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Zhao, J. Dissection of the arcuate fasciculus in dyslexic and control children. Planum temporale asymmetry in developmental dyslexia: revisiting an old question. Cortical Oscillations and Phonology in Dyslexia.

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Developmental dyslexia: from genes to brain to cognition. Lehongre, K. Cognitive, neural and genetic bases of developmental dyslexia.

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Forgeot d'Arc, B. Spex: A computerized battery to routinely evaluate perception, social cognition and executive function in clinical populations. Recent advances in dyslexia research: in search of underlying biological and cognitive deficits. Anatomical correlates of literacy in normal and dyslexic populations.

What genetics tells us or not about language. Altered cortical entrainment to fast acoustic modulations reflect phonological and working memory deficit in dyslexia.

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Auditory cortex entrainment to syllabic rate in control and dyslexic individuals. Genetics and neuroanatomy of developmental dyslexia. Jednorog, K. Brain anatomy of children socioeconomic status. Altered cortical synchronization to auditory stimuli in dyslexia. Phonological vs. Belief attribution despite heavy verbal interference in autism. Cortical thickness differences between dyslexic and normal reading children in ventral occipito-temporal regions. Predictors of dyslexia and reading ability, in French and in 5 other languages.

Predictors of reading ability and developmental dyslexia in French and across six European languages. Landerl, K. Dyslexia in six different orthographies: Associations with phonological awareness, phonological working memory and naming speed.

Dyslexia: Advances in Theory and Practice | Per Sundberg | Springer

Minagawa-Kawai, Y. Optical brain imaging reveals auditory general and language specific processing in early infant development. Alteration of speech segmentation mechanisms in dyslexia. Anatomical asymmetries. EEG correlates.

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Chapter 4 reviews single factor research and cross-model integration research; Chap. Concern in processing modes rate and accuracy, analytical-hierarchical and global-spatial procedures must be mastered, in order to make reading possible have thus led Kershner, McKeever. Witelson and others to suggest that both hemispheres are involved in the etiology of the dyslexia syndrome s. The reader may perhaps regret that Hynd and Cohen did not push this line of Inquiry a little further to try and meet traditional performance-oriented descriptions of dyslexia in Chap.

Neural processing models could certainly be invoked to complement differential tables of dyslexic manifestations as in p. However, this rather meek neuropsychological approach will most probably appear to be revolutionary and risky to traditional educational psychologists!

The rest of the book Chaps 7 and 8 provide a very useful basis for a neuropsychological assessment of dyslexic children and for remedial approaches. They will first have to admit that dyslexia is dead and that more specific deficits must be dealt with. An excellent glossary.

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