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Sinfonia for strings and b. D minor Op. Horae pomeridianae op. II from Horae pomeridianae op. Brentner Cor meum tibi dedo Harmonica duodecatometria oecclesiastica A. Reichenauer Concerto in D major J. A Br. II from the collection Horae pomeridianae op. Mozart: Six preludiums and fugs K a for strings, Kanons Cast: soprano solo, 2vn, vla, vcl, cb F.

Touch of Love in the Baroque Music voc. Handel, G. Telemann, A. Vivaldi, J. Zelenka, J. Brentner Cast: strings, b. Cast: baroque strings, bc, other depend on a selection of Concerts A. Ludwig van Beethoven instr Ouverture to Coriolanus, Op. Bach: Magnificat voc-instr Cast: broque orchestra, organ, soloists, choir, conductor M.

Original small cast version: 2vn, vla, vcl, cb, org, th, 2 ob, 2fl, timp, 3 cl; soloists 2S, A,T,B, J. Concerto in G minor for Flute Oboe and Orchestra. Piano Reduction. Cuckoo Sonata in C major. Dances - Vol. Danserye - selected dances. Deux sonates pour hautbois et basse continue. Divers Pieces for solo flute Diverse Pieces for solo flute Op. Duet in D Major Op.

Free-sheet-music by Rathgeber

Duo from "Hippolyte et Aricie". English Airs, Vol. First Suite of Pieces for 2 flutes or recorders or viols etc. Paris, Flute Sonata a minor Wq Flute Sonatas Vol. Four Duos from the Codex Montpellier c. Four Sonatas for Flute and Basso Continuo. Grave aus Stabat Mater. Il Pastor Fido - 6 Sonatas for flute, violin, musette or hurdy-gurdy. L'Alphabet de la Musique, Op. Les Folies d'Espagne for solo flute.

Pastorale in F major, BWV 590 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

Les Nations, Vol. IV - La Piemontoise. Methode pour apprendre aisement a jouer de flute traversiere Paris, c.

Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Ouvertures, Book 1. Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Ouvertures, Book 2. Music for the Royal Fireworks. Ornamented Airs and Brunetts for solo flute.


Partita in A minor, BWV for flute. Pieces a deux flutes traversieres. Pieces for 2 flutes Pieces for flute and other instruments with bc, Op. Pieces for flute or violin Paris, Fuzeau.

Playing Recorder Sonatas, Interpretation and Technique. Principes de la flute traversiere flute or recorder or oboe Paris, Six Concertos for five Flutes. Six sonatas for flute and continuo. I, Sonatas in G major and E minor. Six Sonatas op. Flauto traverso o Violino e Pianoforte Cembalo. Slow movements for recorder. Solfeggi for unaccompanied flute.

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Sonata da Camera, No 1 in C Major. Sonata for Treble Recorder and Piano - score and parts. Sonata in A minor for solo flute Wq. Sonata in Bb major, Wq. Sonata in C major. Sonata in C major, Wq. Sonata in D major, Wq. Sonata in E major, Wq. Sonata in E minor Op. Sonata in E minor, Op. Sonata in G major Op.