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Step 3: Buy yourself a high-rise! You're now bigger than Sports Illustrated! Cube buys a rickety old mansion from spacey John C. McGinley, a pale-faced mystic with sidelines in everything from baby whispering to power-walking to professional basketball.


In a fresh spin on an old joke, McGinley seemingly occupies every job in town, from building inspector to contractor to midwife. McGinley consequently does double-duty as the cause of, and solution to, all of Ice Cube's problems. Comedy is largely a matter of choices, and McGinley makes all the right ones, from the middle-age-defying blond highlights to the goofy yet determined strut of his power-walk, which is funnier than every gag in Are We There Yet?

Totaal niet grappig. Vond het allemaal niet veel soeps,toch de moeite voor eens te zien.


Ik geef 2 op Bart Simpson. De film scoort echt veel te laag op deze site. Heel erg leuke, vermakelijke film die niet verveeld.

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Het is hier en daar wel wat kinderachtig, maar dat kun je ook meestal verwachten van een komedie met zo'n verhaal. Goede film. Alleen al na een 20 minuten, flauw en humorloos intro begon ik me sterk af te vragen waar ik aan was begonnen. Toen de film echter begon.. Begon ik opeens waardering voor het intro te kijken en heb ik de film stop gezet. Complete bagger, slechte cast qua acteren dan , voorspelbaar en in mijn ogen een van de grootste flops ooit. Nou ja, laat die halve dan maar toch weg. Liever geen cijfer dan een slecht cijfer denk ik zo.. Hij is pas 2 minuten begonnen?

Jammer dat vele hier zo negatief over deze film zijn.

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Ik vond hem lang zo slecht nog niet. Veel grappige stukjes, niks mis mee. Acteerwerk was ook prima. Mwuah ik dacht ik zet een leuke film op krijg ik dit! Pulp, niks aan Valt wel in mijn genre qua films die ik leuk vind maar dit begon gewoon vervelend te worden na verloop van tijd.

Een net zo irritante film als bijv. Anger Management, ook zo'n film die zo op je zenuwen begint te werken, wat daar misschien wel van toepassing is maar bij een komedie toch zeker niet! Er zitten een paar leuke stukjes in maar dat is ook echt alles. Heb overigens wel de film afgezien Alleen de rol van John C. McGinley bracht een glimlach op mijn gezicht. Voor de rest was het een matig filmpje.

Erg voorspelbaar maar dat weet je als je de vorige film gezien hebt. Matige komedie, die nergens boven het maaiveld uitkomt. Veel minder goed en grappig dan de eerste film.

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Er komen af en toe wel enkele leuke momenten in voor, maar die zijn eerder schaars. De film is losjes gebaseerd op de film uit Mr. Blandings builds a dreamhouse met Cary Grant maar die is dan ook stukken beter. Ice Cube is ook niet bestemd voor zulke rollen. Deel 1 was beter, maar deze ging ook nog net, film begint heel leuk met een speciale intro die je niet vaak ziet, ook best leuk in de flat, Ice Cube heeft weer pect Daarna wordt het minder maar nog wel net leuk genoeg om na te kijken..

When Nick and Suzanne are standing on a roof-side porch deciding to purchase the house, Suzanne says, "There are a lot of rooms in this house that are going to need breaking in. Later, Suzanne lights candles in their bedroom for a romantic interlude. The couple kiss—but Nick is called away by noisy raccoons on their roof. When Suzanne's sudden contractions lead to a home delivery, Chuck instructs Nick over the phone to see if the baby's head is crowning.

Nick lifts his wife's skirt A remark about booties for feet is given a mild sexual twist. Nick also uses a double entendre when talking to a raccoon that has stolen his bag of corn nuts. Suzanne lounges in bed while wearing a very low-cut, cleavage-baring top. She's seen in a nightie. And she wears a number of form-fitting shirts that accentuate her full-figured pregnant physique.

Chuck is seen shirtless a couple of times. Most of this film's violence is broad and cartoonish. Along with his house being systematically torn apart, Nick takes a series of pratfall tumbles: He falls from the roof and through the roof. He's shocked. He plummets down from a chandelier.

And he's swarmed by hundreds of bats. Chuck fires flares over Nick's head to scare away the attacking vermin. Kevin picks up a nail gun and accidentally shoots nails into the air. A pigeon falls dead to the ground. Nick swings a piece of mahogany trim at Chuck, who disarms him and knocks him down.

Nick's kayak tips over and he comes face to face with a huge sharp-toothed fish in the lake. A ladder falls and smashes into a car window. Nick picks up a cute little chipmunk and it's snatched out of his hand by a hawk. There are a half-dozen or so exclamations of God's name. Beyond that, interjections and name-calling include only such things as "idiot," "crap" and "holy moley.

Are We Done Yet?

Nick drinks beer in a bar and then gulps down shots of liquor when he hears that he's going to be the father of twins. On several occasions Lindsey and Kevin disrespect their new stepfather. And they laugh at his misfortune. Nick yells at Suzanne, "I wouldn't be stuck with this place if it wasn't for you and those ungrateful kids. Nick has a nervous stomach and passes gas several times.

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A raccoon looks down on him and says, "Sucker! Are We Done Yet? This time, Nick and Suzanne are freshly married and trying to pull their still-adjusting family together in a new home. And in a way, the film itself is easily compared to that house at the center of their story. The foundation is kind of old, being based on a Cary Grant movie called Mr.

Blandings Builds His Dream House. And, indeed, the basic storyline is very familiar since it's been trotted out and nailed together in movie or TV form every couple of years—featuring the newest star of the month. This star and cast are serviceable, but nothing you'll fall in love with at first sight. And the jokes feel like they've been gathering dust in a back closet for quite a while, too. The filmmakers tried to add a new coat of paint to the plot with the character of Chuck, a quirky local who literally changes hats with each of his areas of expertise real estate agent, county inspector, baby-whisperer, construction chief, relationship therapist—the list goes on.

But, to mix the metaphor, the color gets thin after the first few hats.

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  • The house does have a good framework, however, firmly set in family and friendship. The film may start out with a little dry-rot disrespectful children and skewed parental priorities , but it ends with positive choices, forgiveness and family unity—all the right structural materials.