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Huddled together, Megan covering her child with her body is how Gabe, the firefighter of the Sullivan family finds them. Gabe is astounded, never witnessing such a show of strength from a woman before. However, just as he gets the mother and daughter out of the fire and into safe quarters, a beam hits him upon the head and knocks him out. Sparks fly and chemistry ignites. There is nothing half-measured in a Bella Andre book. I was pretty impressed by how Ms.

Andre captured my attentions in this book. From the very first page, I was hooked by the suspense and action, the thrill of the hero and the sensitivity and emotional aspect to the storyline. Megan has had a hard past. Her husband died in a plane accident, so now living with Summer and raising her on her own is a challenge that Megan finds difficult, but also rewarding. But it is for this reason that Megan is so hesitant to open her heart fully to Gabe. Traveling this distance takes time and I think Ms.

Andre did a great job of showing that emotional journey for Megan. There were instances where the author mentions tiny bits of earlier in the book and I was surprised to think how long ago it felt because so much happens emotionally in this book that you wonder how Megan could come so far from where she was in the beginning of the book. He went to your house on Sunday. The answer is no.

Instead of continuing to retreat, she was the one advancing on him this time. I have to respect that. That quote also displays another thing I just had to include in this review. Gabe Sullivan — the newest addition to my hottie harem. Wow, I adored Gabe! He was the perfect blend of the good guy, the real-life firefighting hero and the downright sexy Sullivan that he is while not on the job. Megan and Gabe sizzle off the pages, getting down and dirty in some pages while lifting spirits and creating laughter in others.

This book really had it all. Family, friends, love and passion. I adored everything about this book! View all 7 comments. Nov 24, Sharon Mariampillai rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , favourite-heroines , contemporary , books-i-have , re-read , buddy-reads , reads , alternating-povs , library-books , 5-stars. March Review: This was a fantastic read. This is my fourth time reading this book.

I still love it. The story and the characters are incredible. The Sullivan guys really know how to love and respect the women that they fall in love with, which in turn makes me love them more. Gave is no exception. He is a firefighter, but he is family-oriented and compassionate. He is a sweet guy who cares for people especially Megan and her daughter Summer after saving them from a fire. Megan is widow and i March Review: This was a fantastic read. Megan is widow and is not looking for love, yet she finds Gabe.

Their chemistry is amazing. The ending was so good. I loved every minute of it. Overall, an amazing read. December Review: This was an incredible read. I love the Sullivans series. The writing and the characters are so amazing and I just love reading this series every year. I loved Gabe and Megan's story. This is a second chance Love story.

Megan lost her husband, David in a plane crash and vowed to never love a man who has to risk his life for the job he does. However, that changes when Gabe comes into her and her daughter, Summer's lives. Gabe is the 28 year old Sullivan of the San Francisco Sullivans who is a firefighter. Megan is a single mother of a 7-year old named Summer. Summer and Gabe have a amazing bond and I love them together they are sweet and adorable. Gabe and Megan have amazing chemistry. This book proves that love can come around more than once in your life.

December Review: I loved Gabe and Megan's story! I really enjoyed the first two books in the series by Bella Andre but this one was even better. This book has brilliant characters, a great love story and some sizzling scenes!

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Also, it contains an adorable 7-year-old girl named Summer! She is great! Originally posted on www. This one, though, just really missed the mark. I thought she whined all the time and was just boring as all else. Way to stick to your guns, lady! Another complaint of mine were the sexy scenes. Since Megan was so boring, the sexy scenes were super vanilla and extra boring.

Not my style at all. She acted more like a year-old bratty child. There was huge confusion about the kids age. On the bright side, I liked Gabe. However, the author sort of made him seem like a boring old man relationship-wise. He was just kinda…. Good one! Dec 19, Katina rated it it was amazing Shelves: audio-books-i-own. I absolutely loved this book! I This series gets better and better with each Sullivan sibling. Gabe was a total hottie and I loved his character. Bella Andre is quickly becoming one of my faves. Shelves: recommended-read , recommended.

This month I am reading a lot about firefighters. I loved Gabe and how he loved Megan. However, Summer was the star of this romance. Sep 24, Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm rated it really liked it. An apartment fire almost cost the lives of single mom Megan and her daughter Summer, if not for the courage and sheer focus of Gabe Sullivan, firefighter extraordinaire.

But Gabe didn't want to credit everything to his job, because he had seen firsthand how Megan braved the fire and made sure her daughter could make it out alive. Both of them were heroes in their own rights, and that's what made them more appealing to me.

Can't Help Falling in Love

Gabe had his Firefighter Dating rule - never date fire victims, especially An apartment fire almost cost the lives of single mom Megan and her daughter Summer, if not for the courage and sheer focus of Gabe Sullivan, firefighter extraordinaire. Gabe had his Firefighter Dating rule - never date fire victims, especially the ones he helped rescued. One past experience had him burned so bad, now he was a little extra careful when it came to women. Megan had vowed never to date a man who could die anytime in his line of job. Her deceased husband would only remind her the perils and worries and heartaches she would always have.

And then there's Summer. She didn't want her daughter to go through that again. So far, Gabe is my favorite among the Sullivans.. I've got a soft spot for firefighters and single mothers, and most specially, to a cute little girl named Summer. I loved how their story slowly developed, started out as kindle and soon burned into a glowing fire and ended with a magnificent explosion of fireworks.

Literally and figuratively. My heart warmed at the wonderful image these three characters painted - full of passion, caring, love and fire. Trust Bella Andre to come up with a family that's so easily loved and never easily forgotten. The stories just kept getting better and better. I'm glad I decided to continue with the Sullivan series, every member of the family was getting more delectable and admirable by the minute! And yeah, just a question for Miss Andre, what's up with the brothers and bath tubs, anyway? Seriously makes me want to get my own bathtub in my house, too!

Oh well, I just can't help falling in love with this family, indeed! Oct 28, Paige rated it really liked it Shelves: i-own , books , multiple-copies , nook. This is a great family series that is near perfect. Summer also plays matchmaker, with the help of Sophie who reconnects with Megan from their college days. The story was a constant push and pull of them allowing a slip of their feelings come out and then a total collapse of their progress mainly Megan.

She fell quickly for him, actually. Gabe first decides to put his fears to rest and pursues Megan with the typical Sullivan charm and respect. I loved how he immediately took Summer in when thinking of dates for him and Megan. He instantly connected with her and never had ill will or distain to the fact Megan already had a child. I honestly thought she was going to walk, but once she let her love for Gabe show her what she was missing about him and his work as a fireman, she finally found comfort.

Oct 16, Tanya rated it it was amazing. I seriously keep thinking the brothers in this series cannot keep getting any hotter than the previous, however Gabe the fireman has proved me wrong with more than his flame tackling ways! Gabe saves Megan and her daughter Summer in a fire. Gabe is an ultimate player who has been burned badly in the past by getting involved with a burns victim so decides despite the instant attraction to Megan that all they have have is a friends relationship. Megan's husband was a navy pilot who was killed 5 year I seriously keep thinking the brothers in this series cannot keep getting any hotter than the previous, however Gabe the fireman has proved me wrong with more than his flame tackling ways!

Megan's husband was a navy pilot who was killed 5 years ago so knows better than to get involved with someone who risks their lives everyday for the job. Her heart would not survive another break like the last so they decide to keep their distance but her daughter has other ideas. This book is very tender in moments with a passion undercurrent all the way through the story. Another fab read! Onto book Jul 21, Michelle the Romance Witch rated it really liked it.

There is definitely undeniable heat between Gabe and Megan, often leaving you singed from their passion. I loved reading the emotional and heated meeting between them, but even more I loved seeing how the love they developed slowly brought them both out of living in their pasts and gave them a chance for the future they deserve together. I enjoyed seeing all the family, those who have already had their romances and getting glimpses of the next sibling to fall. Bella Andre's done it again.

Oct 28, Lynsey rated it liked it Shelves: romance-contemp. Listened to on audio. Narrated by Eva Kaminsky. I liked this but I must admit that I struggled to stay interested and I had to rewind the audio several times because my mind had wandered off on to other things. I not sure why this one didn't keep my attention, but I was a little bored. Maybe it was less exciting than the last book or perhaps the characters were less compelling I don't know for sure.

Still enjoyable though. Jul 06, Dirty Dayna rated it it was amazing Shelves: series-to-finish , buddy-reads. Nov 17, Sonnie Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: nook-lendable , my-five-stars-books. Loved this book. Finished it in one day.

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I could not put it down. I have loved all of this series and CAN'T wait until the new one comes out in early !!!! Oct 24, Anne OK rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads.

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The best of the series so far! Full review to follow Christmas is almost here and I don't have enough hours in the day to complete all I need to do!! View all 3 comments. Dec 31, Steph rated it really liked it Shelves: bella-andre. Why didnt anyone mention this series before :. View 1 comment. I didn't round up due to some repetitive words, eye rolling "sexy" times and inconsistencies.

Overall a nice story. Originally published at Reading Realoity What makes someone a risk-taker? An adrenaline junkie? A thrill-seeker? What makes another play it safe? Can you change your fundamental nature from one to the other? Can you make someone else change theirs? Gabe Sullivan is a San Francisco firefighter. He risks his life every time he goes out on a fire call. But Gabe is not necessarily an adrenaline junkie. He does his job the safest way he possibly can.