant tale of loss and possible recoveries, writ large. This study of their schools, artistic work, and audience development provides insight into the development of expressive movement both regionally and nationally.

This comprehensive tome, part of the Cambria Contemporary Global Performing Arts headed by John Clum Duke University is an essential addition for theater studies and women's studies.

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This interesting book examines the representation of female characters in American naturalism and argues that women in American naturalism are often represented as femmes fatales. More recent scholarship has called for the need to investigate the subjective experiences of becoming and being a woman teacher thus creating a greater set of bounded studies which pay close attention to ethnic, class and regional differences as well as instances where women teachers exercised autonomy and resistance.

This book challenges the assumption that families and schools unproblematically reproduced prevailing gender regimes. This book offers an historical portrait of the first generations of women home scientists at the University of New Zealand in the early decades of the twentieth century.


One of the first studies daring enough to examine the painful impact of Internet pornography. This book is one of the first published on interracial marriages which focuses specifically on marriages between African American women and Caucasian American men in contemporary America. In this landmark book, the author opens the door to considerations of power, gender dynamics, and language and ideology in a community that has not yet been studied using the techniques of discourse analysis. While there is ample work on Varma in Hindi, scholars of feminism and students of Hindi who are in the nascent stages of language acquisition have nowhere to turn for a comprehensive sampling of her work.

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This book now helps fill the void with contributions from some of the highly regarded experts in the world of Hindi today. Many of the primary sources consulted by the authors are still in manuscript form and exceptionally difficult to decipher, let alone interpret. The authors thus deserve high praise for their dedication to locating, making sense of, selecting, and translating a vast range of material for a scholarly audience. What has been produced up to the present regarding Plato's positions on the agenda of gender are disparate studies whose scope falls short of the whole range of angles from which Plato himself approached the issues, and the study of gender issues in Plato has remained unsystematic so far.

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The book's intersection of a gender critique, and, in part, a postcolonial one, with Taiwanese stage practices is, therefore, a unique and significant contribution. This book is original and forward-looking in its approach.

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The Little Theaters from to Tuan received her Ph. Tuan's publications include articles on contemporary theaters in Taiwan, western drama and theaters, and Kunqu premodern Chinese opera.