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Only in the room was opened and the artifacts were inventoried. The secret room Gabinetto Segreto in Italian was opened with a special order obtained only by mature gentlemen of good manners. Also after having paid a large amount of money. In the same ruins of Pompeii, screens were placed on frescoes and obscene paintings and only with special invitation and payment were they shown to select tourists.

Over the years the room remained closed until Giuseppe Garibaldi ordered it to be opened again. That happened in during the Italian unification and when Garibaldi conquered Naples in that year. In a catalog of artifacts was published, but from that moment the official censorship of the Kingdom of Italy was restricting access until it was closed, in accordance with the customs and political winds of the moment.

At the time of the Mussolini Dictator visits were forbidden for not agreeing the vision of the new Italy pure with obscene artifacts of the ancient Romans. In the Fascist era, it could be visited with express authorization from the Ministry of Education. The censorship was maintained after the end of the war until , where the work of cataloging and restoring the artefacts of the obscene room was resumed. The room was definitely reopened to the public since April While there is no censorship of any kind, there is a legend that warns about the special content of the room.

In addition, children under 14 can only enter if accompanied by their parents or teachers. Stromboli Volcano, southern Italy, erupting on July 3, Train to the central station of Naples. Then in the same central station, in the subsoil is the local Trans-Vesuvian train.

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Ask about the Pompeii- Scavi station. The departure of trains in this station is somewhat chaotic with schedules and cancellations, ask until you make sure. Transvesuvian train in the direction of the central station of Naples. More info:. Traveling is to reach a place and travel its streets, its landscapes and its monuments. But traveling to Pamplona — Spain — during the San Fermin festival is a unique experience. The party begins on July 6 at noon , when the chupinazo or Txupinazo is launched from the Balcony of the City Council.

An ocean of red handkerchiefs welcomes one of the most popular parties in the world between the 6th and the 14th of July. It is the firing of a rocket from the City Hall by an authority, and the beginning of the party. But the good is not in this but in what happens in the square. A lot of crowded people who can not move almost, start uncorking all kinds of drinks.

And also to shout and celebrate. Much of the drink ends up in the clothes or on the floor. The crowd moves in waves. There is no place to stoop. The experience is quite strong. Also for the time it is very hot so this cocktail is completed when from the balconies they throw buckets of water to the public.

Every year thousands of people from all over the world come to Pamplona Spain to enjoy the San Fermin festival. It begins with the Txupinazo but in the days that follow there are many activities. Between the slope of Santo Domingo and the alley that leads to the bullring, this show takes place.

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It lasts no more than five minutes and the route is half a mile meters. Every day at eight in the morning there is a Encierro. The Encierro confinement consists of carrying six bulls that are going to be fought in the afternoon in the bullring. Six bulls or mansos also participate that guide the fighting bulls also to calm them until they reach their destination. The people who run in front of the bulls are experienced people, although novices participate every year. Each confinement is different. If it is clean and fast it will last three minutes, intense and showy, enough to observe the exploits of the almost professional runners and the clumsiness of the novices and the imprudence of those who ignore the rules of the race.

For children there are l parties with different activities such as puppets and puppets, also presentations of dances, street theaters and recitals. In the streets there are musical performances for all tastes, street music is constant in different places to sing and dance, with international bands and performers, jazz concerts and modern music. The final day is celebrated with many dances and music , the last outing of giants and big heads is performed.

Also the last bull run and eighth bullfight. At midnight of July 14 the closing of the party with fireworks is announced in the Town Hall Square.

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During all the holidays you can also rent balconies to witness all the events. By Airplane: from any city in the United States or the worl d, which arrives in Madrid, Capital of Spain Europe — then take a local plane to the airport of Pamplona.

Sevilla, Spain: The Moors and Alcázar

All lisboa remembers his glorious padado. Like when sailors came out to discover and conquer lands on the other side of the world. You see old faded tiles on their facades. Peeling walls and stone streets lined with old trams.

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No great luxuries or European stores are sought in this city, although they do. What is sought and found is a melancholic beauty, art, imperfection and the charm of the people.

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There are many more accessories to review in the next post. If I get here and did not find the article I was looking for I could enter here in the general categories of amazon. It is consumed in many ways and here we present the most traditional recipe. It is consumed throughout Portugal but especially for those who visit Lisbon and Oporto you can not miss it. Before the garlic reaches color, it is removed from the oil. Right there they will cook the cod and the potatoes.

Then, they are placed on a baking tray. Peel a large potato and cut it into thin slices. You also have to peel and cut an onion into thin slices to put them in the pan with the garlic-scented olive oil and the cod juices. Cover and let them cook over low heat for 15 minutes. Once the potato and onion are done, drain it. In the baking tray, place the candied potato base, the onion and the lightly cooked cod loins.

They add a glass of white wine, 30 grams of black olives and a little of the chopped parsley.

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It is served at the moment, accompanying the cod with the base of potato and onion and the juices of the roast. The presentation is finished sprinkling chopped parsley and decorating with roasted black olives. We propose this travel guide to visit Paris in three days where the most famous places were included and some recommendations do not waste a minute of time. We took a public transport Metro.

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Luckily the hotel was very close. Before starting, I commented that there is an option for those who do not intend to walk: make a City Tour hop on-hop off, of which you can tour the main points of the city for one or two days. We advise climbing to have a panoramic view of Paris.

Once up, you can see the large avenues that start from here dividing the center of Paris, the financial district of La Defense and the famous Eiffel Tower. It was no longer just the flow of immigrants to America. It was a transportation business by sea. And luxury in many cases. This is a brief history of the passengers who crossed the Atlantic oceans on ships. And of the graphic advertisements of that time. In , the Black Ball Line shipping company offered the first regular passenger service from the United Kingdom to the United States with a fleet of sailing ships, offering comfort services to passengers.

A few years later numerous companies followed their example offering their services around the world. In , the ship of the British shipping company Cunard Line, the RMS Britannia began its first regular passenger and cargo service performed by a steamship, sailing from Liverpool to Boston. But sailboats still maintained a dominant position in passenger traffic In , the SS Great Britain became the first propeller-driven iron-hulled ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

In the British market, the Cunard Line and the White Star Line maintain a fierce competition from the purchase of the latter company by Thomas Ismay in the late s. The competition is focused on shortening the time between the United Kingdom and New York. The construction of the RMS Oceanic marked a point of inflection from which the White Star stopped competing in speed to offer more comfort and luxury to its passengers. A few years later three more twin ships, belonging to the Kaiser class, were added. This ship was the first to own four.

The ship would only have needed two for the operation of its boilers, but a larger number of chimneys gave passengers a greater sense of security and was used as a marketing argument. In , the RMS Titanic sank after colliding with an iceberg, leaving a balance of more than 1, people dead. In this shipwreck 29 people died. The Imperator was launched in , and the Bismarck later renamed the RMS Majestic would be the largest ship in the world until After the war, they were handed over as war reparations after the German defeat, and awarded to the British and American shipping companies.

Respectively of the Cunard and the White Star Line. The outbreak of the First World War interrupted the transatlantic commercial trips by the activity of German submarines. It was sunk in the coast of Ireland with a loss of life of 1, passengers and crew. Large ocean liners, such as the RMS Mauretania and the RMS Olympic , were required for the transport of troops and hospital ships, while smaller ships became armed merchant cruisers.

The HMHS Britannic, entered into service in the war as a hospital ship as soon as it was completed, a task he performed for a year before being sunk by a mine in the Aegean Sea. After the WWI ended, bigger and faster ships continued to be built. In , the German ships SS Bremen and SS Europe exceeded the speed record set by the Mauretania twenty years earlier, with an average speed of almost 28 knots.

The ships used new hydrodynamic designs at the bow and new steam turbines to reach these speeds. In , the Italian transatlantic SS Rex of 51, tons, with a crossing time of four days and thirteen hours, broke the record of the Atlantic crossing. In , the French liner SS Normandie used a new and revolutionary helmet design and a powerful turbo-electric transmission to beat the record again. Two of the most luxurious ships of that time. See Spanish Version. Welcome to Palace there is a new version of this activity.

And the registration begins on March 11, at pm Spanish Time. They are visits to palaces that are NOT usually open to the public for different reasons.

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Chicago O Conner, Jonathan Paul. Afterwards, he played an influential role in the spread of Italian Renaissance aesthetics in Spain as superintendent of works at the Toledo Cathedral for nearly forty years.